Sunday, 28 March 2010

Chin up..and smile. =)

I was reflecting on the topic of our last cell-group discussion and I decided to write it down here as a reminder to myself and also to share with you. Specially to certain friends who are feeling low at the moment. Down time may not be pleasant but they are what make 'Up' treasurable.Image Hosted by Here's some food for thought. I will try my level best to write out what I understood from our discussion:

*No puns intended alright. Just typing out according to my very candid thoughts.

~The 7 Truths about Self-Esteem~

1. Humility is not the same as humiliation
Yea, being modest and humble is commendable. We think that; when people praise us, going, "No lah..I'm actually very bad/not good/terrible." makes us 'humble'?? If you don't like to say those things to others then why should you say those things to yourself?? It is OKAY to accept praise. Smile and say,"Thank you." next time. Image Hosted by

2. Putting off the sinful nature is not the same as putting yourself down
Stop kicking yourself for every bad thing you did in the past. Just look ahead and make a conscious effort not to repeat them.

3. Self-denial is not the same as self-degradation
Praising other people and appreciating their efforts is generous of you. However you don't have to take a chunk out of yourself in the process by adding "...I don't think I can be like you." at the end of your praise. It's not necessary.

4. Unworthy is not the same as worthless
Yes, I might not deserve the "Nicest Person In The World" award but NO, it does not mean I deserve the "Lousiest Bum In The Universe" award. I am not nothing!!!

5. Self-love is not the same as selfishness
It is okay to think about yourself. But if you think about yourself ONLY, then the world will become a very lonely place for you soon.

6. Self-affirmation is not the same as self-conceit
There is a difference between thinking "I can do it!!" and "Of course I can..I'm better than anyone else what!!"

7. Self-aware is not the same as self-absorbed
Tell me about your achievements, your happy news, your good relationships and all the good things you did and also about your life. I love it when you share with me because that is what friends are for.I am happy for you.Image  Hosted by But if ALL you ever talk about is YOU, I don't love it so much. Sorry. =/


It's been a while since I posted up something like this.
Hopefully I have not scared anyone away!!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Mojitos and Peach Cheesecakes @ Pastis, The Gardens

WARNING : This is going to be another food-centered post. The blogger bears no responsibility for any hunger pangs that might arise from reading this post.

The above warning was actually for Jian Yao. Haha!!
Anyway, I discovered a new dining place in The Gardens. So by chance if any of you go to The Gardens, do drop by Pastis and check out their menu offerings. It is situated in front of Isetan on the ground floor. The price is surprisingly reasonable, more or less the same as Secret Recipe actually.

The reason we (including Pui San and Yean Shan) are drawn to the place was because of this banner they had put up:-
Their cake of the month at less than RM7 at promotion price. We peeked at their desserts display too before sitting and it all looked so yummy. The menu looks like one of those recipe books you buy to flip and drool over while all the time you know you'd probably never call up the effort to actually cook them. Haha!! I suggested we just eat lunch there since the setting of that place was so nice and cosy.
Pui San was looking at the drinks list and she was SO SO SO interested in one particular drink that we just told her to order it!!!It came first and actually made some heads at the other tables turn:-

Test-tube Virgin Mojitos

Looks totally cute yes??We didn't know what to expect even though there was a picture illustration. So after this arrived, rest assured, what you see in the menu is what you get. Nice. So, here is the size of the drinks in relative to my head:-

Haha!!The pink one is peach flavoured, the red one is raspberry flavoured and the white one is a lemony tinge with a hint of strawberry. Very very cooling. I wonder whether they would have been even more delicious if they were NOT virgin. :P

I ordered the Beef Pot Pie with Mash and Salad. Pui San ordered the same thing except she asked for lamb instead of beef because,according to her, she has been eating red meat the whole week??( lamb is not red meat??) So this is mine:-

Beef Pot Pie

Pui San
Yean Shan, with her incurable craving for meatballs, ordered the Spaghetti and Meatballs. Looks measly???Actually its the plate that is gigantic. Yean Shan was struggling to breathe after she had consumed all the spaghetti and meatballs.Oh ya, if you don't want such a heavy meal, some of them are available in Kid's Size. They are indicated by a little teddy at the side of the list. :)

Yean Shan

Oh ya, do you still remember the banner which drew us there in the first place?? Well, we ordered two of their Peach Cheesecakes to share and it was so heavenly:-
So so swoon-worthy...
Notice that the cake is like layered??
The crunchy crumble and the peach makes the perfect complement to the delicate, juicy layers of the cake. Mmmmm......I'm making myself swallow a few times now. ==

...I had a flashback of another cheesecake while eating that. The flashback was of a homemade cheesecake which I MUST get the recipe from my aunt and re-create it again!!!!

