Sunday, 21 November 2010

Dessert Parade

This is one of my draft dwelling posts which finally get posted up. I'm currently back in Ipoh preparing for the December 2010 ACCA examinations and my activities are just study, eat, know the drill. So I've nothing exciting to blog about live. For the sake of keeping my blog alive, I will just upload nice food pictures which I took weeks ago but didn't publish.

I have a lot of pictures of desserts so prepare to look at a lot of sweet stuff. These pictures were taken during the period where I was reviewing the HTC Aria (you can click here to read my reviews) and my updates were full of HTC Aria pictures. It seems rather a waste not to post them up. So yes, outdated I know but I need fillers to revive flagging interest in my blog. So here you go.

I've been told that I can practically be Paddington's ambassador since I'm always posting pictures of their 'Pot of Gold' here. Well, Paddington's is Ben and my chill out place and we like their tea-time set, where the 'Pot of Gold' is the most worth it. Check out the giant one we got the last time we were there:-

Then next are very colourful drinks pictures which I took in One Stop in Jalan Ipoh. Was there with Ben and his family for dinner. It was my second time there.

My drink
The purple stuff is dragonfruit and I've forgotten what the bottom part was.

This was Ben's very tropical tasting drink
We all liked it a lot; looks wise and taste wise.
Jessica even ordered a second one.Haha!!

The next dessert pictures are from House & Co in BSC. Ben's spectacles broke and he had to wear contacts while waiting for his replacement. Everyone kept telling him how much better he looked without his specs. Haha!!! Well, when it was time for him to collect the spectacles, I had to be the driver because he had to have his contacts off for at least half an hour before trying on the new pair. So there I was, navigating the roads in the Avanza to pick up Aunty from Bangsar Village before heading to BSC. felt a bit like taking my driving test again!! Only with a bigger car and 4 other people in the back. xP But I can happily report that I 'passed'. Even the parking part (I did reverse parking, don't play play!!). Anyway, pictures of CAKES!!!!

Layer cakes

The round round stuff on this one is those sweets/biscuit things I ate when I was a kid!!!

Mosit Chocolate Cake

Mars Bars Cheesecake

Okay, I made myself hungry typing this post. O:
But strictly NO SNACK for me at this hour because I actually gained weight when I came back. All that sitting around for hours at the table with my books. Sighh...I guess I'll just have to resign to this fate until exam is over...sadness. If only those pictures were edible.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Happy Birthday Dear! (Part Two)

So after all the pre-celebrations for him, we spent the whole day together on Ben's birthday. He took leave on his birthday (honestly, I would have killed him if he hadn't.) and we woke up early on his birthday. No, we aren't exactly early birds, but since the both of us had RM5 vouchers for Sunway Pyramid ice skating, Ben thought it'd be nice to utilise it and go skating together. I'm recently quite into ice-skating since I have him as my kaki. So no objections from my side.

Us with our gloves on.

I don't know how to skate properly....yet. I'm so envious of those people who glide around the rink like it's the easiest thing in the world. ONE DAY. . .I will be one of them!! Meanwhile, I shall just do my best to upgrade my skills. I'm currently balancing on one foot while using the other foot to swipe on the ice to propel myself and scoot,scoot, scoot on the ice. Occasionally I will give myself heart attacks by being overambitious and end up either falling down or wobbling around with my hands waving to get my balance. Go ahead, laugh all you want. I think I'd laugh at myself too if I could see myself on ice. I think it's something to do with my small feet!!!I'm 5'5" and I wear a size 5 or 6 okay. I've fallen down so many times and Ben has never fallen even once. He's getting the hang of it way faster than me.

Anyway, that day we didn't skate as long as I'd like to since Ben got a blister on his ankle and he didn't want to make it worst by skating on it. So we headed to Fullhouse for lunch. They have two new dishes to their lunch sets; so Ben and I ordered them. The sets include soup of the day, ice lemon tea and dessert along with the main course, so lunch in Fullhouse is really value-for-money.

Pumpkin soup

(I forgot to take pictures of our drink.Oops)

His Al-Funghi Spaghetti

My Teriyaki Chicken Burger

Our desserts

After lunch walked around Pyramid for a while before going back to my room for me to get his present and give it to him. Hehe. I didn't give it to him until after we reached his place. We fell asleep after lazing about since we were tired and woke up around dinner time. At first I had thought to bring him to Buffalo Steakhouse but ended up changing plans to Chilli's in BSC after reading some reviews (I've never been there before, you see.); and also because it didn't make sense for us to fight through the evening jam to get there since we just came from that area.

