Saturday, 28 June 2008

I'm back!!!!!

I've finished my stint as a 'Vacation Trainee' (at least,that's what it says in my testimonial from the firm..) and I feel F-R-E-E!!!!!!At least;free until classes start for my new semester on Monday.Image Hosted by Anyway,I seem to be apologizing a lot recently for neglecting my social life (both physical and online). I now have developed a respect for people who can juggle work and maintain an active social life.Actually,I don't think this opinion is valid because I'm still under my parents' wings and I'm not encouraged to go out at night. THAT'S why I've been MIA while working. Heck,I don't even go out much on a normal basis..

Okok..I guess I better stop reminiscing on my going out pa
But it was hard to enjoy work when you KNOW that friends are having holidays at that very moment and they came back all the way from _______________(fill in the blank with the state or country) and you made the choice to stay in the office doing audit work.So yeah,I guess you get the picture.GUILTY.I hate it when my friends come back and I don't get to meet them.

I DID manage to squeeze time for movies after work hours.

Kung Fu Panda was so FUNNY!!!!Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThe characters were all really funny and very,very CUTE!!!(baby Tai Long and baby Tigress = ADORABLE) This film's pretty special because its an animated Kung Fu movie and you really have to appreciate the effort and detail put into the animation by the movie-maker.The characters move around a lot (not only talking) and there the settings are really nice.Good humour (cracks at Cantonese words e.g Chor Gam Prison and Master Oogway),silly (but not stupid) side details (like,why is Po the PANDA's dad.....a GOOSE??????) and a decent storyline.Suitable for all ages. (Ahahaha...I'm not writing a review here..just giving my opinion).

Next was Made of Honour.Watched it with Louisa (who was back for the holidays) and her Bangladeshi friend Afnand (not sure if this is the correct spelling). The movie is nice. Pretty funny plot and not too unrealistic. The couple in the movie is a matching pair (Michelle Monaghan and Patrick Dempsey) and were good eye candy.I only wish the Scottish dream-guy was more dream-guy material.Then it would really have been a great movie for me.Image Hosted by

I watched Wanted too.Total last-minute plan.Wouldn't even have gone if Sze Haw hadn't called me up and chirpily laid out the movie plans (Abel dragged her,so she dragged me,and I dragged Yin Yep...*haha*) while I was puzzling over what to do during my half-day off.Wanted is a total action-film.Car chasing scenes.Fighting scenes.Shooting,knife wielding,fist fighting...Lots of VIOLENCE (I don't like scenes where the guy gets pounded like minced meat and ends up with blood smeared everywhere!!!) and bullets piercing the forehead.Okay,I'll be was quite a good movie..exciting.Just not to my taste.


My weekends were spent out of Ipoh the last two weeks.
First weekend I accompanied SzeHaw on a day trip to submit her application to Monash.We went to 1Utama and Ikea after that for shopping spree!!!!Got 3 new tops.Didn't take many pictures.But I saw something in Ikea that got my attention:-

Designer lamps???

I don't know about you...but if I saw these lamps in someone's room,I'd immediately assume they're shopaholics.AHAHAHAH!!!!!My first thought when I saw these was "What are shopping bags doing in the Lights Zone???"
These are nice though.I'd like to string those lantern lights (the ones lying in a pile on the floor) around my room.They look so cute.

My second weekend away was to Kampar for the CGMC Youth Leaders' Retreat.A one night stay in Grand Kampar Hotel (its pretty's new and the facilities are in reasonable good state).My fourth uncle's family came up to Ipoh on the same weekend,unfortunately..and i had to miss the family dinner that night.But I got to eat breakfast with my cousins before i left for Kampar.My cousins missed Ipoh dim sum.So we headed to Ming Court where there was this huge debate going on in my car about the right direction towards the place (I seriously need to get to know my way around Old Town).Scene from the table before the food was attacked:

My favourite LO MAI KAI (steamed glutinuos chicken rice)


And when in Kampar,i had another huge meal.Had Kampar's famous chicken curry bun (a HUGE bun where u split and there's chicken curry in the middle).Didn't manage to take a picture before the meal.But just to give you and idea...

*The chicken curry bun is the thing that looks like a white paper bag with yellow stains.
All the bread torn away and consumed...*haha*

During our free time...a group of them got caught up with this game called "Killer Bunnies",a game which Tim brought back with him from US.I didn't join the game.Just sat at the side and watched them all play.Take it from me..the game is totally CONFUSING if you don't have someone who already knows how to play to guide you.And manuals aren't very useful when there are 7 confused players.Those who were watching (yours truly here) were giggling at the way they whipped out the manual each time a new card came up,and random shouts of "My bunny!!!you cannot kill!!!!!" and "I wanna buy more market la!!!!" and "Got flood..all die!!!!".I didn't get an inkling of what was happening but it was funny to watch the expressions.Salutes to whoever created "Killer Bunnies".I'm too lazy to type much...but here's a picture of Abel and Eugene dissecting the stingray they ordered for supper.It was 'cili padi' stingray and Abel went around feeding everyone a spoonful of the hot stuff.... =.="

A fun and relaxing trip.Just what i needed.


