Sunday, 23 August 2009

I miss my hammies...

I went to Aunty Mean Sum's house for cell meeting on Friday and I saw the new addition to her family!!!!:-

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usLittle baby hammies!!!!
They're still on mother's milk and one of them has just opened its eyes!!Aunty Mean is apparently terrified of them but she has to keep them because her daughter can't handle them in her place in Kampar and sent them back home to Klang. I can't imagine why anyone won't like hamsters though. They're so so cute!!! (And Louisa,they DON'T look like ugly rats!!!Rats have disgusting tails and a mean look!!!) They're irresistable when they're this tiny. Like mini little warm fluff-balls:-
Damn. I miss those days when I had a few cages connected to make a community for all the hamsters I had. I had Syrian,Dwarf and Roboski hamsters. I totally spoilt them rotten and overfed them. My hamsters were all fat,chubby and actually had personalities!! My brother and I used to name them after food. *chuckles* I always loved those fat chubby ones!!!Think Rhino the hamster from Bolt:-I started with 3 hamsters (given by my mum's colleague) and they just multiplied over time. So I have seen hamsters in all stages of their life; from birth until they are put to rest in my mother's flower pots. Yes, my brother and I buried our deceased hammies in the flower pots. Sometimes when my mum re-pots her plants she would actually find hamster skeletons. =.=
I don't have anymore now though.Image Hosted by
My hamsters all died away. They were either old or got sick. Really sad. I miss them so much!!!!Whenever I pass a pet shop I will definitely stop there if they have hamsters.I wish I could show you the pictures of my hamsters last time.


3 squeaked:

Calvyn said...

they are very tiny

JoYce said...

yea...they're very young. :)

ainee si ketua pari2 said...

alahai kesiannya..
i also got hamster but pity him dun have sex partner..died already..
better find 1 for him then can get a lot of hamster..

but the one in the picture look cute coz have dat kind of stripes on the back

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