Tuesday, 29 June 2010

My New Toy!!

Woohoo!!This came in the mail (actually, it came in a yellow striped, honking Poslaju van at my gate) for me yesterday:-
After layers of newspapers and loads and LOADS of bubble wrap, I finally got to hold my 88 Warm Palette in my hands!!! I've been waiting for this for two weeks.

I got it from this online shop here, at RM71 including postage.

I've been playing with it experimenting with the colours. They are really rich colours and easy to apply. Lasts quite long too. I'm so happy that I finally managed to create a smokey eye on my own without looking like I am sleep deprived. Haha!!
I see YOU!!
Blah. Make up doesn't show up in pictures. Only thing you can probably spot in picture above is my eyeliner?? I look creepy in the other pictures I took so no posting up. Don't want to scare my readers away and give people nightmares.

It makes me wonder HOW MUCH make up those celebrities and stars have on when they're being filmed or photographed. Must be super thick. Anyway, wait till I get back to my room in Sunway. Then I can do the full make up, with the fake lashes, mascara and so on and see the full effect. THEN I shall put a proper picture of myself in full make-up gear.

Haha!! Am so happy with my new toys. Any volunteers for me to practice on???Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Monday, 28 June 2010

I curled my hair with PAPER!!!

Yes, since I'm stuck at home currently (because I have no car to use since my dad sold his Wira and is now using my Saga) and have time on my hands, I have been indulging myself with beauty videos from YouTube hoping to learn DIY tips to pamper myself. Hehe..Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Well, I learnt a lot of interesting things from Michelle Phan's channel. She has really interesting videos on make-up tutorials and beauty tips such as using food for beauty purposes and stuff. And whilst I was browsing through all those, I came across this video which shows you how to curl your hair using only paper and no heat. Shared this video here so that you may watch later:-

Credits to Michelle Phan

I was intrigued because I did read about paper curls in books (I read a lot of classics) but it was the first time I actually saw it being demonstrated. So me being sooooo free, I decided to try it out. As the video instructed for damp hair, I did this after I washed my hair. Sacrificed 2 and a half A4 papers for this experiment (my hair is thick) and took about 20 minutes to twist all my hair up with the paper. I looked like a grandma with funny rollers on. See:-I slept overnight with the papers on and then in the morning, I took them off one by one. And eureka; I had a head full of curls:-
Pardon the weird expression because I just woke up and am a super bad cam-whorer. Haha!! But anyway, it means that paper curls do work!! Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Okay, maybe some would scoff and say why not just go get a perm or use curling irons if I want curls. Well, for one thing I don't want to ruin my hair with all the heat and chemicals PLUS if I don't like the curls, all I have to do is wash my hair and I'll get back my straight hair again; which you can't do that if you get a bad perm. And this is quite FUN actually. It can be a sleepover project or something to do just for fun.

A tip from me though, you might want to keep wetting your hair before twisting them up because the other sections can dry while you're twisting up the other side and you don't get such tight curls if your hair is not damp enough. Don't WET your hair please. Just dampen it. Also, the curls didn't last long for me because I have really stubbornly straight hair (that's why I never do anything to it) and it was wavy by the end of the day. Hair products like hair spray or serum help to enhance the curls too.

Aside from that, have fun. I did.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Bejeweled Blitz is SERIOUS BUSINESS

I get the most INTERESTING messages in my Facebook inbox. Haha!! If you have been reading my blog you'll probably remember my previous encounter with a boy who messaged and called me 'stuck up' (click here to read). Well, just yesterday I opened my Facebook at 8 in the morning and saw this message in my inbox from a guy, N. I don't know this guy at all by the way. Read on:-

My eyebrows really went UP. I didn't know whether to take it seriously or not. I mean...it was 8 a.m. and this fellow was awake and begging me to play Bejeweled for him. Mind you, he was offering a stranger (I don't know him, he don't know me) access to his FB account just to win a Bejeweled bet with his friend. HUH???!!! Anyway, read more:-

Well, I relented. Because I looked through the mutual friends and the info available on his account and decided he was serious, and not a joker nor a mad FB hacker (a few of my friends' profiles got hacked recently ). Plus I didn't want him to go giving his password to someone else who might abuse it. So I logged in, played 3 rounds before I surpassed the 200k mark for him with 319,800 points. He used his girlfriend's profile (turned out to be a junior of mine in secondary school) to FB Chat the whole time.

Well, that certainly made my day more interesting. Haha!! To think the FB game which I play weekly (it's quite addictive) can be such a serious bet for someone to spend a whole night trying to score. I wish I could win something with my scores though (Dang, I should have asked for a share of whatever he won with my help!!). Oh, if you're wondering, this is my score for the week:-

So close to the 500k medal!!!
See what I mean by addictive??

