Friday, 29 February 2008

Cable-less week...AGAIN!!

If you look in the January archives of my blog'll see one that goes !@#$$% Cable Thieves!!!
. History has repeated itself.

You've probably read in newspapers about people who steal the cables (those metal 'strings' that hang from post to post) and sell them to metal scrap companies because of the rising price of metal. It happened to me and my whole neighbour-hood.
Being cut off from the world (internet service) was NOT fun..Image Hosted by

I wish you luck on your next excursion because Zeus himself is going to smile on you and send one of his lightning bolts (and perhaps two or three or four...) to remind you of his presence. Don't forget it's rainy this week. Also,Demeter(Mother Earth) herself might trigger a friendly earthquake to say hello. Not very advisable to be balancing on a rusty,long ladder and holding active lines while the Greek Gods are smiling on you.


I didn't have a chance to finish my previous post and post it up before the lines got stolen. So I didn't intentionally rise from a week's absence to write a sort-of emo post.

Anyway,classes started this week. Its been pretty hectic and we all had our Pengajian Malaysia test. This is how I looked like during the different stages of the test:-

BEFORE:Image Hosted by
DURING:Image Hosted by
AFTER:Image Hosted by

I was SO prepared and sat there simply scribbling random stuff which I recall about the Japanese occupying Malaya and Malayan Union blackmailing the Malay Kings. History makes me go into 'I-don't-give-a-damn' mode.

Its already going to be the third month of the year. And my classmate, Shobana is going to leave us because her family is moving away. *sob sob* I've got to come up with a few ideas for a farewell party for her over the weekend...Any ideas??? I'm not the most exciting person when it comes to parties..*SIGH*

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Just something that flit through my chain of thoughts

We spend our lives working out who we are,finding a place to belong and striving to maintain or better our position.

Human Species = Homo sapiens
I always thought that those scientists who came up with that classification should delve further and come up with more branches from there. Ye
ah,yeah, I know...very cliche of me to bring up this topic. But don't tell me that you've never thought of it.

When I was younger,everyone was divided into two categories:
1. I like

2. I don't like

I wish it were still so simple.

When I was in school,there were so many cliques.Now,before you assume any point I'm making;not ALL cliques are bad.No..if not,I won't have any friends at all.You see,I was never in a clique.My friends;and by friends I mean people who are very close to me,are from different cliques or wandering nomad's of the clique world like me.No,I was never a social butterfly..flitting from one group to another.I was not,and still am not,comfortable in big groups.

Call me a social misfit. I was wary of joining cliques because I've had first-hand experience of cliques which were so fiercely territorial (putting it nicely;they thought they were superior) that they hurt the people and even hurt each other. Well,it is really thanks to them that I'm better at evaluating characters and gave me practice in sharpening my tongue (I didn't say I was made of sugar,spice and everything nice..). Believe me,there are times where I feel like a Martian.

But I don't lack friends.Like I mentioned before..not ALL cliques are bad. When I was still in secondary school,I almost never went out in groups bigger then 3 or 4. I couldn't,because I didn't want to push my friends together when they don't have much in common with each other;though they were all really great in their own way.Its OK though.Better small happy groups then a big group where you don't really know who you can trust.


I've been too idle this whole week.
If not,I won't be boring you with this weird post.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Week recap...

Haven't bothered to update daily this week because it has been

B.O.R.I.N.GImage Hosted by

I have no classes this week because it is Progress Test Week.I didn't go for my Tax test because I was unprepared (pathetic,I know..with my 2 weeks break..but I was too wired up about the results).The other two lecturers decided not to give us tests because they didn't trust us to come to college after results release...(I think)

So,I was basically very free except for two Pengajian Malaysia classes.Even then,I only attended one class because I got too caught up in a game of Texas Hold Em' Poker started by Joash (he actually has a case complete with cards and poker chips..Yes,you heard me right = POKER CHIPS) I lost more than I won and had to borrow chips from the winners aka 'Ah Longs'.I would make a lousy gambler.My flu has reached the point where mucus is clogging my respiratory system and the weather so blazing hot until my fingers (where my driving cardigan doesn't cover them) are sunburned (No,I'm not exaggerating).Image Hosted by

Other than a taste of poker and the sun,the only things that got me through the days were:-
1. Movies (watched Jumper and Vantage Point)
2. Heroes (finished watching Season 1 and Season 2)
3. Playstation 2 (conquered God of War 3 and WWE Smackdown!)