Chilli's was packed when we arrived there but we didn't have to wait long for a seat. We did have to wait a while for our food though. Since it was Ben's birthday, I thought it appropriate to add some kick to our meal; so we shared a Presidente Margarita.
It was quite strong. Lucky we shared else Ben won't have been allowed to drive.

The food arrived just as I was starting to feel the alcohol kick in. I ordered my favourite Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers. I was so hungry that I managed to finish everything on the plate. I adore the dip that comes with the Crispers!! And I revealed to Ben that we are allowed to change our side dishes; he never asked the waiter before so he didn't know. We both changed our Corn Cobs to Mash Potato. If you still don't know, I'm obsessed with Chilli's mash potatoes. Especially their Loaded Mash Potato. What we both did that night was order Mash Potato which is sprinkled with cheese and bacon and ask for the gravy that comes with the Loaded Mash Potato.


We went home full to bursting and very satisfied. You can never go wrong with Chilli's!!! We rounded up our day together by watching Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs in HD on Ben's Xtreamer. I didn't get to watch it when it was in cinemas and I've been wanting to watch it since I'm a big fan of animation. It was lucky I ate before watching though!!!The whole point of this movie is looking at the FOOD. Goshhh...some of the food in there look kind of like the make believe 'food' you can form with PlayDough. Makes me want to play with my younger cousin's PlayDough sets. I really love how they played around with various food in the movie. Snowing ice-cream, Jell-O castle, melted cheese-dip volcano...Can somebody invent that machine NOW??!!!

We called it a day after the movie.

Thank you for letting me share your special day, dear.
Again, Happy Birthday to you, my dearest Ben. And Happy 8th month to us!!
Though we didn't do anything elaborate, the simple feeling of being with you gives me the greatest joy.
I love you. :)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Happy Birthday Dear! (Part One)

I know, I know...I'm a long shot away from winning the 'Most Consistent Blogger in the World" (if it exists) but I've been busy spending whatever time I can with my dearest before I left for Ipoh to prepare for the nasty ACCA December 2010 sitting.

It was Ben's birthday on the 15th of November. My darling turned 20 that day; (no more saying you're 19!!!) and I got to be part of the celebrations for him which spanned over a few days. He's so loved.Image Hosted by He got two pre-celebrations before his actual birthday which I'm going to tell about.

The first one was spawned by Jessica. We were busy chatting on MSN on Wednesday night about his birthday, and asking each other what plans we had for his birthday when she went, "Hey, lets make him a cake!!!Haha!!". And from there I went, "Ooh, lets make him CHEESECAKE!!" and it lead to a series of elaborate plans to surprise him. We had to do it the very next day itself since he works only till Thursdays and there would be no more chances to surprise him after that. So I had to secretly make my way from Sunway to Bangsar while he was at work (convinced him that I had a meeting to go to) and make cheesecake with the girls, and waited to surprise him when he came back from work.

We made him Maltesers Cheesecake since Maltesers are his favourite chocolates.
Home-made Maltesers Cheesecake!!!
Check out the cool decor.Image Hosted by
It was so much fun decorating it with sweets. We didn't plan it and just randomly put them on the cake and shifting them here and there. Chocolate overload!!!



Kit Kats!!

I was made to hide behind the washing machine with a camera to jump out and take a picture of the birthday boy's surprised face. I'm delighted to report that the surprise was a success, despite some very funny gun jeung moments.Image Hosted by

My darling's super happy face when I jumped out!!

With the cake!!

His family also had a family dinner for him the day before his birthday in Jake's. The food there was quite nice albeit being rather expensive. We enjoyed ourselves very much that night though.

Starters - Chille Beef with Corn Chips

My New Zealand Rack of Lamb
I asked for mint sauce and it was very tasty.

His Australian Grain-Fed Sirloin

We all shared some yummy dessert too.

Pecan Pie!!!
I adore pecans and this pie was good!! Would have been perfect if the pecans had been fresher and crunchier. But I still loved it!!

Apple Pie

Nut Brittle (Cashew Nuts)
This was awesome and addictive!!! Wish I could MAKE them!!!

We also shared a Tennessee Coffee (coffee with Jack Daniel's whisky) after that. It was nice but dear didn't like it much and I found it quite strong towards the end.

All of us went back to Bangsar for a short while; where there was a momentary rush for the toilets, before going for a short drink and chat in Starbucks. We had a funny picture moment before we went where Charlson and Ben posed for me with tucked in shirts and buttoned up collars.

Such good boys!!!

After we came back from the drink, we were lounging around when another impromptu idea popped up and they (Aunty and the girls) decided to have a countdown to his actual birthday for him. And no joke, a real countdown, with a BANG and confetti and stuff. They gave me this confetti cannon and had me standing in one far corner ready to blast the cannon off when the countdown was done. It sprinkled confetti and paper ribbons all over him when I set it off. Haha!!

