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HTC Aria Review : Unboxing

1I am very excited to be given the chance to review the HTC Aria by Digi and Nuffnang. The HTC Aria is among the most coveted phones in the market today, taking its place among the iPhone 4, Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Curve and Garmin Asus. For the next two weeks, I will be exploring and getting to know this very in-demand smartphone and posting my findings in the form of reviews for your reading. Do keep checking here to read more future reviews.

I started with the fun part of getting a new phone. Unboxing it. Don't you like the feeling of breaking the seal on the box and slowly opening it to reveal the contents; which pieced together, makes the complete phone which you can then hold in your hands and admire??? Well, I had a very pleasant time doing just that and snapping many pictures along the way. So let me share my experience.

Ooh, the HTC Aria sitting so snugly inside!!

These are the full contents of the box:-
Along with the phone, are various instruction manuals, warranty cards, and accessories.

The earphones

Charger and USB Cable
Love the charger because it has a USB port, and I can choose to charge it on the wall or simply plug it into my laptop. I like that option since I begrudge my phone being so far from me while I use the laptop. I'm a heavy multi-tasker, you see. =P

A 2GB MicroSD Memory Card

I had a tad bit of trouble figuring out how to open the phone up to insert the necessary items but with the help of the manual (see, people do still read manuals!!!) I managed to 'de-shell' it. I like how the back cover fits around the inner component of the phone like a shell. It means chances of the back cover getting loose and battery falling out in the future are slim.

Opening it up!!
Isn't the yellow coloured interior cool???
Reminds me about Bumblebee in Transformers somehow.

I slotted in the SD memory card and the sim card provided for me by DiGi.

Started it up!!!
HTC, quietly brilliant.
Nice slogan.

Now it's time for me to show you the phone from different angles. I have included the measurements for you to be able to visualise the size more accurately. The phone surface is a cool, shiny black which makes the screen stand out. However, it is also very prone to finger marks. I had to polish it several times while taking pictures. ;)

HTC Aria

This is how it looks in my hand. Doesn't it look at home??
The phone fits in my hand quite comfortably. I was pleased by this because I have small hands and am very particular about phone sizes. I favour slim phones because I can hold them with ease. The HTC Aria's thickness is just average for a smartphone; but since it was designed well, it doesn't feel too thick nor too thin. Though, I think people with big hands, especially guys might find it a wee too tiny in their hands. The HTC Aria's weights 115g and feels solid. I can pocket it without feeling it's weight on my leg.

The 32 inch, 320 x 480 pixel, TFT capacitive touchscreen which displays 256k colours!!
I have to say, I really do love the screen display. It has such clarity and so colourful! Very nice on the eyes. The screen is also a good size, which is quite vital for a touchscreen phone. I gave it a few test swipes and it responded quite well.

More close ups of the HTC Aria!! Notice the detail in the design.

The speakers located at the top

The four touch icons and the lone button at the bottom
The button is also a motion sensor where you can swipe across it to navigate around the phone instead of swiping on the screen. I didn't find much use for it though except for photo taking.

Alright, now that I have shown you what the HTC Aria looks like, do you agree with me that it is a beautiful phone?? It scores high in looks with me. But looks isn't everything isn't it?? The HTC Aria is a smartphone after all and is advertised for it's excellent functions and features. And that's exactly what I intend to find out next; the HTC Aria's functions and features!! Look out for my next review on the HTC Aria alright?? Stay with me!!

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