Notice how all the above has something to do with a square screen??I am SO studious...NOT.I also spent the time getting to know the new layout of JJ (N.B. 'lepak'),like today when Bavanee and I spent the morning there watching movie and sharing a huge ice-cream after it.See the picture here:-
During lunch,evil Bavanee spent over an hour talking non-stop on the phone (I regret introducing Happy to her) and left me with only Gordo (that's the grinning felllow up in the picture there..he's the new resident hanging from my mobile) for company.


Reality check for the coming week...
Pengajian Malaysia test (compulsory..OH NO!!!!) and classes starting.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Praise God..

I passed all five CAT papers which I sat for in December.

Image Hosted by

This is really God's work.
I honestly thought two papers were goners because of several factors: unreliable lecturers (or was it just me??),inconsistent studying,insufficient time to finish exam questions...

But I made it.

Did much better than expected.
No borderline passes.

I'm so GLAD!!!!Image Hosted by
This is yet another proof to me that prayer really works.


I did say I was in denial about the results.Well,I recruited Stephanie,Bavanee,Vinita and Yoke Wei to watch 'Jumper' with me to pass the time;since I thought the results weren't coming out until 4 p.m.I didn't want to sit in front of the computer screen with my fingers crossed and rocking back and forth.So,escape into the cinema theater.
The movie was OK,the guy is HOT but the whole movie was too short and not very exciting.It finished at about 1:30 p.m and we went to have lunch in McD.At least,Vinita and I bought burgers but the others had no appetite.

It was while we were sitting at the table when Stephanie received this phone call from Christina saying that results were out!!!The burger I was chewing became tasteless.My denial had been shaken away.All of us just scrambled up,headed for the cars and went back to college to check our results.


Now I'm wondering how I'm going to face the Tax test I have tomorrow since I haven't had the mood to pick up the books during the holidays. That's it.I MUST correct this procrastinating habit of mine.

By the way,I'm falling sick.I've got a deadly painful sore throat.Coughing and sneezing at intervals.Hope it will stay at that.Fever is the last thing I need...Now,where did I put my lozenges???

Sunday, 17 February 2008

For 10 bucks and a friend...

I continue from my mysterious previous post about what I did yesterday morning..(Its still mysterious if you haven't read Chrys's or Sze Haw's blog.). I have snitched these pictures from both their blogs.Now take a look at the compilation I did here:-
Yes,I know you must be wondering,"Didn't she write yesterday MORNING??" No,I haven't had more than my share of vodka. Well,yesterday's breakfast was Chrys's treat because it was going to be her last breakfast with us for months to come since she's returning to KL to start new sem in Monash U.Can be considered as farewell party too;as the picture above was labeled.

But of course,there was more to it than that meets the eye.We were there to help Chrys get RM10.For those of you who're in the dark,Nuffnag (advertising company) having this competition called "I sleep better with Chipster." Chrys wanted to enter to get a consol prize if RM10 and we(the supportive friends) supported her.Like the title suggested,you have to write this story complete with pictures to explain why you sleep better with 'Chipster' (a potato chip brand).

Chrys came up with this brilliant storyline about her partying,drinking booze on an empty stomach,getting stomach cramps and CHIPSTER SAVES THE DAY!!!And she actually persuaded us to go to her house,dress up,get into party mode and have a photo shoot to illustrate her story.(Darn!!I just realized that the breakfast was a bribe..just kidding) OK,I'm being sarcastic..but the credit really goes to Chrys for thinking of it and actually persuading us to go on with this fun but CRAZY plan.For the full story,go to Chrys's blog:

Honestly,it was really FUN.The whole photo shooting was done in the morning,so Chrys darkened her room and we blinged up(clothes,make up and even shoes),put all the props(vodka bottles and chips) in place and posed around(I think I didn't do more than smile...).I think she did a real convincing job..In the midst of all this girly administrations....was Abel.

