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Stupid new flats


Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Michelle in MidValley

I really should be more 'kan lik' in updating my blog. Every time I open up Blogger Edit Post I feel like I have so much to tell about my days but of course I can't very well cram it all into on post and bore you all.


I finally met up with Michelle Toon!!!
I think the last time I saw her was last December suring the CGMC Youth Camp.
And ever since I came to Selangor we had no 'jodoh', with me in Sunway and her in UM.
I finally met up with her in MidValley for dinner. Pui San happily accompanied me because she had a shopping mission for her college event.Image Hosted by

While waiting for Michelle we had ice-cream at this ice-cream shop with a very tempting display.Behold Gellassimo:-

They make their own ice-cream.Pui San and I saw them blending a fresh batch of fruit ice-creams:-The waiters behind the counter were very friendly and offered us so many samples. I tasted this weird flovour called Chilli Chocolate:-
Err...I don't think I know how to appreciate the taste. It seriosly had chilli taste and it was a bit weird to taste some spiciness with chocolate. Well, they had really really cute and colourful sample spoons!!!I managed to get all four colours from sampling:-
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Pui San was so determined to get the yellow coloured one she even bought the ice-cream hoping to complete the set. See how many she took:-
(Hazelnut Chocolate and Mango)

Ah well, when Michelle was fnally freed from the traffic jam delaying her, we had our dinner at Spaghetti Grill.Hmm...the food was nothing to shout about.The three of us shared two sets because the portions were big. I think we enjoyed the free flow of drinks more than the food. Finally a picture with Michelle!!! there wasn't very good.
And Pui San with our food:-
We went to a more nicely lit place for nicer pictures after dinner.While waiting for Pui San to pay for her stuff in Dorothy Perkins...

And a threesome picture!!!(reminder: Joyce don't blink..Michelle don't move when picture snapping)

Finally published!!!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

I miss my hammies...

I went to Aunty Mean Sum's house for cell meeting on Friday and I saw the new addition to her family!!!!:-

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usLittle baby hammies!!!!
They're still on mother's milk and one of them has just opened its eyes!!Aunty Mean is apparently terrified of them but she has to keep them because her daughter can't handle them in her place in Kampar and sent them back home to Klang. I can't imagine why anyone won't like hamsters though. They're so so cute!!! (And Louisa,they DON'T look like ugly rats!!!Rats have disgusting tails and a mean look!!!) They're irresistable when they're this tiny. Like mini little warm fluff-balls:-
Damn. I miss those days when I had a few cages connected to make a community for all the hamsters I had. I had Syrian,Dwarf and Roboski hamsters. I totally spoilt them rotten and overfed them. My hamsters were all fat,chubby and actually had personalities!! My brother and I used to name them after food. *chuckles* I always loved those fat chubby ones!!!Think Rhino the hamster from Bolt:-I started with 3 hamsters (given by my mum's colleague) and they just multiplied over time. So I have seen hamsters in all stages of their life; from birth until they are put to rest in my mother's flower pots. Yes, my brother and I buried our deceased hammies in the flower pots. Sometimes when my mum re-pots her plants she would actually find hamster skeletons. =.=
I don't have anymore now though.Image Hosted by
My hamsters all died away. They were either old or got sick. Really sad. I miss them so much!!!!Whenever I pass a pet shop I will definitely stop there if they have hamsters.I wish I could show you the pictures of my hamsters last time.


Saturday, 22 August 2009

Can I???

I'm currently at my aunt's place for the weekend.
Let me clarify something to my confused friends:

I don't disappear every weekend okay. I make it a point to spend at least one weekend a month at my aunty's place in Klang. And I go back to Ipoh like once every 2 months or more. Family time is precious to me. The rest of the weekends, I'm in my hostel room. Meaning in Sunway, Subang.


Anyway, I was kepoh-ing in Nuffnang earlier and I saw their invites to the Hip Hop Fest that is going to be held in Mist Club for the Merdeka countdown.This year is going to be my first Merdeka celebration in Subang and I'm wondering if it would be any different from the ones in Ipoh. Nuffnangers do go check it out. :)

Disney Pixar's UP is already out!!!!!
I wanna watch it!!!!But most probably I won't find time for it.
My classes have increased because I decided to attend the F9 classes to brush up before I attempt it again. No more self studying anymore papers!!!!

I got some bad news the other P2 lecturer has just told us that Sunway College is planning to start banning students from class if we don't perform well in the progress tests. *Sigh* Oh man...I'm trying to be optimistic and think of it as a factor to study consistently and a way to know how well I measure up for the actual exams. But at the same time I can't help but worry...

