Sunday, 31 January 2010

Baby Hammies and Durian Pancakes.

I went down to Klang with my bro to spend the weekend at my aunt's.

I used to go down for the weekends quite often in the past but recently not so much. It was good to feel the sense of family and enjoy the comforts of home that comes with it (i.e. home-cooked food.Image Hosted by I also finally got to see Yoong's baby hammies!! There are four of them and they still have not opened their eyes.

So tiny!!!

My aunt had something in store for me...she brought me to a cooking class!! She wanted to go just to learn how to make 'Deep Fried Tiger Prawns with Salted Egg' which was one of the dishes on the menu the chef there taught us. Yoong came along and we were like the youngest people in the class (meaning not married women with children ). It was really fun to learn some tips for the kitchen (Me= love cooking) and we got to taste the sample dishes. We did take some pictures but they're with my aunt and I forgot to transfer them. So can't share the joy..Image Hosted by


Anyway, Abel finally got to eat his Durian Pancake at Honeymoon Desserts in Sunway Pyramid :-
Durian Pancakes RM9.00

Cute much?? They really look like little pillows. I personally can't stand durians (the smell!!) but I put this up as a recommendation to durian-lovers who are looking for another form to enjoy their precious thorny fruits; since Abel, Joshua, Pui San and Yean Shan has swooned over it and tried to persuade me to eat it.Image Hosted by I was supposed to share the Black Sesame Cream with Louisa:-BUT...she freaked out when it arrived at the table and refused to touch "the bowl of liquid mould".Image Hosted by I don't know how anyone can not like black sesame. Ahh well, less men more share right??? Unfortunately, it was really too huge a bowl for me to finish alone. Very rich and creamy but I still think the one in Ming Court, Ipoh is better.

Oh ya, I was browsing around and I found this really nice blogshop that sells accessories. Pretty unique plus price-wise seems quite good. Do check it out girls (and guys too who need ideas for gifts)!!

Moose and Goose

Image Hosted by Should I????


Friday, 29 January 2010

Starbucks CNY keychain

So I met up with Louisa the Busy Working Woman.
She has been promoted and I am happy that she is enjoying her work, which is her Sabbatical from uni at the moment. I only get to see her after working hours nowadays so its always either dinner or a quick drink. This time it was a quick drink and a bite. We had quite a fun time ransacking Cotton On (talking the whole time; and I got new shorts yay!!) and rounded it off at Starbucks since I was waiting for Nat to pick me up for cell group.

Louisa had a stroke of brilliance and added 2 of Starbuck's new CNY key-chain with our Caramel Macchiato at the cashier's. So I have a new key-chain to hang about me (I still haven't figured out where to put it). Very cute with the mini little Starbucks cup hanging there. I'm a sucker for miniature things. Haha!!! :-

And after cell group, Yean Shan and I ended up having dinner at Delicious in Bangsar Village because Nat went to Bangsar to pick her hubby, Shao Hen, and we could not decide what to eat. I had Corned Beef with 'cili padi' Spaghetti :-
It was a surprisingly good combination. A tip though, next time you order Spaghetti which does not have a tomato-purre based sauce, ask for LESS olive oil on your spaghetti. Trust me, too much of a good thing sometimes isn't a good idea. We enjoyed our dinner very much though, with the merry company. Thank you Shao Hen and Nat!!!

Gosh, another food post.

Jian Yao, if you're reading this :-
Its totally not my fault you're hungry alright????Haha!!!

From the west and the east...

*I am trying to regain my composure at the moment*
There was a knock on my room door and I answered it without thinking. A technician was standing out there...a Malay man. And he looked as uncomfortable as I was embarrassed. You see, I had no warning about this. My roomie made this appointment and she knew he was coming but she did not tell me that he was coming and she is not even in the room (she went for a movie). And I basically answered it wearing my PJs; an old, worn out t-shirt and shorts. Plus being a girls' room, we had things scattered about which is so not nice when a total stranger sees it (urgh!!). The poor man kept apologising when I moved my roomie and my stuff around to give him space to do his work (he was supposed to fix a new bolt to our desks) and he didn't dare to look anywhere but at his work. It was mortifying.