Friday, 25 June 2010

Knight and Day; Chef & Brew

Ben picked me up early and he drove to Midvalley for our movie, Knight and Day. Since we reached earlier than expected, he got tickets for the 11 a.m. show instead of collecting his booked tickets for the 11:30 a.m. show. The cashier still tried to charge him an extra RM1 for the tickets even though he was not collecting tickets.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us We went into the cinema right after getting the tickets.
The movie was rather a disappointment. Was not as action-packed nor funny as I expected. Though it had some pretty outrageous and over the top scenes, it didn't have me laughing until I was breathless nor holding my breathe anticipating what would happen. In fact, it was pretty predictable. Pity. With two well known Hollywood stars, it could have been so much better.

Anyway; after the movie, Ben brought me to this place in Damansara Heights called Chef & Brew for our lunch. It was my first time there and the both of us were the youngest people in the place. The rest were all clad in work suits and enjoying their meal during their office lunch hours. The place had a nice and relaxed atmosphere though. I really could not decide what to order because he had already decided on the set lunch there. I was spying on other tables and everything looked nice. Haha. But when the waiter came over, I had to make up my mind in the end. Pictures of our food:-

Complimentary butter and toast

Mushroom soup from Ben's set

Garlic bread
was extremely garlic-y and buttery. Nice.

My Grilled Chicken Fillet with Roast Sauce
Good flavour. I enjoyed everything on the plate except the mixed vegetables.

My Caramel Latte
I liked the coffee but could have done with more caramel in it.

Ben's Fish Fillet with Nyonya SauceThe fillet was actually really tender and nice, only the sauce was strange since it was peanut sauce meant for rojak. The sides were good though.

His Iced Coffee
(which I honestly thought was Coke!!Haha!!)

I was really full by the time the Chocolate Cake from Ben's set arrived at the table. The Chocolate Cake was really tiny though. I think that small piece of cake can fit into my mouth in one big chomp. Haha!!
TINY Chocolate Cake
It was moist and rich. Good chocolate cake. Fortunately we didn't order dessert since I really had no more room after that cake. We decided to leave and head to Sunway to get my train tickets for KL, so we called for the bill. And he settled it.

Thank you, dear. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Saisaki Japanese Buffet

My craving for a Japanese buffet was finally fulfilled. Dad promised to bring the family for a Japanese buffet since we were in KL for the week. After some consideration, we went for Saisaki Japanese Buffet :-
If it sounds familiar to you, it's because it's under the same company as Shogun Japanese Buffet. I can almost safely say they're the same?? At first my brother and I were campaigning for Tenji in Mont Kiara but Dad didn't know the way. We crossed Jogoya off because it was quite pricey. So Dad's friend recommended Saisaki and we went for and evening of family gluttony indulgence. Okay, I shall keep words to a minimum and let you gorge your eyes on the pictures:-

The MAIN reason I love buffets is the unlimited fresh oysters..

and sashimi..

I was very pleased to find that the oysters, salmon, tuna and the like used for the sushi was really fresh that day. Could taste it and I totally enjoyed it. Thumbs up for that.

I absolutely adore this:

Mum and Dad enjoying their food:

Me and Mummy

Dad and Josh

Tempura was a little disappointing because some of it went all soft by the time I took it. Maybe they didn't put it under proper heat lights or something. Other than Japanese food they also had other cuisines. So I took whatever that caught my fancy.

Lamb shank
(was very tender and good)

Cheese-baked oysters and mussels

(tasted funny. =/)

Assortments from the Thai corner:

They also had a Teppanyaki corner where you may select what you want for them to cook and serve it piping hot. Mummy and I gave it a try.

My mushrooms, beef, lamb and squid teppanyaki

Mum's vegetables, tofu and prawns teppanyaki

And other random stuff we picked up along the way:

Siew Mai
from the dim sum corner

'Shark fin' soup
They disguised glass noodles as shark fin.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
WTH. I've eaten shark fin before so they didn't fool me.

After I had had enough. I went and explored the dessert corner:-

Water chestnuts in coconut milk
(Not too bad)

Assorted fruits, pudding and mochi.

(LOVE the peppermint chocolate flavour)

I was so SO SO SO FULL. I tried to drink hot tea to help with the bloated-ness but it made me feel all sloshy. Haha!! Well, we were all pleased with the buffet because we took our time eating and managed to try most things by not being greedy and taking a little of everything to try (except maybe the oysters. I ate like a dozen of themImage Hosted by ImageShack.us). Satisfied and STUFFED. See my bro displaying the OMG-I-overate look:-

I love buffets. Once in a while.
Good food tastes best with great company.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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