Thursday, 30 December 2010

Yes, it's criminal I know to have abandoned my blog so long.
Truly not my intention but I hope all you dear readers will forgive me as I had a tough exam sitting plus I've been away for holidays and have been busy with family and friends since I got back.

I have a lot of pictures from before exam to my Bangkok trip til now to update about. I'll update asap so scroll down to keep an eye open for my posts alright.

I just moved from the hostel to a new room (what a relief!!) and have no established internet connection yet. Fingers crossed that this will be solved soon so that my blog revival can be done quickly!!!

Stay with me!!!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Lunch at Frames Cafe, Sunway Pyramid

Another one of my posts which have been sitting in my drafts patiently waiting to be published. I have a few posts where I upload the pictures but didn't get around to putting words into it. Since the pictures are already uploaded (and the food in them look SO NICE) I just don't have the heart to just skid over it in my updates.

This was weeks ago. Aunty and the girls came over to pick me up with Ben and we had lunch at Frames Cafe in Sunway Pyramid before heading back to Bangsar. I remember that on of the Battleground finals or semi finals was being held there on that day. We had a pretty awesome lunch that day and I took some nice food photos. Looking at the photos are making me smile remembering the satisfaction and enjoyment.Image Hosted by

Ben's Mixed Grill Platter
consisting of prawns, beef, chicken and naan pieces:

My burger
It was a total MONSTER of a burger but very very delicious as the patty was hand-made and so thick and juicy!!! I can still remember that first heavenly bite. Mmmm...

Aunty's Thai Style Fried Noodles

We all shared dessert after finishing our main courses. I say this again : I ADORE Frame's desserts! They are so pretty to look at and they taste absolutely sinful. I kid you not. Scroll down and look:-

This was sorbet. It was served in a hollowed orange.
On a pedestal like structure:-
Cool yes? It was GOOD.

And we had their CHOCOLATE CAKE

Everyone had their forks ready to spear when I was snapping this and it was gone within a minute. Literally disappeared. I still remember the smooth, sinful taste of chocolate from that cake. Oooh....I wish I had some now.

No wonder I piled on the pounds. . . . .
Image Hosted by

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