And the best part is when I text-ed Yean Shan about this asking how she could have forgotten, she then told me she realised that she actually doesn't need the bolt that the technician fixed since it was a bolt for laptops and she uses a desktop. Me = speechless and no comment. I'm taking deep breathes now trying to salvage some dignity...


Lets move on the the real blog topic which I was about to type before the surprise visitor's appearance. I meant to tell about two very interesting restaurants I visited with my friends over the week which is long overdue.

1. Fullhouse, Sunway Pyramid
It is one of the newly opened dining places in Sunway Pyramid and I find the place decor concept totally cute!!!Image Hosted by The picture above is actually their MENU.Haha!!! I met up with Ben there the other day for lunch and we both ordered their lunch sets. Their lunch sets are waaayy more worth it than the ala-carte in my opinion since it comes with a huge personal jug of ice-lemon tea, a yummy almond mushroom soup, main dish and a mini tart as dessert.

Ben's dory fish set

My chicken set
Pictures are from a previous visit with Pui San since I didn't snap any pictures that day. But we had the same stuff just that I took the dory set the last time.It is rather a shame that their menu has quite limited choices but I guess it helps us make our choices faster?? Anyway, Ben gave me some shows, movies and stuff to watch if I get bored and he has got me quite hooked onto Glee.
I am soo LOVING Chris Colfer as Kurt in Glee!!!
This is him dancing to "Single Ladies" by Beyonce.He's so GAY!!!But he has got STYLE in there.Totally a girl's best friend!!!Image Hosted by

Thank you Ben!!!

2. Da Sa Rang, SS15

Emily was adamant that we eat at this particular Korean restaurant in SS15, which is quietly tucked above McDonald's, since it serves good Korean food in sizable portions and it is quite cheap actually, for Korean food. We; consisting of Emily, Jason, Joshua, Yean Shan and myself, shared our orders because the portions were so HUGE!!! We ordered bibimbap and a kimchi soup platter to share and it came with cute little side dishes :-

No pictures of the bibimbap since it disappeared in a wink. We all totally burnt our mouths that day. Everyone was red-faced; Joshua and Jason were totally sweating it out, and we were loving every second of it!!!!It was soooo GOOD!!!Image Hosted by


Anyway, the weather's been really unpredictable these days and I have been so EXHAUSTED for the whole week. What with classes, gym and some sleepless nights..time really seems to be flying by.Busy busy busy...but I STILL like it this way.Image Hosted by

However, I am missing some people who're in Ipoh now.
You know who you are..Image Hosted by *sigh*
I wish I can be in several places at once sometimes!!!!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

X-Ray Vision huh???

Finally...I can access Blogger.

*Don't bring up the hostel line issue anymore, Joyce!!!*

My water bottle pee-ed on my writing pad today. Fortunately I noticed in time and not much damage done. So my papers are air-drying as I type this. See:-
It is a useful method I learned way back when I was still a librarian in high school. Neat huh??

Anyway, the past few days have been crazily exhausting!!!
I am not kidding when I say that, once the ACCA classes resume..they just FLYYY by and it's nearly the end of January already!!! And results are looming once again...Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI feel so bored when I think about it. I am concerned about it (specially sinyce P2-Corporate Reporting went so badly) but after the exam results induced heart attacks twice yearly in the past, I have developed a sort of indifference to it. Life has to go on right???

Okayyy...bringing up results is sure to be a mood-chiller.
Let me lighten the mood and relate some interesting stuff I've heard over the days:

My P5-Advanced Performance Management lecturer Mr. Michael has a lively sense of humour and keeps us all quite attentive and interested in his classes with his examples using real life situations and cases. Today he was telling us about this camera company (for safeguarding purposes I won't mention the name) that had to recall a particular model of cameras after discovering that a glitch allowed the photographer to see-through peoples' clothing. So out of interest, I did some Google-ing and I found out that it is actually true!!!