Well,we didn't dress him up or make him up if that's what your imagination is screaming.He was the assigned photographer.I think he got a big IN-sight on 'What-Girls-Do-When-There-Are-No-Guys-Around" during the making of the "Party".Credits to him too for coming out of it alive.(Another sarcasm attack...I gotta stop this)

Spot the Thorn among the Roses..

To Chrys,
It was really an 'activity' to remember.Just make sure you belanja us if you happen to win that Nintendo Wii.Hahaha...

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Early rising..

Me,Sze Haw,Elaine and Abel were summoned by Chrys for breakfast. Notice how there's only ONE guy??This seems to have turned into a ritual for the breakfast gang to bring only one guy with us girls..hmm..Well,we met up at 9a.m (considered a late hour by the B Gang).Got grumbled at by Chrys because we(me,Sze Haw and Elaine) and were 'late' (we weren't OK..she was EARLY).

I think these little excursions are teaching SOME of us the importance of eating breakfast and waking up early.Image Hosted by
We're setting good example for healthy living.*hohoho*

But the REAL agenda this morning wasn't breakfast at all..Haha..I'm not going to elaborate further until I get the pictures which were taken this morning (no camera..what to do..).If I've pricked your curiosity,here's one of the few pictures I snapped with my mobile,so that you don't think I'm babbling nonsense.

What's your imagination telling you what we did this morning??*wink wink*I'll update again soon.Promise promise.Just pray that Sze Haw and Chrys will faster online and hand them pics to me.


Oh,by the way...MANGO is going to open in JJ Ipoh.Took this while looking around there during lunch hour with Elaine and Sze Haw. Not getting my hopes up...Ipoh stores always kind of disappoint me with their stock.

Friday, 15 February 2008

CAT/ACCA results

Many thanks to Joash for CONSTANTLY REMINDING ME about the results for December '07 sitting.You've just made my day.

Image Hosted by

I'm doing my best to stay in denial until the actual day so that I won't lose any sleep over it.*That's the way,uh-huh,uh-huh,I like it.Uh-huh,uh-huh..*

The results will be coming out on the 18th of February and those of you who want to receive the results by e-mail;you had better check at to make sure you have opted to receive results by e-mail.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

V Day

Text messaging Louisa at 1:30 a.m this morning..

Louisa,"Happy V day"
Me,"Oh..its feb 14... -.-""

Today's the day where florists,candy shops,jewelry stores,fine-dining outlets,cinemas and even telco companies rake in huge profits.Oh yes..the day to wallow in that four letter word:-
OK.Before I get stoned to death,I'm NOT anti-Valentine.No no no...not at all.I like the idea of a day to remind us of love for our special person.In fact,Valentine's Day IS for the celebration of romantic love.Go make use of your internet service and find out the history of Valentine's.So there's nothing wrong with celebrating Valentine's Day and making it special.

So,why did I start this post on such a sarcastic note;you must be thinking...
To be honest,I think Valentine's Day has more or less turned into a commercial cash-in day.Now,the commercial selling point is this:-
"Valentine" = girl swooning while guy presents her with a wonderful bouquet/box of chocolates/jewelry/soft toy (NB:gifts)
Its a sweet image;but I can't help wondering:the more money spent,the stronger the love??

I remember one year where there was a newspaper article that showed a guy posing with a bouquet of 10000/20000/30000/50000 roses that he was to present to his 'lucky' girlfriend on V Day (P.S the bouquet=VERY EXPENSIVE).

Initial thought:Wow,he must love her to be willing to spend so much for her.
Afterthought:What the hell is she going to do with a bouquet as big as her living room?

Sue me for being practical minded.I'm not saying that the guy doesn't love his girlfriend.It just seems to me he got caught up with the tide.The stories I like to hear are the ones with originality.If you've watched the movie or read the book,A Walk to Remember,you'll know what I mean.Good things doesn't ALWAYS have to come in big packages right??

Who am I to talk about love??These are my thoughts and this is my blog.
Let me end on a nice note with a Bible verse which speaks real truth about love.

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves."
-- 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

In short :-
Love is selfless...

Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Xian's leaving for Aussie today.
We are gonna miss Rosey...the thorn among the roses(somehow he's always the only guy with a bunch of girls...)He had his last breakfast with the Breakfast
Gang yesterday.The gang:-

Me(half cut off),Chrys,Rosey Xian and SzeHaw..

Elaine joined us yesterday;she nearly didn't make it because she switched off her mobile and didn't get my message the night before,but she joined us just as we were sitting down to 'apam' and 'tosai'.After breakfast,a gambling stint in my house(with playing cards and coins from my jar..nothing Las Vegas) and a room invasion at Sze Haw's.Then Xian and Chrys ditched us for ang pau harvesting (just was a house visitation).

From left:Rosey Xian,Chrys,SzeHaw,Elaine and Me.


Rosey,if you're reading this...
All the best with your studies there,have fun,don't fight with the kangaroos and take care.Just don't come back all un-Rosey like.
God Bless You....

Monday, 11 February 2008

Year of the RAT.

(I know its over..but the wish looks good on the page..hehe)

A new (Chinese) year..
My dad's zodiac this year,so you can guess how old he is.My zodiac is the snake by the way (random fact about me..). As promised,I will blog about my Chinese New Year. So,put your finger on that mouse and scroll down:-



My mum was in a cleaning frenzy,so I was running up and down the house with pails,brooms,rags,cleaning liquids and the vaccum cleaner.I was i
n the midst of wiping down my room window rails and taking down the curtains when my phone beeped.I flipped it open with my chlorine-wrinkled fingers.
*Text message from Sze Haw.Read now?* *teet*(Yes button):-

"Eh,ur house got eggs and milk??"
"Err,yes...y? -.-' "
(my cousin,Liane was back for the holidays) gonna make muffins la.U want to join?"

Ok..that was sudden.But I was SO glad of the opportunity to escape.*I LOVE MY
COUSINS!!!!*So I informed my dad(who likes baked goods) and he gave me the nod.I raided my kitchen for the ingredients,bundled everything into my two cousins' arms and the three of us headed to The Wong Baking Headquaters : Sze Haw's kitchen.

This wasn't the first time we baked muffins.But this time was special because it was our first attempt to decorate the muffins with homemade icing.Yes,you heard me rig
ht:HOME-MADE ICING. I shall not reveal the secret recipe(actually some others already know but just let me dramatize this...) but I'll show you photos of the past attempts and this attempt.Brace yourself for TEMPTATION....

And guess what... The hardest part WASN'T the baking,but the darn icing.We tried making our own icing syringe with food-storage plastic.It worked for like three minutes.First,we were happily squeezing patterns on our lovely fresh-from-the-oven muffins and next thing we knew,the plastic burst and icing was running down our fingers.There was a lot of frantic scooping,patching the hole with tape and licking away blobs that spilled on our fingers(we washed them immediately after,we're hygienic OK..) Liane and I also made some lychee jellies and out little "helper",Buddy (Liane's new dog) pranced around the kitchen like some extra furry ball.
Buddy,the total cutie!!!
Chinese New Year's Eve means we had a family dinner the same night.The dinner was held at Pakeeza.Yes,INDIAN food.Not the same,old,boring 8-course dinner in an overcrowded Chinese restaurant where they seat you next to the toilet,the food served in platters piled to rival the Great Wall of China and the waiters all act like they can't wait for you to finish your food and get going so that they can let in the next bunch of diners. We planned to bring our muffins and jellies for dessert,But everyone was full after the dinner so we had to save them for tomorrow instead,when everyone comes to our grandparents' house for the day.


Chor Yat..

Gathered in our grandparents,clasping hands and wishing everyone.Here's my stock of usual wishes:-
"Gong Hei Fatt Choy"
"San Tai Kin Hong"
"Pou Pou Gou Seng"
"Lin Lin Te Kum Leng"
"Sing Yat Te Hoi Sam"

I regret to say that I'm not very fluent in my mother tongue..We spent half the day there eating,drinking,playing cards(no gambling) and drinking(no alcohol).My family left for Klang to visit my mother's side of the family.I didn't take many pictures because I always end up as baby-sitter to my young cousins...but to give you a general idea:-

(if you're wondering about the plate with the hotdog,
its the result of PlayDough and entertaining my little cousin...)