SzeHaw!!!!Are you reading this??!!!!

Alrighty, I am done with this post. Am so proud of myself for actually completing this on the same day I created this post. PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE will try to be more consistent in updating bloggie!!!



Friday, 19 March 2010


If you're reading this post it means I have finally managed to upload the photos and SQUEEZE some effort to be rajin and patient; to bear the with the slow line to update. I meant to put up several separate posts on this super busy and fruitful week where I spent quality time with a lot of VIP-s.Image Hosted by But I have to put this in bullet points since there are posts lining up in my drafts folder!!!

Went out with Ben. First, we went to RedBox for lunch. If I am not mistaken they were having a promo where they don't charge patrons for snacks and tidbits for the week. We booked a place for K-Lunch (my first time going for it since I normally just go for student rate) and used his "Free 1 Head Charge" coupon for the bill. I still have 1 more by the who's up for the next session?? After RedBox, we watched Remember Me.Was quite a nice movie. For some reason, Ben and I were the only ones laughing at the dry humour that some of the scenes and dialogues. The rest of the cinema were laughing only when there were sudden fast forwards where some scenes had been censored. What kind of humour is that??Image Hosted by

It was Family Movie Night!!!My two aunts had planned for us to watch Alice In Wonderland. My Yee-Yee bought the tickets for the 3D show in 1U for the 6 of us; consisting of my two aunts, Yoong, Josh, Ben, Rachel and I. Josh and I met up for lunch with Yee-Ma and Yoong in Pyramid, where Yoong showed me her new white wedges (I bought a pair too and we can be white wedges sisters together now!!!Image Hosted by and had a nice time chattering and listening to Josh and Yoong bickering away.Image Hosted by Yee-Ma drove us all to 1U and we arrived nice and early with some time to check out the MPH book-fair there. I got myself two books : The Last Song and Great Expectations.Yay!!!Image Hosted by

We headed for the cinema as soon as Yee-Yee called to say she'd arrived and bought some snacks before going into the cinema. My Yee-Yee had an unpleasant encounter with a horrible, RUDE cashier at the snack counter when she was buying her things. Yoong and I happened to be there to witness it and were see-ing RED. The both of us started saying sarcastic things to him and loudly discussed complaining to his manager because he didn't know how to SHUT UP and give the customer what she wants. What an a$$****. I think we were already kind not to kick up a huge fuss. Anyway, we entered the cinema and were given cool, actual 3D glasses to watch the show. I totally enjoyed myself.Image Hosted by

After the movie, Uncle Alex joined us in Chilli's for dinner. Since none of us were very hungry, we shared some appetisers and helped ourselves too from the kids' kid meals. As usual, the portions in Chilli's were very generous and we were all STUFFED. Yee jokingly offered Yoong and I a Margarita to share; I would have seriously considered that offer had I not been so full. Haha!! Food pictures here:-

I didn't realise how big the Alice In Wonderland mania was until Pui San dragged me to MidValley to take pictures of the Huge Alice in Wonderland decors which have been set up in the Center Court :-

Talking flowers

Giant mushrooms

Even the Mad Hatter's tea party table
Pui San and her friend Kah Mun left after snapping pictures around the place. It was considered quite crowded for a weekday there. Anyway, after they left, I walked around The Gardens while waiting for Ben to arrive. I love how quiet, yet not the eerie silence type, The Gardens can be. It's almost therapeutic. Haha!! When Ben finally made his appearance, we went to collect our tickets for The Lovely Bones:-
I never keep up with cinema movie listings, so I never heard of it until Ben told me he bought the tickets. Anyway, it was alright. Had some hair-raising parts where you get to see a pedophile at work. Creepy much. Lucky I didn't have to watch it alone.Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

After the movie, we had a pretty unsatisfying dinner at The Spaghetti Farm. So to make up for it, he introduced me to the Tiramisu with Rum in Austin Chase. It was good except that I couldn't really taste the rum even though Ben was saying that it went straight to his head. Haha!!! Talk about alcohol tolerance. Image Hosted by Oops.


