Thursday, 31 December 2009

525600 minutes-How Do You Measure a Year in Your Life???

Let me share with you a song I always play when the end of a year draws near:-

Seasons Of Love

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes
Five hundred twenty five thousand moments so dear
Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes
How do you measure, measure a year??

In daylight,
in sunsets,
in midnights,
in cups of coffee,
In inches, in miles
in laughter in strife,

In Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes
How do you measure a year in the life

How about Love?? (x3)
Measure in love
Seasons of love (x2)

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes
Five hundred twenty five thousand journeys to plan
Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes
How do you measure the life of a woman or a man

In truth that she learned
or in times that he cried??
In the bridges he burned
or the way that she died??

Its time now to sing out
though the story never ends
lets celebrate remember a year
in the life of friends



Wow..2009 has swept right through me.
It certainly does NOT feel like it has been a year. But it has been.
To be critical, going from 2009 to 2010 isn't really THAT big deal. Just to celebrate the finish of the Earth completing another full circle around the Sun. It is another day; the sun still rises and sets,a day still has 24 hours. But it is good to sit and do a self-assessment on what I have done and achieved in another year of my life.

Reflecting on 52 weeks,365 days,8766 hours,525600 minutes...2009 has been a year filled with a lot of new things for me. Many memories..good and bad. Of course, some people tend to say to leave the bad behind and take the good with you to a new year; but I prefer to take both with me bearing in mind both good and bad make me what I am and will be. I am looking forward to 2010 and the new things and experiences it will bring. :)

So as you prepare to welcome 2010 with merry making, may you greet the New Year with good spirits, new hope, new goals and strong determination to make the best out of it. May 2010 be another year which you will look back with a smile and a toast.
God bless you.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Three to Twenty Ten

It's funny how we become more aware of numbers when time is running out, ya??
Three more days and it will be a whole new year. Five more days and I'll be back to my Subang life away from home; nine more days until crazy ACCA classes resume. Oh man..I sound like I'm counting my days as doom approaches. Nah..nothing like that.

Numbers aside. I have been keeping myself busy.
Christmas was a quite affair. I got a boxful of presents from my Yee-Yee and 'angpao'-s from my Yee Ma. Haha!!!Both my aunts declare that it gets harder and harder every year to get me presents unlike when I was a little girl and they could give me books and Barbie playsets. (Actually I won't mind if they still give me those because I STILL like doll houses and I love reading but maybe choosing book titles are a bit of a problem..Okok;I get it.Image Hosted by
I also attended the Cabdlelight Service on Christmas Eve with my family. Let me show you some pictures with Lainey and Chrys that I swiped from Chrys's blog:-

♥ this!!!(The photo angle makes me look like a giantImage Hosted by

My family's been doing a lot of shopping recently to supply my brother with the stuff he'll need when he moves in to his hostel. And I have been going out with big groups recently. Big groups as in 50 people. Yea...FIFTY. I went to watch Avatar with 50 of CGMC Youths. I thought Qi Vin wan kidding when he said 50 until I saw the mass crowd filling JJ's TGV Cinema.The movie was good. Very very nice graphics and colour. It reminded me a bit of another movie I watched a few months earlier; Surrogates. Well, I still have not watched New Moon and Cirque de Freak. I am more interested in the latter than New Moon because I personally find the Darren Shan series much more exciting and imaginative than Stephanie Meyer's. I feel like buying the complete Darren Shan series to read all over again. Arghh!!

It was Hugo's birthday yesterday and I went for his 21st B Day party at his house. And again there were 50 over people in his house. It was a football jersey themed party and the rule was 'No jerset, no entry." I had to borrow a jersey from Hugo (who the guys told me apparently owns dozens of jerseys) and he made me a Man. U. party for that night. My goodness, I never dreamed that football jerseys' material can be so HOT!!!Plus the jersey was hanging on me like an oversized jumper.Image Hosted by That basically illustrates how TALL Hugo is for me to have to fold up the sleeves and gather the material up so that I don't look like I'm not wearing shorts. Anyway, it was quite a fun party.Image Hosted by

Oh my..I didn't mean to type such a long post.
Haha..alright. Random picture to end the post.
My characters in Cafe World. Evil Mafia Businessman on the left and Punk Girl on the right.

I need a more productive hobby....Image Hosted by

Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas wishes...

Christmas may hold different meanings for each of us.
But no matter what it means to you, I hope this day has been a happy and joyful one for you.

For me, it is a day to spend with those I love and are close to me.
And most importantly; a day to remember the first Christmas.
Have you heard the story??
If you have not, do get someone to tell you about the day the Earth received the greatest Gift of all:-

The birth of Jesus Christ
And I hope it will not only be a story for you...
But be the reason you celebrate and LIVE....
May God bless you...

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Plastic Bottles+Egg Trays = Eco Christmas Trees

Yup, that is what I saw in Jusco Bukit Tinggi.
Christmas Trees made out of plastic bottles and egg trays:-
Pretty eco-friendly yes??? Doesn't look as fancy as the ones on display in the other shopping malls but it works.Image Hosted by I have spent the last two days traipsing from one mall to another in the Klang Valley. Phew..watched my parents go on a spending spree. Haha!!! I'm lazy to type it all out so just a few pictures to wrap this up.

Psstt!!! recognise this?????Image Hosted by

And does anybody know what THIS is????Hehehehehe....Image Hosted by

Yum yum yummy yum..

I just finished decorating out new Christmas tree with my Mummy. Haha!! We're both very proud of our skills. See....:-
What do you think???