The four days I spent there were basically for visiting my relatives.managed a trip to Megamall where I did manage to pick up a new book and the pair of black heels which I've been hankering after since last year.

Psst!!Tell me what you think about what I did to pictures using my new photo editor.

Thursday, 7 February 2008



People...I am too lazy to blog about CNY on a day-to-day basis.
Therefore I shall wait until the festivities are over before filling up the pages..


Now I shall fulfill the tag.

5 things found in my bag (my seldom-used handbag):
1 - Purse
2 - Headphones
3 - Contact lenses solution and case
4 – Water bottle (I'm a H2O-holic)
5 - Personal alarm (gift from Miss Thomas)

5 things found in my wallet
1 – Identification Card
2 – Driving License
3 - Money $$$$
4 – Old movie tickets (don't ask)
5 - Mobile phone (my purse doubles as a hp holder)

5 favourite things in my room
1 - My Notice Board full of memorable photos
2 - Cupboard full of storybooks
3 - My bed with comfy pillow,bolster and blanket
4 – My lil ' Devil!!!
5 – My nice desk

5 things I always wanted to do
1 – Wear 8-inch heels (stilettos)
2 – Bungee-jump from the Nigeria Falls (and other high HIGH places if I don't get too freaked out by the first attempt)
3 – Go on a trip around the world with the people I love
4 – Learn graphic-designing and gourmet cooking
5 – Drive a Lambourghini REALLY FAST!!!(or some expensive sports car)

5 things I'm currently into
1 - Techno music (I like the beat)
2 - SHOES!!!
3 – Bags (I SERIOUSLY need a decent one)
4 – Heroes (racing to finish Season 1)
5 – Threading (*hehehehe.... ;D*)

List out the top 5 presents you wish for
1 – New camera
2 – A complete new wardrobe
3 – Contact lenses
4 – A laptop

The person who tagged you is: Yoong (me cousin)

Your 5 impressions of him/her:
1 – I don't remember..
2 – I was 2 and she was like a few months old...
3– She's an anime FREAK
4 – She's addicted to WAX (private joke)
5 – I better not say anymore...

Most memorable things he/she has give/done to you:
Err...too many things are swirling in my mind right now...

If he/she becomes my lover, you will:
EWWWW!!!!!!!!That would NEVER happen!!!Image Hosted by

If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be:
I ate her comic books and anime collection...*just kidding*

Pass the quiz to 5 people that you wish to know how they feel about you
5 - YOU

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

A Day of Sorts...

Guess what is the first thing I saw on the table this morning??

NOT breakfast...

No prizes for guessing what I did the whole morning...

Another unexpected surprise...
I nearly had a cardiac arrest when I opened the phone....
Image Hosted by

Anyway,I was in desperate boredom...So I tried to amuse myself during lunch. I played with my dessert:-


(trying to be a pro photographer)

Spot the hidden Mickey???

Do you get the point????

Monday, 4 February 2008


Went to Xian's surprise(NOT) farewell party. According to Xian we all gave him many "hints" about his party (Hmph,I was one step ahead OK.I knew he would find out eventually and didn't bother hiding it from there!) I got a bit grouchy because
I was told it would start right after Youth;so I assumed it was 6 p.m. and told my parents I'd be back by 9p.m. (first time driving alone at night...they were worried). Well,my assumption was wrong. Ended up going first to Qi Vin's house to let him bath(and for Sze Haw to collect stuff) and kill time.

Got a bit confused finding Xian's house (my sense of direction is bad and I can get lost in Ipoh...I admit it) and no thanks to Qi Vin who was so HELPFUL when I was picking my way there. Didn't do much at the party;just sat around talking and stealing food from the plates (we were supposed to wait for all the food to arrive before starting but we were hungry). We left early and I found my way home without any incident (I'm so proud of me!!).


