Monday, 5 November 2012

Hello, I've missed you. last post was well over a year ago. Actually, it felt longer than a decade ago or something. No scratch that. I didnt come back here after all this time to start the note on a "I'm as old as the hills" monologue. Haha.

And what prompted me to suddenly come back here and post this random "hi y'all I'm back" post? My sitemeter actually sends me monthly reports summarising total monthly visitors to my blog. I've been steadfastly deleting them the moment I see the header in my inbox without even opening them. What...I still wanna syok sendiri and believe I get a daily unique of 50 visitors...even without updating my blog? Right. I have denial issues. Haha. Ahem. Anyway...the latest report came in a few days ago, while I really REALLY bored (while waiting for a phone call) and scrolling through my inbox. Imagine my surprise when I came to the sitemeter report that said that I still have an average of 15 daily visitors even after all this while! Hand on heart, not a syok sendiri moment here. I was genuinely surprised and it brought back a lot of memories of my blogging days. I even opened some of my old entries to read again (yea, I was that bored).

And I realised. I had missed blogging.

And what's even more touching is I have had people tell me that they miss me blogging. :')

Standard excuses reasons I've always given were:-

1. My laptop died

Like, really. My laptop screen totally stopped functioning. So how am I supposed to type a blog post when I cant even tell if my laptop is on or not? And people would go,"Wahhh...then how do you online without laptop wor? FB and emails all?" Which brings me to the next reason.

2. I have entered the world of smartphones and now am possessed by an iPhone.

Yes, I'm all grown up and I use a smartphone. Not JUST a smartphone but with DATA PLAN summore!! HAH!! You thought I was going to say iPhone right? Apple haters, gotcha!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (But seriously lah, don't start the whole Apple-sucks-you're-an-iFreak thing. I'll smack you around the head.) Those of you who remember me back in the day when I carried around a basic phone (no data plan, no wifi. Just calling and texting function), an iPod Touch and a digital camera, I've consolidated all three of my gadgets into the iPhone 4S.

Really, I faced peer pressure to get a smartphone for work. Very cham when your colleagues communicate by Whatsapp and they can broadcast wifi out-of-office while your humble phone always runs out of credit (no data plan that time, still running on DiGi preparid) and you're always scoping around for free wifi just to connect your iPod Touch, and everyone else who already has a smartphone, whom you thought were your FRIENDS, OSTRACISES you and won't spend that measly 10 cents (?) to text and don't go on MSN anymore (actually I also give up on MSN now because noone's ever online when I log in.) and they VIBER and BBM or goodness knows what else. *deep breath* Okay, dramatic ranting over.

My iPhone was really a lifesaver though. Besides the many useful and productive things I used it for, I also did all my time wasting online stuff on it (FB-ing, YouTube-ing and surfing) and I could share pictures on the go and navigate on it even while I was on holiday overseas, but this isn't an iPhone review post so yea, I was maximising the RM100 I was (and still am!!) paying for this fancy gadget. I did try to blog with it, but it's a PAIN to type a blog post on that tiny screen plus I was so caught up with work and other commitments. That should be the next reason actually.

3. Busy
Right. So yes, I have been really REALLY REALLY busy!! Aside from the crazy working hours, not having a laptop gives you so much extra time. I realised that the past year, I have been using every free time I had either catching up on sleep, doing chores (i.e : washing my never shrinking pile of laundry) and basically catching up with people, as in face to face, not online.

But I'm still me!! Still noisy, crazy, too many thoughts running around my head and spewing out random things and I can go on forever and ever if you don't stop me. I logged in here just to kaypoh around and now I've typed a uber long post which could have been summarised with two words :


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