I'm not kidding around!!!!
It is really possible and I found a site that was demonstrating this!!! This is made possible by a certain type of lens that is attached to the camera.
Source :

The picture taken with normal lenses:-

Picture taken with PF lens:-

The real purpose of the lenses was to take pictures in low-light conditions but obviously some people have been abusing it. Because if the lenses were used in bright light, it produces a see-through effect. It is actually quite ingenious invention (keeping in mind the real purpose of it's invention) but I wonder whatever happened to respecting other peoples' privacy huh???

SO...the moral of the story (specially to girls) is : WEAR UNDERWEAR.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Munch munch...*yawn*

Contented mode : ON

Just came back from service in City Harvest and had a totally awesome dinner and fellowship time at Murni; THE mamak of mamak-s. Roti Hawaiian and Mango Special never tasted better. I'm honestly STUFFED. Abel came with me and I was really happy to introduce him to the cell group members (at last). Image Hosted by I had my bath and washed the mamak smell out of my hair (I must really go cut my hair, it retains smells like a sponge) and am currently half dozing off...

Scratch that...I'm really dozing off. My eyes are drooping....
Anyway, before I off, let me tell you about how Facebook gave me a shock this afternoon.
Suddenly, when I was refreshing my profile page; this came up instead :-

My first reaction was ,"Aieeee!!!!Has my profile been hacked??!!!"
I went to homepage to try and I got this:-

I didn't know there was a maintenance???And Yean Shan's was perfectly fine at that time.
Weird right???But FB is running normally again for me at the moment.
I'm such a Facebook addict. Must really cut down.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Okay...enough, I really must go sleep.
Goodnight world.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Silver linings??

You woke up this morning feeling fully recharged, the weather is nice, you have a nice day planned ahead. You are at peace with the world. So before you go out of the room, you gussy-up, dress up for a day out, and exit your room feeling good. Your plan went as nicely as you could hope for. You are smiling as you walk back home. But halfway home, the sky turns dark and rain comes POURING down. There's no place to shelter so you just run hoping to get out of the rain as fast as possible. Puddles are splashing; Wow, there goes your new shoes. You reach home soaking wet. Your favourite shirt is sticking to you like a second skin, your hair is plastered to your head. You think, "Never mind. I had a good time at least." You change into dry things. It is still raining; so you decide to settle on the sofa for a movie. You are just getting comfortable, the movie is getting interesting...the electricity goes off. Bugger.

Image Hosted by

Ever had a day like that??
Well, the scenario above was a combination of Emily's, Abel's and my day. Seriously. I was talking with Emily and we came to the conclusion that we started the day on a good foot and ended on a wrong note. I don't know why but the three of us had the same sort of day despite being in different places. Let me relate my side of the story:

Abel and I went to MidValley Megamall (Emily went to Pyramid) to have lunch with Michelle and were joined by Soon Ying halfway. It was good catching up with Michelle (she's always so busy) and chit-chatting. We walked around a bit and window-shopped (everything is so RED). It was a good feeling. And I had my day mapped out already. Abel and I were going to leave at 5pm as to be in good time for cell group, which starts at 6:30pm. I don't like things at loose ends, thus the mental mapping. Everything seemed to be running smoothly up till then.

But things started going downhill the moment I decided we would take the KTM commuter home. It was like a series of unfortunate events; coming upon us as if we were not meant to go to cell group. First, I forgot that 5pm would be the peak time for KTM. The MULTITUDE of people is just SHOCKING. Just horrible!!! Abel and I missed the first train because there was just NO WAY we could squash ourselves into the train so we decided to wait. We thought the crowd in MidValley was bad, but when we reached KL Central for the transit...I got an instant headache. That was unfortunate event the second. I hate crowds. I really cannot stand being surrounded,pushed and pressured by anxious beings all afraid of missing the train. We missed TWO trains this time and by the time the third train came, I was already nauseous from the noise, the smell, the heat..basically the CROWDED surroundings. It was just MADNESS.