Met up with Louisa in JJ. I LOVE her new hairstyle!!!The original plan was to have brunch and chill;but ended up with a brief stop at Tesco (failed lava lamp hunt) and then headed to JJ.Lunched at Secret Recipe and halfway through,Louisa caught two of her friends walking by and got them to buy us tickets for Meet the Spartans.Spontaneous yes???
Everything seemed to be turning out to be a great outing,BUT,Louisa's phone got stolen. YES, S-T-O-L-E-N.This is what happened.After clearing the plates of blueberry cheesecake(me),black pepper chicken(me),Irish lamb stew(Louisa) and a chocolate milkshake(shared);we paid and left the table.

Two minutes later,Louisa went,"Damn!!I left my phone there!!" and we rushed back.The waiter was still clearing our table when we got back there. I won't go into details,but after complaining to the manager there,making the staff turn out their pockets and some noise at the counter with a couple of guards,the phone wasn't found and we had to make a police report at the Sg. Senam police station after watching the movie(couldn't waste the tickets).

So people:-


It wasn't a very good end to our day out. I hope the b*****d who stole her phone will get what he deserves.(We sent this threatening message to her phone saying the phone had GPS and stuff but he didn't buy it obviously) Still,it was great to see Louisa again.

Louisa fell in love with my lil' devil.
Don't ask..

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Filling holes...

There are some things I did over the week which I didn't highlight:-

MONDAY (28/1/08)
Went out with Sze Haw,Chrys and Xian(ROSE-y) for breakfast.

For more details,go check out Chrys' blog and Sze Haw's blog.

One of the best pictures I could find that included me.
Xian(in boxers),me(the CAREFUL driver) and Chrys


FRIDAY (1/2/08)

Went out with Esther Hoh to watch Sweeny Todd:The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.Bavanee and Stephanie got dragged along last minute. (oops) There were less than 10 people in the movie theater(including a couple who obviously thought they were alone there...).

Anyway,the movie was so SO SO SO horribly suspenseful and BLOODY!!!!Its a musical by the way..I expected dark,goth-y scenes since it's directed by Tim Burton(have you watched Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride??).
BUT,when you're sitting in a freezing cold cinema watching a depressed guy with eyeliner holding a sharp,glinting knife and singing away while fluttering the blade near people's throat...and you don't know whether he's gonna slit the throat or just shave the beard....
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIts plain seat gripping and your neck actually tingles.*EWWWWW!!!!!!*

I think its something different for a musical..the words to some of the songs were quite sarcastic (love it) but the movie robbed Esther's appetite for lunch.Not because of the blood...but because the victims in the movie get grinded into minced meat and made into pies.

A little bit of advice...don't watch that movie after eating meat.

Saturday, 2 February 2008


When a celebration is approaching..
I sometimes feel like picking up a remote-control and fast-forward until the actual event.
You see,I don't really enjoy the preparations.
I'm lazy.

My mum has been in the mood to decorate the house. I didn't have the heart to deny her (actually,I didn't have a choice...) so I've been obligingly helpful (I think). So far,I've helped her choke a few bamboo plants with mini decorations,hung up some little peach lights (only to discover they weren't working anymore,so had to take them down again),position some lanterns (not easy,I assure you),and gone hunting the malls for CNY plants.

She wants these curly bamboos to put in a tall vase

BUT the ones that were for sale in JJ were "too tall".Then,she nearly settled for the tiered bamboos that were in neat rows there:-
UNTIL I pointed out the nice arrangement camouflaged some of the already rotten branches.(I said it really loudly too..oops) I think the sales assistant was calling down curses on me.

A few days ago,she came back with my favourite CNY plant:

At first they all looked like this...dark-brown branches with dark-brown buds.Pretty boring looking.So I started peeling away the dark-brown skin...
I got a bit carried away peeling the skin.When I was done..the branches looked like it blossomed in 20 minutes!!!I've heard people saying that the buds on the branches look like small cats,that's why it's called pussy-willow.But it looked more like teeny white hamsters to me.Haha...
Some of the buds fell off when my mum was arranging them in the vase..I started picking them up to throw when my mum had this brilliant idea:-
'Lets glue those buds back on the branches with Uhu glue!!!No one will notice.'

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI didn't even THINK about it.Anyway I went along with it.And she was right.You won't know that those buds had fallen off at all....

Friday, 1 February 2008




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