Here's the video which was shot by Jessica:

We spent some time cleaning up after the blast. The stuff was everywhere in his room and we all had to help clean up. Everywhere strewn with the cannon contents.We were laughing and giggling non stop the whole time and laughed even more watching the videos taken!! It was a really really fun night!!! And I was so glad I got to be a part of it!! Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

I still have to update on his actual birthday. Makes me smile to remember the fun we had.
Stay with me!!!

Friday, 12 November 2010

HTC Aria Review : Overall Summary

Small in size but big in functions, the HTC Aria is certainly a phone which one can be proud to own. Granted, it may be smaller than its predecessors (HTC HD, HTC HD 2 to mention a few), but it proves to us that good things come in small packages. Lets take a run through of the specifications shall we:-

  • Runs on Android OS, v2.1
  • TFT capacitive touchscreen, 256K colours
  • 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus, Geo-tagging, face detection
  • 3G data connectivity
  • WiFi (b/g)
  • GPS (aGPS)
  • Google Search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Google Talk, Picasa integration
  • HTC Sense UI
  • MicroSD card slot,supports up to 32 GBs (2GB card included)
I have written four reviews before this, covering what I have found out about the HTC Aria, from the basics right to the more detailed descriptions of its functions. You may read them by clicking on the links below.

1. HTC Aria Review : Unboxing
2. HTC Aria Review : Getting to Know You
3. HTC Aria Review : Delving Deeper
4. HTC Aria Review : Tell Me More

So now, this post will wrap up everything let you see the full picture about the HTC Aria.

The HTC Aria is certainly easy on the eyes. The sleek shape and the shiny black surface gives it a cool yet professional look at first glance. It feels good in the hands and not too heavy for a phone it's size. The yellow interior gives a pleasant surprise when you open up the external cover.

The HTC Aria's clear and colourful screen display certainly justifies it's 265k colours display specification. The layout is user-friendly and the touchscreen responds quite well.

Calling and Texting
Call quality is clear on the HTC Aria. Typing text on the phone is quite manageable compared to other touchscreen phones thanks to the intelligent predictive text input. Texts displayed in conversation mode are convenient and a nice change.

Apps are installed using through the Android Market are downloaded are installed straightforwardly and relatively simple. I had no problem getting any of the applications installed to work. Some apps require internet connection while some do not.

Internet Connectivity and Web Browsing
I like that the HTC Aria has a choice to either connect to the internet solely through WiFi or enable mobile browsing using the data plan. The browser in the phone loads quite fast and is similar to a computer browser.

The 5 megapixel camera takes quite nice pictures. The shutter speed is quite fast and captures pictures on the press of the button. The user may adjust camera settings such as ISO and white balance while using the camera too. Howver, the HTC Aria does not have a LED flashlight nor a secondary camera in front. So pictures must be taken in good lighting. Video recording is just passable.

The battery lasts quite long (9 hours according to my experience) under heavy usage. However, I would have expected an even longer lasting time under heavy usage as it is claimed that the HTC Aria's battery can last more than 15 days on standby. So it pulls up my expectation for it lasting under heavy usage.



  • Beautiful phone. Nice size and easy to hold.
  • Texting and calling can be done at ease.
  • Able to support GPS (PAPAGO) and does not lag.
  • Plenty of useful and interesting apps available in Android Market.
  • Able to share mobile network with PC when plugged in.
  • Battery life falls short of expectations.
  • Video recording not impressive.
  • Screen size feels a little small sometimes when using certain apps
  • Phone functions sometimes get laggy when WiFi is on.
Overall though, the pros make up for the cons. The HTC Aria is a phone which you can use with confidence, whether for communication, work or entertainment!! It rightly deserves it's place among the most coveted smartphones in the market today and is just waiting to show it's potential to more people who are looking for something new and fresh to impress them!!!

**This will be the last review that I write before I submit all my reviews to Nuffnang for the judging. Wish me luck!! Fingers crossed for the result and hopefully the HTC Aria will return to me. Thank you dear friends and family who have been very supportive. Thank you readers for your encouragement and interest!! Do continue dropping by!! And most of all, THANK YOU NUFFNANG AND DIGI for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I have enjoyed my time very much and this was a lovely experience. Thank you!!!

The HTC Aria Smartphone is currently retailed in Malaysia for RM1799. But DiGi has a GREAT OFFER for you! Just by signing up for the DG Smart Plan, you can get the HTC Aria Smartphone for as low as RM799! That's up to RM1000 saved for you if you get the HTC Aria Smartphone under the DiGi Smart Plan!! That's right, DiGi is your smarter choice!
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