Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Oriental Treats and English Tea

The weather has been insanely HOT the past few days. It's so hot that I'm gonna die!!!! Ahem..alright, maybe a little exaggerated but thank goodness its starting to be less hot and the opposite extreme is happening. Rain rain rain!!!

I have been pretty busy recently. Been in The Gardens quite frequently without planning to. And did I mention that my poor iPod Touch has been sent for warranty. My poor part of the touch screen is no longer sensitive and the WiFi receptor doesn't seem to be working. And it's barely 6 months old!!!Image Hosted by The customer service guy told me chances are I would be getting a totally new unit for replacement because Apple doesn't normally do service and repair. Fingers crossed I'll get my iPod back fast!!!I miss it!!!

Anyway, let me put up random food pictures as is customary. I had Dragon-i's famous 'Xiao Long Bao' with Aunty when I accompanied her on one of her last minute travel prep shopping trips. Haven't had these yummy dumplings in a while. The skin was a little too thick that day but it still tasted so good fresh from the steaming:-

Xiao Long Bao

My dragon-fruit juice

On different day, Yoong and I met up for lunch in Sakae Sushi because she was craving Kakiage. Recently a lot of people have been hysterical over Japanese food and warning me about radiation poisoning. Sigh...honestly, there's nothing to be afraid of if you all will just read the news. I'm feeling alright and am still alive and blogging here, so don't worry.

My favourite salmon sashimi

Yoong's kakiage!!!

Totally random picture next.We saw this bird shit covered car on the way to the KTM station. Image Hosted by

Okay okay...sorry for ruining your drooling-ness over my food pictures. I have more food pictures from tea at San Terri's in Bangsar Village. Another separate occasion (this is what happens with blogging inconsistently.I pool all the pictures into one post).

My Black Sesame Mousse
My first time trying this and it was actually quite nice!!

Michelle's Oreo Cheese

Aunty's Green Tea

Okay. One draft down...more to go!!So stay with me!!!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

McDonald's Breakfasts Overload

For the past two weeks, the staff of McDonald's Malaysia working the morning shifts have had to cope with unusually huge breakfast crowds. Long lines in front of every cashier (until spilling out of the shop in some cases) and the kitchen a bustle trying to keep up with the breakfast orders. Why the sudden enthusiasm for McDonald's breakfast you ask??? For those who are still in the dark, McDonald's have been giving away free Big Breakfast-s as appreciation for being voted a favourite brand and winning the Gold Putra Brand Award for the second consecutive year.
That is the poster I took from the official McDonald's Malaysia FB Page. You can actually click to view the full size, save and print it out to redeem you Big Breakfast with a minimum purchase of RM5 before tax. They accept the printed coupons; don't worry I'm not tricking you. The coupons are valid only until 31st March 2011 though so hurry hurry if you want your share of McDonald's breakfast!!!

I was part of the mad breakfast crowd 4 times, the first 3 times was three days in a row. Ikidyounot. It was unintentional because I told friends and family about it and ended up being included in those breakfast excursions. It seems like the crowds get madder as time passes and more and more people are aware of it. This was the crowd at Bangsar the other day:-

I didn't take pictures of the rest of the people lining up OUTSIDE the shop!!!
Anyway, these were our Big Breakfast-s courtesy of McDonald's Malaysia which I finally took pictures of. Total cost of RM15++ for the four of us.Thank you McDonald's!! I'm pretty sure you brought a lot of families together with this offer. Image Hosted by
Salutes to the McDonald's staff who were kept on their toes trying to cope with the crowds. They must be longing for the month to end so that things will be 'normal' again and they only have to cope with mad lunch crowds.


Before I end this post, just let me spam more food pictures (isn't this what I do best here and you love from me???). I was at Betty's with Aunty and Michelle for lunch. Been quite some time since I was here and their food is still excellently sinful!!! We shared the Soft Ribs which are Aunty's special favourite:-
Yummy yummy!!!
So while you drool over the pictures, I shall go and research detox and slimming plans.
Wish me luck..

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Sweet Stuff+ Earth Hour with Starbucks!!!

So here's the cheesecake which I mentioned in my previous post :-

If you're wondering what flavour it's a 'small hint'. (LOL)
Haven't tasted it yet because it was for Aunty to bring to a dinner with her friends. The feedback was positive although they said that rhey can take it more SOUR?? Fuh!! Well,it went there whole and came back halved.Image Hosted by Anyway, I think I've had a sugar overload for today. I was at The Gardens for lunch with Aunty and the girls. We had Pineapple Fried Rice and I shared a super spicy Tom Yam Gai with Aunty. Cooled down with Guai Lin Gou from Koong Woh Toong after that:-
That's good stuff up there!!!Bittersweet!