And the cherry on top of the cake; it started raining super heavily on our way back to Subang. Now; imagine you just had a heavy lunch, and you have a headache, are nauseous, and you're made to stand in a swaying train; bumping along the tracks, for almost an hour. That was what happened to me. By the time I reached Subang, I was dizzy and ready to vomit, text-ed JeeKit to tell him not to expect me in CG(sorry!!!) , scared Abel (apparently I looked ready to die) and got drenched by the rain. Talk about sad.

Anyway, Emily came to keep me company in my room while I was lying down to get rid of the awful giddiness. It was really raining super heavy and we were talking about our day and comparing how kesian we were towards the end. Haha!!! At least we could laugh over it. It was exhausting though!!! wasn't so bad after all. There were little silver linings along the clouds.
It ended with an impromptu 'steamboat' at my place and a movie at Abel's. Sometimes being 'on-the-go' does make you feel not so boring.

p/s: Thank you JeeKit and Nat for your concern. I was really feeling terrible else I would have loved to come to CG.Image Hosted by

Thursday, 21 January 2010

A mish-mash of an update..

Joyce finally has the time and energy to sit down and update her bloggie. And the line is working fine at the moment.

Oh, for those who were inquiring about the aftermath of previous post..the 'technicians' (turned out to be two young students) are still alive.Image Hosted by Ya, I know..temper temper. But I guess I should explain further why I was so worked up over the hostel line issue. I had tried to be patient for the last 2 weeks because I thought they were having some start-up problems and were fixing it. But it went from bad to worst and the last straw came when I saw THIS posted up on the log-in page:-
For those who are too lazy to click and enlarge it to read..this is what it says in there:-
What do you conclude from that line??? The message I got from it was; the number of times I was disconnected was ON PURPOSE???Image Hosted by Seriously..I sat there blinking a few times and trying to digest that line. Aside from the bad grammar (it should be 'disconnected'...not 'disconnect'), the total IDIOCY of it was hard to process. Honestly, who would actually want to use a line that disconnects every few minutes??!!

Bottom line : It convinced me MORONS are handling the hostel line and it made up my mind to go down and give them a good piece of my mind. It was high time somebody gave them a good FIRE-ING. And they probably concluded 'no complaints means everything is good' so I was going to disillusion them.

I won't go into detail about it anymore. Gives me the boiling feeling when I think about it. Ask Joshua, Abel or Yean Shan about it. They were amused when I told them about full incident. , Quoting Yean Shan, "Good la..they deserve it. Asking for it wan..."

The line has improved a little so I won't pay them any more VISITS for time being.
So I'll just run through the things that I've been up to while I was MIA from my blog. Honestly, I am extremely busy when in Subang. What with classes and chores and friends..I have very little time to online. Let it pour in bullet points:-

1. Attended Astro B.yond launch in Modesto's Rain. It wasn't much of an affair. Plenty of good food and free flow of drinks (including beer) but I got pretty bored towards the end. Managed to make a few new friends though and there was a pretty good drum performance given halfway through. Pui San and I quit-ed it early though. Still waiting for her to give me the pictures of that night..but here's one of mine:-
2. I have been eating at Orange (real name 1 To Eat) more times in the past two weeks than the times I ate there last year. Haha!!! Thanks to Abel who can't get enough of their tom yam fried rice.

3. I converted Yean Shan into an Ikea Meatballs believer.Image Hosted by Now I only have to mention 'Ikea' and she gives a sigh and goes, "Meatbaaaaalllss."

4. I went for the Royal Sporting House warehouse sale yesterday with Emily and Abel. We spent like 3 hours there and were so freaking exhausted for the whole day after. Neverthless, thank you Emily, for driving, and thank you Abel, for carrying our heavy stuff and sweating it out with us.Image Hosted by I got a new pair of running shoes. Another Reebok (yes, I am a Reebok fan) and I am totally in love with it!!!!

Love the soles actually. Haha!!!

I'm gonna drag my brother there today to choose his pair too. The sale is going to be on until the weekend by the way, so the chance is still there to grab some marked down quality stuff!!!

Arghh...I am feeling lazy to continue typing.
Plus I can't think what else to type
So that's all for now. I promise to try to update more frequently. Very very busy at the moment because seem to have a lot of plans ahead. Loving it this way though.Image Hosted by

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