I can feel myself going emo.
Better end now...

Emo emo emo emo....

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Japanese Summer Food Fair

All spread out for you in Sunway Pyramid. Image Hosted by
I normally don't buy anything from Shojikiya because its tucked away near Asian Avenue and I seldom go to that part of Pyramid. However, the food display was in the open area in the lower ground and it caught my eye. In the previous fairs, I did not bother to look because they were crowded (me=don't like crowds in malls) and long lines snaking from the cashiers. This time, it was a weekday and Yean Shan and I could take our time strolling among the displays, trying out the yummy samples and deciding whether to buy without having to worry if there would be any left if we hesitated even a second.

The thing about Japanese (and Korean and Taiwanese and Asian in general) products...they're so colourful!!They make a pleasant display and the packaging is really cute. Like these:-
I honestly thought they were sweets!!!!But in reality, they only contain a small pack of seaweed sprinkles meant for cooking with rice. The salesgirl told me it is meant to attract children's attention. Hmm...I'm not so sure about that. They got MY attention.Image Hosted by

There were many displays but I hovered over this particular one:-


So tempting!!!But since I'm not supposed to be eating chocolates I thought I'd just buy some to give to Louisa. Ah well...a little picture at least for memory...and to make your mouth water.Image Hosted by

And for the first time in like 10 (or more) years, I took such a picture:-

HAHAHAHA!!!!I never take these kind of photos because I don't like people who are waiting for their turn stare at me while waiting. But since Yean Shan was like flapping her arms at me to pose at it, I did. And there was a European family who were observing us and saying something about "Those Japanese are excited.".

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSince when I look Japanese????

Hmm...must be all the sushi I ate. HAHA!!!! (laughing at my own lame joke)

Okay...I'm done with this random post.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The cycle continues...

Four times a year, ACCA students get all high tensioned and nervous.
Think sweaty palms,sleepless nights,panic attacks....the lot.
Twice a year, June and December, are due to the examinations..
and worst then the exams (if possible) are the results; in March and August.

Results for the June 2009 were released yesterday.
The official time of release was supposed to be 3 p.m. Malaysian time so I had intended to stay in denial until 3 p.m. and spend time hanging out with Yoong and Pui San. Unfortunately, true to it precedents, the results always come out early. And with so many friends who were anxiously checking online for the results from morning, there was no way I could not know when the results were released. In the end, with so many text messages and phone calls of "Joyce!!!Results are out!!!Have you checked???!!!" I asked my friend, Anita to check my results for me at 1:08 p.m. yesterday.

Well, here they are..I finally managed to access the page and look at it with my very own two eyes:-

(hehe...malu show my marks... )

How do I feel about it???
THANK GOD for my passes in F7 and F8!!!I did not expect to pass my F9 at all and have been making provisions since after the exams. Everything is exactly as planned. I have cleared F8,the killer paper, made it through F7 and may sit for my P2-Corporate Reporting this December. I am two papers closer to completing my course.
I am contented.

If you still have not checked your results for June 2009 check it here.

To my friends who did well and cleared your papers. Congratulations!!I am happy for you all!!Keep it up!! To those to whom yesterday meant sadness and disappointment...keep your head up!!!Don't dwell too long on results!!We shall all work harder and do better the next sittings!!

Time to focus on December...
I really want to complete this by June next year and it is still a possibility!!!
Must strive hard!!!GAMBATEH!!!!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

THANK YOU NUFFNANG for the Orphan tickets!!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWow!!!My first time getting free movie tickets from Nuffnang!!!
Such a nice surprise when I checked my mailbox this morning.Image Hosted by PrintScreen is a bit blur.
Anyway, two tickets for Orphan!!!One for me and one for my cousin!!!
I'm so excited!!!!!



♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Spit fire..

On weekends, I usually avoid going to Pyramid.
I would rather be spending it at my Yee Ma's place or I would be holed up in the sanctuary of my room and only venturing out for church or going out for meals with friends. The reason; I don't like jostling among crowds. Spare me, but jostling among crowds leaves me all sticky and cranky. On weekdays, the mall is MINE. I can have the pleasure of strolling and admiring the displays minus the countless people blocking the displays and being stuck in a long queue just to pay for one purchase. The privilege of empty malls will only last when I am a student so I might as well make the best of what I have.