Currently back in Ipoh and I can't believe time is passing so fast. It's going to be Christmas in two days and in exactly 10 days it'll be time for me to go back to Subang to start a new semester for ACCA. But this time my brother will be with me since he's signed up for MUFY in January...and Abel's coming to Subang too and Emily as well..I'm quite excited to see what Subang will hold for me next year.

But before that...CHRISTMAS FIRST!!!!
Waiting waiting... Image Hosted by

Saturday, 19 December 2009

STALKING the Fuzzy Ones!!!


meet Female:

and Male:-

....Image Hosted by I know...
My cousin Yoong recently adopted a pair of winter-golds into her home. And they're called Male and Female...To think there are endless possible names for such CUTE little mites!!!!I think I have barely left them alone since I've been staying over at my aunt's place!!!Been playing with them and snapping countless photos.
Image Hosted by
So so adorable..curled up in a ball and nibbling on kuaci!!!
And Male seems to have a penchant for high places for naps. See:-
Hamsters love climbing up and squeezing themselves behind the wheel to sleep. Thus their tummies are exposed and you can tickle them and watch their little feet move. Haha!!!

So cuddly!!!!

Stalking stalking stalking....

FREAKING CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yea...anyway, I went for a family dinner earlier...
My Yee-Yee brought along my little cousins. Hyperactive kids. Anyway, this is like a super happy picture of my Yee-Ma and cousin Rachel:-
and Rachel's new obsession is with tack. You know the normal BLUE tack we use to stick up notes with???Apparently Faber Castle is producing other coloured ones. It has replaced PlayDough for my cousins...They DO have those PlayDough sets with all the fancy moulds and machines to shape them but I think its more of the thrill of playing with new stuff that fascinates them. I was amusing Rachel by making little figurines out of the tack. Here's here favourite one:-

Can you see a family of duckies????

She loved the first duck so much that she kept insisting I use up the tack and make baby ducklings. Haha!!! She even refused to crush them all back into a ball when we had to leave the restaurant. Ended up slowly arranging it in a plastic bag but it all got crushed anyway....and she was asking me to make it all over again..*faints*. Luckily Uncle Alex came to my rescue...Hehe...

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Joyce, the DENTIST and the GIRLS.

If your teeth look like this without any special effects from the camera:-

You know it's time to visit the dentist. Haha!!! No no..I did not have a tussle with the dentist. The picture above was taken with a MacBook with special effects.Guess which mouth belongs to me??? I merely went to get my teeth scaled and I shocked the nice dentist by telling him it was my first visit to the dentist in 10 YEARS. Image Hosted by


Anyway...I am in prime mood. In fact, I'm smiling really really widely while typing this out. Because three GORGEOUS GIRLS totaaly made my day!!!Since Lainey and Chrys were back from Aussie, Sze Haw was back from her China holiday and I was exam-free-class-free for now, we planned a girls' pigging out day!!! AWESOME yes??!!I remember the last time the four of us spent together which was like over a year ago:-
Dug that out of my archives.
If you wanna know what happened click here to read.

(ARGH!!!The slowwwww line is not allowing me to upload photos)
I also just realised I only have pictures of food..Girls..why didn't we take any nice posing photos???

Never mind..I'll just update.
So venue for lunch was behind MGS. A shop which is known for their chicken rice (forgot the name..haha!!!) We had yummy chicken rice plus like 4 side dishes besides the chicken. And we THOUGHT we didn't need such a big table. Luckily it all fit. Chicken + kerabu + veggies + egg curry..Feast your eyes!!!!
Chrys..I blurred you because I know you'll KILL me if I didn't...

Anyway..the EGG CURRY was GOOOODDDDDD......

We ate and ate and ate. OMG it was just such a great feeling to sit down to a meal together and catch up and laugh. I've really missed you, Chrys and Lainey...and Sze Haw, I think I've limited time to spend with you since you're leaving Malaysia next year. *sigh*
Musings aside..since we were already in town. I HAD to stop by at FUNNY MOUNTAIN for their heaven-on-the-tongue tau fu fa!!!! And because I can't upload photos I borrowed from other blogs. Credits to them...
Trust me..if you visit Ipoh, you MUST get somebody to bring you to this little shop which always has cars all lined up in front like a drive-thru. This little shop does roaring business with their soya bean drink and tau fu fa!!!

I actually 'da bao'-ed my tau fu fa and drove to Tong Sui Street behind Sam Tet so that the others could get their dessert. Hehe...I actually went there with Rosy and Sze Haw just 2 weeks ago. And we had the SAME stuff as we did this time. Red bean tong sui and green bean tong sui with coconut milk. You can see the coconut milk floating on it.
*Shivers* I actually can't really stand coconut milk...
So guess which was mine???

Oh yea..the plate in the middle is onde-onde.Sze Haw's total LOVE. Haha!!!She can polish off two plates if she's in the mood. Hehe...I love onde-onde too actually..They're so cute!!! But I was so stuffed I could only manage to eat my tau fu fa and sit there trying to will my stomach to digest faster. I think we all couldn't sit up straight. HAHA!!!

Random comic I graffiti-ed on the pics.
Lame but just for the heck of it. Hehe!!


Tuesday, 15 December 2009


I have floated way up to Cloud 9, wrapped in a sense of JUBILEE, hopping around and scattering my study notes!!!!!!Hallelujah!!!Exams are OVER and I am FREE!!!F.R.E.E!!!!!!!

And Christmas is around the corner!!!!So tell me how to be not excited. I'm seriously running around like the little smiley up there.WEEEEE!!!!!!!WEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay...I'm going to stop here or else you all will be cramping you fingers by scrolling down a long long post consisting of a lot of WEEEEE!!!!!!-s
Excuse me while I go run another celebration round(s) in the privacy of my room....

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

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