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Eye Candy @La Senza Body Kiss Launch, Pavilion KL

I was in Pavilion for the La Senza Body Kiss Launch Party on Saturday. Just for those who don't know, La Senza is a fashion lingerie and sleepwear retailer. I'm a huge fan of La Senza because their lingerie comes in pretty colours and all sorts of funky and pretty designs for panties, not to mention being very comfortable. And FYI, I don't care nobody sees my underwear!! Pretty and comfortable underwear gives you better confidence. Seriously!!!Image Hosted by

The Body Kiss Launch was held in the Pavilion KL branch. Pui San, ever my partner-in-crime, ad I arrived in good time for the launch and we saw the shop assistants getting things ready for the event. It was a ladies only event.

They had a table full of sweet goodies ready for the guests.

Goodie bags were given to the first 100 people to enter the event. I was among them and got a pretty notebook and a cute fold-able bag. Thank you La Senza!

We were told to help ourselves to the goodies on the table. I guess you can tell the main attraction on the table right?

Colourful macaroons!
So pretty! There's something mesmerising about macaroons don't you think?? Some people don't understand it though. While I was taking a pretty yellow lemon flavoured macaroon, I overheard two men lurking nearby sniffing and remarking,"Why are those ladies even eating those cookies?They are just biscuits full of colouring. Tsk tsk tsk."Image Hosted by

Another special treat for us were the chocolate medallions!!!

Specially customised with La Senza's logo!

Seriously, they are edible!
Believe me now??Haha!!!

After the refreshments, we were all invited to watch the lingerie fashion show which was launched by the four models which I saw walking around before the event started.

The fashion show was to promote La Senza's new line, the Body Kiss bras, which come in seven colours; blue, turquiose, purple, pink, black, beige and (my personal favourite) orange. I took loads of pictures during the catwalk. Took me some time to filter and upload these pictures. I am not responsible for any nosebleeds okay!! Blame them on the sexy and beautiful lingerie models.
(This beautiful model was my favourite among the rest. I'm biased so you'll se a lot of pictures of her throughout this post!!)

The orange!!My fav!!

There were questionnaires in between the shows but I didn't get picked to answer anything, so no vouchers within grasp for me. seriously considering purchasing attention grabbing red wig!!!

Everyone was jostling for space to take photos.
It is times like these I appreciate my height. Hoho!!!
Reason I like her is cause of her fantastic figure and unique features!! Exactly like the La Senza poster girl!!!

These confident and sexy ladies kept the atmosphere at a hype.
Talk about confidence!!!

Look who's strutting her stuff out on the (imaginary) runway!
Told 'cha I am biased.

Fun and flirty.
There were curious men peeping in from outside, some even edging in but were politely shoo-ed out again by the organisers. LOL.

I want the lollipop!!!
That model was wearing the cutest panty prints!

I feel a Spanish vibe coming from her!

See what I mean about the cute panties??

They rounded it off by making me jealous of their legs.

Can I have your cap pretty please??

The lovely La Senza ladies.
Give them a round of applause!!

One last pose!!

Thank you La Senza for treating me to a wonderful tea and also congratulations to the beautiful models of La Senza for embodying and displaying the sexy and fun spirit of La Senza so nicely that day!!

Another picture from the LaSenza Malaysia FB Page.

Disclaimer : This post is written in personal interest and I am not in any way paid or given any benefits for writing this post.

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Farhanah Izani said...

I definitely agree about the pretty lingerie gives you better confidence statement! That is exactly what I've been telling my friends when they tell me nobody can see my underwear. Glad to know someone understands :-D

I won a bra from the Facebook giveaway and I chose the orange bra, it's one of my favs too!

Okay, let me stop pointing out our similarities now. Nice post you've got here. And thanks for visiting my blog :)

hans some said...

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