Random pictures ahead

I forgot to mention i met up with Pavithra and Adilah the week before exam.It was great to see them after 1 and a half years!!!We were so 'muhibah' in McDonalds that day.People were staring at us because we were the only ones under-40 and not in school uniform.*hahaha*
I love you guys!!!!

My bro gorging on satay.Snapped this the other night.Its seldom we get to indulge in satay because my mum says it has high carbon content.Once in a while doesn't hurt....


Sunday, 15 June 2008

Mei Theng's birthday bash (SPLASH!!!)

7 JUNE 2008
Mei Theng celebrated the beginning of her last year as a '-teen'.
I think she wasn't expecting a big celebration because her birthday fell on an exam week. So,a group of us made a plan to surprise her at home. With aid from her sister, Su Nyen; it was a rather successful surprise. (actually it was easy because we prepared everything by the poolside and Miss Mei theng was sleeeeeeping nicely upstairs). Mei Theng was a bit thrown off because she was not 'prepared' (the POINT of a surprise is....??? =.= ).She didn't seem very pleased with the lot of us.Caught her on camera..look:-
Haha...It was funny to see her taking in the fact that we were all there.
I think she couldn't decide whether to whack us or hug us.Image Hosted by
After the cake-cutting,we ate Mei Theng's favourite fried vermicelli from CHAN HENG (its a small shop near college and Mei Theng orders the SAME THING each time we go there : chao mei fun muoi choy/fried vermicelli,no vegetables.I swear she's addicted to it!!!!).We actually asked the boss to fry two BIG containers for her (should feed her addiction for about a week???). Truth be told,I don't love it as much as she does.

Eating all done,we did presents!!!!!!
Gerard the present presenter. (I don't know what effect he was hoping to produce with that cup... -___-" )
He approached Mei Theng and handed the present over like it was a bomb...

Which was why I think she took FOREVER to unwrap...
I think Mei Theng looks very sweet in this picture...
By now,you must have noticed the nice,blue swimming pool in the background of a few of the pictures above.For those who have been anticipating are one smart person and you are not going to be disappointed. The pool was definitely NOT just a nice background. All hell broke loose after the photo-taking session..

We assure you that no persons were hurt during the course of the following events. Any consequences of excessive laughter is the responsibility of the viewer.

Victim Number ONE!!!!!:-

The birthday girl...

Victim Number TWO:-
He thought his job was only to throw Mei Theng in... Boy,was he wrong...
We were NOT letting him off.
Problem was...he was kind of hard to detach from the railings....
But we managed in the end...
But Gerard was over-qualified for his job.....

Victim Number THREE:-
She was sitting and laughing.. It tweaked Gerard's sense of righteousness....

Victim Number FOUR:-

This plucky girl didn't go down without a fight!!!!
Kicking,screaming and pulling hair!!!!!


Victim Number FIVE:

Anna went in with a smile...

but the next one tried to talk his way out...

Victim Number SIX:
Is Abel's weight too much for Gerard??
He didn't let us find out...

Unfortunately,he was recaptured....
And sweet-talking didn't work:-

Mei Theng went in a second time....AFTER she changed into dry clothes...
The lesson for today is.....
Well,two smart ones who wore white:

(Actually,we left early before we were thrown in...)

GROUP PICTURES!!!!!Bavanee....forgive but don't forget...


More group pictures from Preyah's birthday celebration at her house on
15 May 2008.
Another 19-year-old in our midst.
Didn't get the pictures until now....

Someone was facing the wrong direction...

this post has taken me 3 days...
My fingers are tired....
Will update soon!!!!

Friday, 13 June 2008

A breather

I've been getting a lot of messages of this kind:-

"Joyce!!!What happened to you?!"
"Oi,aren't you on holiday already?"
"Hello??" "I thought your exam over???Why no reply??"
"JOOOYCCEEEEE are you OK??????????"

OK,let me explain to those of you whom I haven't conveyed the news to yet..No,I haven't been kidnapped,abducted by aliens,sold as a slave,hit with a horrible disease nor met with an accident. I have NOT been isolating myself due to depression after exams (though I did FEEL that way after the last paper *sobs*).

My dear friends who've been so kind to enquire about my silence and disappearance (physical and online),I've taken a job for the holidays.
Yes,yours truly has agreed to join Miss Stephanie here:-
on a little adventure (paid,of course) into the working world (accounting firm). In case you're rubbing your eyes and re-reading the purple sentence above..Here's proof:-

And if you're STILL blinking in's further proof of our week of toil:

A scene now familiar to the both of us since Tuesday (10/6/08)

I've really had no time to online properly and update.Sorry for the neglect!!!!
OK,enough said about Miss Joyce-the-lazy going to work...I got all the pictures I needed and I'm going to update about a very amusing birthday bash(or splash) I attended during exam week.But its going to take me some time so stay tuned until the next post....meanwhile,here's a sneak preview:-

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