Friday, 31 August 2007


I have broken my record of Internet abstinence!!I haven't been online for more than 3 weeks!!Well,let me explain my absence..I've been travelling back and forth to KL for the past two weeks.
The first weekend;I went with my cousin,Sze Haw and a friend, May Yan for a shopping trip!!I spent till i was broke.But it was totally fun.We stayed at my other cousin,Liane's house.
<---Lookie here!!
From left: Liane,Sze Haw,May Yan,me
We conquered 1 Utama,Sungei Wang,The Curve and Ikano in one weekend..woohooo!!!
Truly a shopping trip to remember.

We had a cuppa in Winter Warmers under the recommendation of Liane.

Winter Warmers is a totally amazing place.The place is like a traditional English breakfast room.VERYYY NICE!!
See the red cup on the left -->

Its the rose coffee i had.It tasted so good i was tempted to order another one!!!But my purse wouldn't allow it. SAD...

Well,all that counts is that we girls had a fantastic time.
Three cousins in the picture above.(I look horrible in the picture)
Sze Haw, May Yan and me took the bus back to Ipoh at the end of the trip and it wasn't a nice experience.The bus was creaky and halfway back,it started issuing banging noises and we were scared frozen. But we reached home safely.THANK GOD!!!
The following week happened to be the school holidays so I went with my family to Klang;where my mother's family stay.This time,My family,my aunt and my two cousins went on a shopping expedition in Lau Yat Plaza...or so we thought....
We ended up trailing my mum and my aunt while they went into every clothes shop there.There was a sale going on and the crowd was crazy.And my aunt lost her parking ticket in the toilet.To cut a long story short,my mum and my aunt went back with fabulous outfits while their not-so-into-fashion daughters went back with a book each.Typical of me and Yoong.But we found out that changing rooms have heavenly lighting!!Look at the picture below:-
That was taken in a changing room in Metrojaya. And shopping is good exercise because it makes you real hungry.Yoong and me captured our hungry looks too while waiting for our lunch in KFC.

OK OK..We were trying to look cool but i was seriously hungry when this picture was taken.

Mashed potatoes and coleslaw never tasted so good before.

Well,that explained my online absence.And believe it or not;I'm going to KL again the coming Monday.This time,for my mother's convocation in University Malaya.I'm having a classic 3-in-1 sickness now:fever,cough and flu.Hopefully I'll recover in time for the trip.

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Made from Caffeine and Cocoa

Coffee can cause cancer,
Chocolates are good for health...

That was what i frequently come across in health magazines and newspaper articles. The reason I'm so interested in these two statements is because...

and i give credit to Mummy and Daddy dearest for introducing me to the wonderful world of caffeine beverage and smooth cocoa indulgence....

My parents are both coffee lovers and my dad loves chocolates.
And i inherited the best of both genes of good taste.haha..

Fuelling my taste buds..I live in the town of White Coffee..IPOH!!You can get totally great tasting white coffee in an of the coffee shops here.Only the other day,i went for breakfast with my cousin,Sze Haw,my aunt and uncle..i ordered iced white coffee.And the TALLEST cup of white coffee appeared at our table:-

Somehow,white coffee is always foamy at the top like 'teh tarik'.

I like mine iced with less sugar..
Still,I don't get to drink this everyday because its more pricey then an average cup of coffee.
And,I need to control my coffee dependency...
Thank goodness for instant 3-in-1 coffee...

Long live Nescafe and Chek Hup!!

Coffee always goes very well with chocolate..

Mind you,I'm not talking about mocha..Ever tried sitting comfortably on the sofa on rainy day with a hot cup of coffee and a box of chocolates from the fridge??Its complete heaven...

Not just any old box of chocolates though...
Good quality chocolates.My personal favourite is the Guylian dark chocolates and the truffle filled ones...
Sadly,nice chocolates are really expensive here.

But every cloud has a silver lining!! And the silver lining for chocolate supplies is Langkawi!!Everything there is tax free!!And you can get chocolates which aren't sold in the rest of the Peninsular...I went to Langkawi with my Mummy in April;we stopped at a small island called Pulau Tuba.It was pretty remote but very beautiful.Let me show you some pictures:-

Back to the chocolates.Each time one of my family goes to Langkawi,we stock up the fridge.And it'll last for months!!!Let me show you our latest loot from Langkawi:-
<----Whoever created liquor-filled chocolates are total geniuses!!!

They burstin your mouth and flood your tongue with rich,warm liquor..silky and totally DELICIOUS!!!

My other favourites are these below:-

Ferrero Rochers!!!!!----->

They have different layers and its so nice to slowly strip away each creamy part..


Chocolates with macadamia nuts are irresistible!!

<---This bar here was bought by my Mummy...Can't wait to open it!!!

There are many more chocolates which I've tried,LOVE and can't wait to taste again.However,these indulgences must be restricted because my weight is escalating,my waistline is expanding..
I got to watch the sugar intake...

To my defense though..since coffee causes cancer and chocolates are good for health...aren't I balancing the health pros and cons by consuming both??


Oh well,if ever I have a sudden craving for caffeine and cocoa,
there's always my trusty M&Ms and Nescafe 3-in-1 to fall back to...

We all need some comfort food once in a while...

It would be cruel to neglect my sweet tooth......

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Love as it is supposed to be...

