Friday, 29 May 2009

Goodbye Patches... :(

My late grandmother's pet has gone to be with her....
My whole family is going to miss our Patches,the fat, furry cat who has been in the family for 10 years now.

10 years. That's 56 years old in human age.She was an old lady.
We've got used to her lounging around on the furniture or perched up at some high spot;her favourite was the staircase and the top of the kitchen cabinets,she would observe the family lazily from her vantage point and occasionally come down to rub herself against us for her share of affection. We (my cousins and I) used to pull her out of her favourite hiding places just to stroke her. And when my Por Por was alive,she used to sit in her easy chair with Patches rubbing against her feet and she'd absently stroke Patches with her toes. Now there will be no more scratching her on the back to make her purr.

The house is going to seem even emptier without our "Fei Mao" (fat cat).
Goodbye Patches...

That which is gold might not glitter

Watch this:-

Susan Boyle.
She's been making huge waves ever since her appearance in Britain's Got Talent.
You may have watched it and you may have not. But I was watching this with my dad on Youtube and I thought I'd just share it here.Couldn't embed it because YouTube had disabled the embedding. So press on the link above

One of the rare instances where I see Simon Cowell rendered speechless and smiling away at a singer and looking like he was genuinely impressed.

I'm rooting for her!!!
Even if she doesn't win,its a beginning of something great for her...and the world.

That just proves to us that appearances are deceiving.
So don't judge before you get to know a person. :)

Monday, 25 May 2009

Raindrops on my roof

Blessed rain has finally fallen.
About time...the heat has been unbearable.Image Hosted by

I went for Shalani's (belated) birthday celebration earlier. Once again Yin Yep was my driver because my Saga is still serving as the poor Kia's stand-in for my dad. I miss my car!!!!!!!

Lunch was at Aberdeen Cafe with Sunway Ipoh friends;the hilarious bunch. Man,I've missed them all. I wish I had my camera with me because the Fish 'n Chips I had was totally awesome!!! It came in a set with mushroom soup,iced lemon tea and watermelon dessert...all to be had for a mere RM11.80. Which makes such a nice change from the prices in PJ. *haha*

We finished off the lunch with a birthday cake for the birthday girl.The cake was made by Nancy Chong. For those outside of Ipoh, Nancy Chong is known for her icing on her cakes here. Her cakes are a favourite for birthdays and special occasions because her home-made icing is scrumptious. I normally don't take the icing on the cake because the ones in shops are those weird,light type which is liberally coloured and all oily,but Nancy Chong's icing is creamy and not too sweet,taken with the cake. Oh my goodness,why am I waxing lyrical over icing here...I MUST get her number and promote her to you guys. :)

Exam is next week and I can't WAIT for it to be over!!!!
Meanwhile I will just have to trudge on with my revision.

Chant the mantra with me all my sisters and brothers in ACCA:


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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Is America DEAF???!!!!!

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
I just watched the results on StarWorld and I CANNOT believe Kris Allen has surpassed Adam Lambert and won the 8th American title!!!!I mean..WHY LAH????!!!!!

Although I have not been watching American Idol faithfully I have remembered Adam Lambert from the audition itself and when I heard Kris Allen was against Adam Lambert in the finals I was like "Kris who???" Don't give me all the rubbish about Kris having more likability, marketability, looks-ability, cute-ability or whatever-bility. Adam has all that and more. I wonder if America was LISTENING to the final performance at all!!!

Hello???Its a SINGING competition,not a beauty pageant!!!You might have think after 8 seasons,8 years of so many talents fighting for their votes they would have at least gained some ear skills????

I'm anticipating a belated lament about this when Adam Lambert is all over the hit songs charts while Kris Allen is just "the 8th American Idol" and nothing more. Remember Chris Daughtry??? I'm sure you do... Remember Taylor Hicks??? Now I've got you...I bet you all remember Katherine McPhee and not him..right???

I've made my point.


And hello to you who have been faithfully checking my blog???
Sorry for a bombastic re-entrance.
The neglect was intentional because I was sure noone is interested in reading about my revision course which consisted of 10 hour classes everyday including weekends. I survived on Red Bull and sandwiches.

The only few highlights are of Pui San dragging me to the Sushi Zanmai Happy Hour twice in a week and on BOTH occasions we won their RM20 vouchers. So thank you to Sushi Zanmai for sponsoring us RM50 (we got an extra RM10 voucher for spending over RM100) on the times we've eaten there.

And O'Briens have openend in Sunway Pyramid. Thank you Louisa for treating me and letting me steal the shamrock off your coffee:-

I am curently back in Ipoh.
Its my STUDY break and its barely two more weeks to exam.
Recurring nightmare again. Oh, for an ACCA-free life.
I have more and more white hairs and a breakout again this sitting. Bah!!!

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