So it's been a busy week. It was just so nice to be able to spend quality time with my VIP-s. I hope to be able to do this more often. One last thing to slot in before I end this post. Pui San finally fulfilled her threat of dragging me to the Paddington House of Pancakes. She has been mentioning it every time I see her. We went during tea-time where they have their tea-time sets. RM7.80 for a selected choice of pancakes and a drink. We settled for the Pot of Gold which are dollar pancakes (bite-size mini pancakes) with chocolate sauce,nut sprinkles with marshmallows and caramel sauce topped with vanilla ice-cream. When our order came, it looked too adorable to eat!!:-

See the dollar pancakes??
The serving looks small but it's actually a LOT because they layer the pancakes neatly on top of each other. Pui San and I were swooning over each bite. We nearly killed ourselves also when Pui San, thinking that the pancakes wouldn't be enough, ordered a 'drink' which turned out to be a Mango and Passionfruit Sundae because she misread the heading.I had to help her finish this:-

Image Hosted by

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Bahkugan with Benjamin

My parents came down to Subang 'unexpectedly' for the weekend, I say 'unexpectedly' because my dad had actually told me while we were chatting on msn, that they were coming down for the weekend but somehow conveyed the impression to me that they were coming down the next weekend. Haha!!! So imagine the mixture of surprise and pleasure I got on Saturday morning, when the first thing I heard was my phone ringing and my dad's voice saying, "We're reaching in an hour. See you alright."

And my phone rang a lot that day. I normally get more texts than calls. After my dad, Ben rang and we talked for a while. A little later in the afternoon, Pui San called and frantically reported she'd somehow managed to lock herself out of the room and could not get back to her room till night. I felt like such a bad friend when I told her I couldn't spend the day with her after all because my parents were here (that is why must always have plans!!). Sorry Pui San!!! After Pui San was Shyang, ringing to ask me to come to the side gate to collect something he had to pass to me to pass to my dad to pass to my uncle. And after that was a random call from an unknown number (it was CF) but I had to delay my appointment with them.

Anyway, we went to Pyramid (after Josh and I turned down my dad's suggestion of Bukit Bintang) where after a long series of selecting and negotiating; my dad bought my bro a new mobile!! :) (Finally...since his old one literally died on him). Say hello to the new member of the family :-

Sony Ericsson W995

Josh was pretty amused when I pointed out to him that my W705 looked like the 'hers' version of his phone. Since his was black and mine silver, and the W705 felt tinier and more fragile in the hands compared to his W995. Haha!! It turned into the joke of the afternoon. 'His' and 'hers' mobiles. Anyway if you don't get it, never mind...This is my darling W705 by the way:-
After we had our fill of Pyramid, we headed to Klang to my grandma's place. It was such a HOT afternoon. I was half dozing off when Uncle Alex and Yee-Yee appeared with their trio; Benjamin, Rachel and Daniel. Benjamin was carrying a new case with him which turned out to be his new Bahkugan set. I've heard of it before but never actually seen it. However, it caught my interest because the set looked so cute!!! See:-
Like miniature balls!!!
The middle card has a magnet inside it and when you throw the the Bahkugan-s (that's what the miniature balls are if I got my facts right) on it, they will unfurl from a ball into a little monster!!!
Okay..maybe I'm excited about the wrong aspect of the game. But I just find it real creativity. Hehe...So it pays to pay attention in science class when your teacher is teaching about magnets. :P I persuaded Ben to teach me how to play and I think I get the game. Hmm...I hope I will retain the knowledge to play with him again the next time I see him. :) It's fun when the younger ones include me in their activities.
Which reminds me of something.
Will someone teach me how to play with the Pokemon cards, Dragonmon cards and Harry Potter cards I have in my drawers back home??? I still have them. xD

Friday, 12 March 2010

My bro scores AGAIN!!!!