From the very beginning, the girl's family objected strongly on her dating the guy; saying that the girl and the guy were from two different worlds and incompatible. They looked down on the guy's poor background and told the girl she would never have a good future with the guy. Due to family's pressure, the couple quarreled very often. Though the girl love the guy deeply, she often asked him: 'How deep is your love for me?' The guy was not good with words. This often caused the girl to be very upset. With that and the family's pressure, the girl often vented her anger on him. He endured it in silence for he too,loved the girl very deeply and understood her sacrifices to be with him.
After a couple of years, the guy finally graduated and decided to further his studies overseas. Before leaving, he proposed to the girl: 'I'm not very good with words. But all I know is that I love you. If you would allow me, I will take care of you for the rest of my life. As for your family,I'll try my best to convince them. Will you marry me?' The girl agreed, and with the guy's determination,the family finally gave in and gave the couple their blessings. Before the guy left, they got engaged.The girl went out to the working world, where as the guy headed overseas,continuing his studies. They sent their love through emails and phone calls. Though was hard, both never thought of giving up. They looked forward to the day when they would be reunited.

One day, while the girl was on her way to work,she was knocked down by a car that lost control. When she woke up, she saw her parents beside her bed. The intense pain she felt told her that she was badly injured. Seeing her mum cry, she wanted to say something comfort her. But all that came out of her mouth when she opened it was just a sigh.She had lost her voice......

The doctor said that the impact on her brain had damaged her voice box and caused her lost of speech. The girl broke into heart-wrenching sobs. During her long stay in the hospital, she spent her time crying silently and refusing visitors,even her boyfriend;who had rushed back upon hearing the news. Her spirit was crushed. The days ahead seemed dark and silent to her....

When she was discharged and sent home, her family tried to make things as normal and easy for her as they could. Her attempts to continue life like nothing had happened were punctuated with the constant ringing of her hand phone.The guy was frantically trying to reach her. She had shut him out ever since her accident. She did not want him to see her in her voiceless condition. Her parents tried to convince her to see the guy but she turned a deaf ear to their advice. She wrote a letter to him saying that she did not wish to wait any longer and sent their engagement ring with the letter. The guy had eventually had to return to his studies overseas but he wrote many e-mails and letters to her,begging the girl to see him at least once. The girl never read any of the mail. She would only look at the unopened envelopes and sob silently while deleting the mail.

Her parents had a talk with the guy. The mail stopped. The girl's family moved to another state,hoping to give the girl a fresh start with a new environment. The girl learned sign language and started a new life,happy with her new surroundings. Her tranquil life was only upset once a year,on her birthday;when she would receive a birthday card from the guy. She never talked about the guy and her family never brought up the topic;fearing it would have a bad effect on her mental state.


5 years passed without further incident. One day, an old friend came with an envelope. It contained an invitation to the guy's wedding. The girl was shattered. She stared at the white envelope in her hand like it was an invitation to a close friend's funeral. Trying to appear composed before her friend,she open the envelope seal. Her hands were shaking as she opened the beautifully decorated card inside. Her eyes grew wide.

"What is this??!!" she thought.

In ornate,swirling gold letters, her name was written as the bride next to the guy's. Before she could locate a pen and paper to ask her friend what was going on, the doorbell rang again. In a very dazed state,she hurried to open the door. What she saw made her sway on the spot and clutch the door for support.

There at the entrance stood the guy. He stood there smiling the smile she knew so well and had missed all those years. Her friend helped her back onto a seat and the guy came in. The girl was thoroughly confused. She could only stare at him. The guy was looking at her very tenderly.

Slowly, he lifted his hands and used sign language;telling her, 'I took sign language as an extra subject and managed to finish my studies. Just to let you know that I've not forgotten our promise; I have worked hard and now i can provide you with the good future i promised you years ago. I Love You.' Reaching into his pocket,he pulled out the ring she had sent back. The girl was clutching him;to feel his nearness and still trying to get the realness of what was happening. Slipping the ring on her finger, he whispered in her ears,'Let me be your voice....'

Too overwhelmed,she loosened her hands only to sign,
before enfolding him in a tight hug, laughing and crying over love;lost and found again......


We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.

*adopted from a story found on the friendster bulletin board

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Pray For Them....

Last night,a friend sent a sms to me asking me to pray for the 23 South Korean missionaries who are being held hostage by a Taliban group in Afghanistan to demand the release of Taliban prisoners.
The hostages are being killed one by one.

Today's newspaper reported that another one of the hostages has been killed.The deceased; Shim Sung-Min, is the second person to be shot to death by the Taliban group.
There are 21 more people still in the clutches of the Taliban group. I cannot imagine the horror they are going through;facing the possibility of being gunned to death any second. Perhaps some of them are praying for death as a quick end to the horrors.

I symphatise with the families and friends of the 23 South Koreans. The missionary group went to Afghanistan for humanitarian work. Their intentions were good but all they got in return was a nightmare which doesn't seem to be ending soon.

What shocks me most is that these man-for-man exchanges is still happening in the 21st century. Innocent people are being robbed of their very lives!! Violence instead of persuasion is being used as negotiation. This is barbaric,cruel and inhumane.

I pray for the safe return of the remaining hostages and I hope that God will continue to protect them and give them courage to face whatever comes.

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