Relating to my title.
I broke my "no malls on weekends" policy and went to Jusco in Pyramid on Saturday AND Sunday previously. Reason being lunch with Pui San and grocery shopping with my roomie, Yean Shan. On BOTH times I went to the supermarket section, I encountered totally RUDE cashiers. I have always thought that Jusco had good employees and it was literally a rude shock I got at the cashiers.

The first was a young Malay boy at the express lane. I was sharing a trolley with Pui San and I had 3 items while Pui San had 5 items. The fellow took one look and, without even counting our items, rudely told us, "Lapan item." I put my three items on the belt and was about to tell him I only had 3 when again he told me again in a really offending tone,"Lapan saja. Sini lapan item." to make my point, I held up my items one by one and counted them for him,"ONE,TWO,THREE. So can I pay here????" He scanned all my 3 items and then looked up at me and said,"Ada lagi???" in a really annoying way. I just said,"No." and waited for him to scan Pui San's items. And would you believe it...While Pui San was putting her 5 items on the belt, he AGAIN snapped,"Lapan item." at her. I don't know what was his problem but it seriously aggravated me.Is he a parrot or a robot programmed to say that?? I turned to Pui San and said loudly (so that he could hear) "Is there any place I can COMPLAIN about him??He's being so RUDE and ANNOYING." Grr...that shut him up.

Then,the next day when I went there with Yean Shan. I wanted to use a coupon I got from a Jusco coupon book for the Nakajima Sushi set. So when it was my turn at the cashier, I showed the Indian girl behind the till my coupon and asked her if I can use it. Without even looking at it she said to me,"This one from outside Jusco cannot use." and kind of threw the coupon back at me.What the #@%*$!!! I took it up again and pointed out to her,"It says here on the coupon JUSCO Nakajima Set. JUSCO." She kept quiet a while and then suddenly took back the coupon, looked at it and then gave it to another cashier and said,"Go ask them whether can use." I was seriously so annoyed and I turned to Yean Shan and again talked loudly,"Of course I can use it. JUSCO gave it to me. And she tells me its from OUTSIDE Jusco." In the end, the coupon was valid and though she said nothing, she kept banging the cash till loudly like showing temper and got a very angry look from Yean Shan. My goodness, I was tempted to go complain about her at the Customers' Service. But I didn't because I was in a hurry.

Honestly...was my star sign in conflict with theirs or did my yin did not match their yang or they got out of the wrong side of bed??? I didn't expect them to treat me like a Queen or something but as a customer don't I deserve some sort of chivalry from them??This is my first encounter with rude cashiers in Jusco. All these years, my impression of Jusco staff is that they are a nice,polite and very helpful, no matter if it is in Ipoh Jusco,MidValley,1 Utama or other places.

Talk about bad apples.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Pasta and Potter

Another belated post.Its been a busy week and the line is so slow its loading my pictures like a person having indigestion.But anyway here they are.


I went to Pyramid on Monday to have lunch with Yoong (my cousin) and to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Though we did not really like the previous Harry Potter movies, we just watch for the sake of continuation. I enjoyed the books by J.K. Rowling and was one of those people who get really hyped up whenever a new one was due to be released for sale. 'Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince' and 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets' were my two favourite books among the seven so I was quite interested to see how this movie would portray the boy Voldemort.

The movie disappointed me...and I didn't even go in with high expectations. I understand that they can't follow the book storyline exactly because it is quite a job to fit a detailed storyline into a 2 hour film, but I am really frustrated with the movie!!!! I was really looking forward to the last part where Dumbledore gets murdered and a fight breaks out, making an action scene.

But nOoo...I sat through 2 hours of a boring jumble of a suddenly horny Harry Potter, a love-sick Ron, a depressed looking Malfoy, an expressionless boy Voldemort..all which I forgave because I thought surely they can never mess up the Dumbledore's dying scene too much. Guess what, the scene was totally anti-climax to the point it was stupid. How could Harry Potter just stand there all quiet and not make a sound when Dumbledore was murdered right before his eyes. He wasn't even bewitched like in the book!!! And the ending came so abruptly that I felt like going back to the counter for a refund. It ended with Snape turning to Harry and mumbling,"I am the Half Blood Prince". WHAT??! He was supposed to lose control and burst out, shouting at Harry and putting curses on him!! It would have taken the same time which they showed him staring at Harry and mumbling!!

Whoever wrote that movie review saying it was a good movie, 'preparing for a big ending' nonsense and rating it a good movie. I'll fire you if I am your boss. But I am not. So I will assume that you're either a boring person with no imagination or you're part of a multinational scheme, misleading people so that they would go spend money on the tickets. Grr...