Next, I seconded Emily's campaign for Krispy Kreme and we got a dozen Original Glaze doughnuts. It's been a long time since I had a Krispy Kreme. WHY did the Sunway Pyramid branch close down??!!! Image Hosted by The tiny little kiosk near the cinema doesn't count okay!!
Krispy Kreme-s!!!

Dinner was at Subway and after that, Michelle drove us all to Damansara to join their SS's family for Earth Hour. While we were passing BV though, we had the misfortune to encounter a very very STUPID driver. He came flying out of the parking lot at top speed and blocked the road. And then, without any signal started reversing at top speed. Michelle honked at him because she was afraid that he'd reverse into her. And the scrawny, cheap-dyed hair fellow at the wheel turned around and showed his cheap-ringed middle finger at her. Wow...VERY CLASSY NO??? Tsk tsk...what would your mum say to that, Mr Free Finger?? Well I don't know what his mum would say but I have one word:-

Putting the episode aside, we reached Damansara in good time and went to the Centrepoint Starbucks to redeem our free Frappes with our Starbucks tumblers.I saw the poster on Facebook so I thought there'd be a lot of people; but we were the first in line and the very friendly staff there set to work right away, whipping up our drinks. So here's what we redeemed:-

Green Tea Frappes
and Chocolate Cream Chip Frappes....

AND Vanilla Cream Frappes!!
I know, I know. You're thinking, "My goodness..that's a lot of tumblers!!!" We were holding up the line and a lot of people were staring. I think the guy at the counter is going to remember me as the 'Girl with a Bag Full of Tumblers'. But we had the equal amount of people to enjoy the drinks. So I'd like to thank Starbucks for sponsoring us a very delicious Earth Hour. My Green Tea Frappe was perfect and your staff at Centrepoint are a pleasant bunch. Give them a raise!! LOL. Cheers!!Image Hosted by

Appetising and Unappetising

Just as I posted about how the weather was cold, it decided to prove me wrong and turned BURNING HOT for the past two days. My goodness. Now I know what a melting ice-cube feels like. I really don't like perspiring and being sticky all over. Ugh. Okay, lets move from this sweaty topic. Thinking about it is making me feel like reaching for my antiperspirant.

Let me show you the chocolate cake I baked the other day. My celebratory cake for Michelle's results. Unfortunately the cake wasn't very celebratory because it didn't rise properly and I wasn't pleased with the texture. But at least it was edible and still tasted good. Nice and chocolatey..only I'm (being the baking monster) not very happy with the texture.

Chocolate cake!!!

I made a lemon cheesecake at Aunty's request earlier today. It's happily chilling in the fridge and I'll get a picture of it tomorrow. Hehe...dessert making is a joy when there are people to eat your desserts!! Joy!! Image Hosted by

On a different topic altogether now, I went back to my room before cell group and I nearly fell down when I walked to the front grill. I stepped on something and my foot slid under me. And when I look down, this was what I saw:-

Lets take a closer look:
Empty crab shells. What the HELL??? Someone in the house obviously didn't manage their trash properly. Strewn all over the front door like that. It looked so terrible and the smell coming from it was awful too!!! Gosh..I'm disliking my house more and more. Don't get me started on what the kitchen is like.

Anyway, this week's cell group was a short session but Faith surprised us all with a quiz!! OMG. It was a short quiz testing how well we knew our CG, our church and the Bible. I didn't score well on the church part but thankfully got full marks in the Bible knowledge section. Image Hosted by I think the question I liked the most was : "Who was the first person murdered in the Bible??" Haha!! Was a fun marking each others answers. I decided to join in felowship and went to Jalan 222 for a very late dinner before heading back to Bangsar.

Hokkien Mee
Full of lardy goodness...
I felt full after eating half of it but in the end I finished it. Fat-ness!!!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


The past few mornings have been rather chilly. Brrr...but I like it.Image Hosted by
Better cold than hot, I always say. Anyway, today was the 2010 SPM Results Day and Aunty asked me first thing in the morning whether I'd like to follow her to meet Michelle as she went to collect her results slip. I decided against it in case my presence there would contribute to more 'pressure'. Anyway, let me post up my congrats again to Michelle for her excellent results. You did good girl!!