I really am!!!I always knew he could and would do well in his exams (he's the more consistent and hardworking one :) ). And also CONGRATULATIONS too to those who have obtained good results and did better than they expected in the SPM 2009!! This is another milestone in your lives. So get ready for the roller-coaster rides ahead. :)


Since I am blogging using the super fast line at my uncle's place, I might as well take advantage of this and share a video which I took during Friends' Night on Friday, organised and held in City Harvest Church. (Scroll down for it) It was a fun night with friends,games and performances. We were all encouraged to being a friend along to just chill and have fun (it was not a service); I invited 3 people but none turned up in the end due to other commitments and even a last minute FFK. You know who you are!!! *shows mock-angry face* was raining heavily that night and it was pretty cool to see the numbers who showed up despite the rain. The highlight performances of the night were by a local upcoming band, An Honest Mistake and also by Shawn Lee (champion beat-boxer). I recorded Shawn Lee's performance to show my cousin actually and since I have the opportunity to share, here you go:-

(Not his best performance ever but still was good!!)

And now I have this video to distract you, I shall get to working on my other delayed posts.
Hehehehee....Stay with me!!!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

2 Days before last Sabbath

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usHallelujah the pictures have finally finished uploading.
And I am all perked up to update; Spill Mode : ON. I was very busy during the weekend; running around. So now you get to find out where I was running around to.

My bro, Joshua, wanted a change from Sunway Pyramid so I decided to bring him to MidValley to do some shopping. Note; HE shopped. Not me. For a change. Haha!!! If anyone is wondering, I don't see my brother everyday even though we stay in the same hostel area (different apartment blocks) because we have our own class schedules and hang out with our friends. Basically different activities. But I do check on him once in a while. Maybe it sound rather negligent of me but we both agreed that it'd be rather weird if I knocked on his door everyday going "Josh..what did you do today??Did you get enough to eat??Anything to tell me??"Image Hosted by It's just not the way. Well, I will be the good big sister my way, thank you.Image Hosted by

Anyway, after Josh had bought the stuff he wanted (with moi as the consultant *ahem*), we walked around while waiting for my dinner buddies to appear. Michelle and Pui San showed up after their classes and we went to the top floor food court for dinner because I was dying for the Mr Teppanyaki there. I don't know about you but I find it rather strange that that food court has shops like Mr Teppanyaki and Pepper Lunch Express there when those two are actually franchises. Hmm...never mind. I got my Beef and Chicken Teppanyaki Set:-For your info, I only find the MidValley Mr Teppanyaki good. I've eaten at other franchises before and it all sucked. The reason for this is because the MidValley one's cook is really superb. You should go watch him cook and you will get what I mean. A little tip : ask for extra fried garlic when you order. It's heavenly.Image Hosted by


Pui San and I finally gave Marco's Pizza a try. We went to the Kelana Jaya branch for lunch. And it was whilst I was walking along the sidewalk of the Kelana Jaya bus stop that I stepped into this HOLE where an uneven tile was and I FELL DOWN. My goodness, it was so mortifying. The lady behind me helped me up and I kept replying, "I'm okay. Thank you. I'm alright. Thank you." to her concerned enquiries. ankle still hurts by the way. But anyway, back to Marco's Pizza.

Corleoni Regular
Pui San and I swore that we could taste a hint of alcohol in our pizza. In the end, I decided that it probably came from the cheese that they used. It was nice though.

Mushroom Chicken Cream PenneThis one was from the Kid's Menu. Haha!!
But the portion definitely was NOT kid size.

I think this place is waaaayyy nicer than Papa John's and costs less as well. Frankly, the last time I was in Papa John's, I was SAWING away at my pizza while at Marco's, we couldn't get enough of the thin-crust pizza which was just nice and crunchy and not too hard. Was freaking STUFFED after our meal. Definitely going back there again one day.Image Hosted by


This is turning into super long post. Hmm..have to leave out a small part for another time. But I really must tell you about the singer that performed during our City Harvest Saturday Night Service previously.She came as a special guest. Introducing:-

I won't pretend to know a lot about her but you can try Google-ing and Youtube-ing her. I was told she's making huge waves in Singapore. I was quite impressed with her performance because she had a really sweet voice and her general appearance was really fun and relaxed. I would call her the Asian Colbie Caillat. She sang her latest hit song 'Sunday Afternoon' for us. If you want to listen, her album 'Sunday Afternoon' is available for sale in City Harvest:-

Okay..I shall end my post here with a random picture from Jojo. I tried their 3-colour-coffee with their Traditional Pan Mee. Both turned out to be really good. I normally order their Lat Jiu Pan Mee with no drink but decided to give try something new the other day. Was not disappointed. Happiness..Image Hosted by

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