Okay, finished with the passion about Harry Potter...Yoong and I had lunch at Pasta Zanmai before the movie. When it opened about a month ago, we were drooling over the nice looking menu and vowed to save money and go there (when you're a student, spending RM26 for a plate of spaghetti can be hazardous to your purse). But they had promotion items for the month. So we decided to give it a try.

I ordered the Mini ebi tempura no gomadare pasta to mini unagi rice..Hehe...I took down the names. It actually means mini prawn tempura on spaghetti with mini unagi rice. Keep in mind. It said MINI right??? When the waitress came she put these in front of me :-
It was a HUGE portion!!!

Wow!!!That was a really pleasant surprise!!!!It was a really nice change from some restaurants who give you measly portions and expect you to pay expensive even though the food tastes like crap just because they have nicely decorated interior. The set they called 'mini' was totally more than enough for two people and it was RM22. Reasonable because it really tasted good!!! I, Joyce Wong, rate Pasta Zanmai Value-For-Money!!!
Happy me!!
Yoong's hand shook when she took this. :(

If we had known earlier the 'mini' set was going to be so big we would have ordered just that. But since Yoong already put in her order we just took it.
Yoong with her Potato Gratin with Prawn..

Yummy and extremely filling!!!

More pictures!!!The cute teapot and cups the green tea came in.

And the cute pepper and salt containers.

They're not shakers because you have to turn the top and you get freshly crushed or grinded pepper and salt with your food. Does anyone know where to get one of these???? :D
My FOOD!!!!

Go try it one day okay???


And lastly, the Mooncake Festival is coming soon!!!!
I can tell because mooncakes are appearing everywhere for sale!!! And some of them don't look at all like these cute ones Pui San and I saw the other day:-

I still prefer the traditional ones though.
They remind me of many happy nights when I ran around with my cousins, holding my fish shaped lantern and playing with candles.
I miss them. :)

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Temptation and satisfaction

I'm so jealous of Afnand's mini booze bottle collection!!!!
Image Hosted by
Afnand is my friend, Louisa's, tenant and I was at Louisa's place for dinner the other day when I saw them. I love miniature things (I ADORE with charm bracelets and doll houses..) and it used to be one of my favourite daydreams to have a whole wall lined with shelves, with mini booze bottles lining as a display in my future home.

*Cutting Joyce's little fantasy short.*

I think those minis are meant as collectibles. So far I've only seen them on sale in Langkawi and I've only bought a few bottles on my previous trips. And no, I don't keep them in my bag for secret swigs. They made pretty special gifts to friends who were turning 18 and finally legal to consume alcohol. Image Hosted by Afnand got his on their Langkawi holiday last month and I applaud him for being able to bring back so many bottles since we're really only entitled to bring one bottle out of Langkawi per person. Hmm...maybe they don't count since they're so tiny.

So Louisa, Asha and I had a little party with them and look what happened:-
Nah...just kidding.
Nothing kinky happened. I was actually taking a picture of Louisa's newly installed (and very cold) air-con when she stuck her leg in front of my cam and Asha joined in and it turned into a 'sexy legs' display.
Afnand would have murdered us if we opened his precious babies anyway.


I went to Asia Cafe for dinner with my Sunway Christian Fellowship friends on Thursday. I've decided to participate more in their activities since my classes this semester don't clash with the meetings, plus its fun to meet and fellowship with new people. And of course it is good to be able to learn more about my faith and get the spiritual refreshment we all need.

Anyway, after some crappy prawn noodles at Asia Cafe (kicks myself again for ordering that) we went to Snowflake for their famous desserts. Its the same place where we had Yean Ting's tong sui farewell.(re:previous posts) It's located in SS15, Subang Jaya. Opposite Asia Cafe. And I really wanted to show you their unique ordering tool. The Beeping UFO. (borrowed picture because I forgot to snap a pic)They give customers one of these after we place orders and it will beep and vibrate when our orders are ready to be collected. Pretty cool. I was so confused the first time they gave me that. But its not really a long wait for you delicious dessert:-
Snowflake bestseller (mine)

Soya ice with peanut,red bean and I forgot what other bean topping (Yean Shan's)

Others all dug in before I could snap nice photos of their orders. Never mind...they taste as good as they look. Mine had yummy taro balls on them.Image Hosted by



I want this dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forever 21 is suddenly stocking up lots of things that I'm drooling after.
Gahh!!!I can't buy this because I already got a dress from them last week.Image Hosted by

Should I?????????

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