I went to Louisa's place to hang out a while before going to college. She had her air-con on full blast as usual despite the cool weather.Image Hosted by I think have permanent goosebumps from her air-con. Afnan was there as well and the three of us had a few rounds of Scrabble with her new Travel Scrabble set. Woohoo!! I LOVE Scrabble!! I used to play it like crazy and I find it pretty addictive.
Picture from Round 3

After Scrabble I went to college and dropped by the library to search some stuff. It was FREEZING there and I got my stuff done quickly before running to the Computer Lab for my slide-show course class. Yea, I'm attending computer classes where I'm supposed to learn how to use Microsoft PowerPoint. The stuff that has been taught so far were just refreshers for me since my Mum taught me how to use PowerPoint way back when I was just a kid. Today's class was unfortunately super boring because we weren't given any mini projects to work on and test our skills. I was so bored and the cold didn't help. Thank goodness he ended early!!!

I headed back to Bangsar and went to Starbucks as a celebration of sorts for Michelle's results. We saw a group of rowdy guys fighting outside the BV Entrance. Goodness. Luckily they had stopped when we ordered our drinks and snacks. I shared a Green Tea Frappe with Aunty which was a bit chunky but still nice.
Banana Chocolate Muffin

Marble Cheesecake

Oh yea, we spotted a giant mushroom on the curb. It's the type of mushroom that pop out of the ground when it rains. This one is a tough survivor and has grown to about the size of my palm!!!

Looks like a mini umbrella growing out of the grass!!

Michelle poked it lightly with dried grass and I went,"Nooo...". Haha!! I wonder what I looked like, squatting by the curb wit my camera at night. Well, I'm afraid it won't be there anymore tomorrow morning. Good luck Giant Mroomy. You're a tough one.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Family Buffet @ 88 BBQ Steamboat Buffet Restaurant!!

I miss school holidays. Not because holidays are rare to me ever since I plunged myself into ACCA; but because at that time, the holidays fell on the same dates (parents would take leave according to our holidays) and we could plan holidays and family outings together easier back then. Oh I miss those days...these days, with most of us 'children' all grown up and in college, our holidays are scattered around the calender. Image Hosted by

This time round, my parents came down to Klang for the weekend and we marked the end of the school holidays (which we had no part of) with a family steamboat buffet. We went to 88 BBQ Steamboat Buffet Restaurant located in the Bukit Tinggi area. Their concept is similiar to the 2+1 Steamboat in Ipoh. The price is similiar too. RM23.80nett for adults, RM18.80nett for students and RM8.80nett for children if my memory serves me right. A tip though : don't sit inside the restaurant. I'll tell you why later on.

Anyway, we wasted no time in getting our dinner. Yoong and I were snapping pictures like mad. So some of the pictures are from her btw. The mission for the night was to fill this up with FOOD!!!:-I like how they wrapped up the hotplate with foil. Much more hygienic than the one in 2+1. Also they had a genius way of allocating the butter which is used for the hot plate. They wrap it up in plastics and all you have to do is poke a hole in it and squeeze:-

No waste and no mess!!!

As usual, sizzling BEEF and MUTTON!!!

The plates of food we took for the hotpot:

They actually had an aquarium with live prawns swimming about. Benjamin made it his special mission to bring jumping prawns back to our table for sacrifice into the hotpot:-
He's got a knack of catching those swimming creatures!! Yoong and I asked him to stop after a few because it was kinda morbid to watch your food being boiled alive. T.T
Pot full of goodies!!

I was too busy eating and only snapped a few pictures of the soupy stuff:

Oh remember I was going to tell you why not to sit inside the shop?? Well it's because every table has their own barbeque stands. The smoke rising from this things were extreme:-

Love the grilled seafood!!!!

And we took a load of skewered prawns for grilling too. Not the live ones caught from the aquarium but ready skewered. It was like a prawn fest. We took so much and were so afraid that we couldn't finish but all of it disappeared so fast!!!
Can you hear the sizzle??

The end product!!!

My fav picture of the night thanks to Yoong:
Posing only. I didn't eat all those....I think.

We had a good time and enjoyed the process of boiling, barbeque-ing and frying our food. I had awesome pistachio ice-cream for dessert after all the hot stuff plus there were free flow of drinks included in the buffet. However, we left on a slightly sour note when one of the cashiers tried to overcharge my aunty by insisting my cousin pay student price even though he was under 12 years old. So silly. So though we enjoyed it, don't think I'll be coming back to this place anytime soon. Hope you enjoyed the food pictures. ;)

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