Thursday, 20 January 2011

FOOD FOOD FOOD in Bangkok Malls!!

Bangkok has absolutely fabulous malls!!!
Although KL does have nice malls, I think the malls in Bangkok can give ours a run for the money. HUGE malls. I adore walking in nice malls; not only to shop (note: student allowance) but to enjoy the beautiful sights in there. It somewhat therapeutic for me to walk past nice displays of nice clothes, bags, etc..

Well, one nice thing about the malls there are the food courts. Food there are reasonably priced and satisfyingly good. I also tried the various snacks around the mall which I don't see in Malaysia. So food picture parade coming on:-

First mall I stepped food into was Central World. I liked the interior and the general atmosphere of the mall. If I had to compare it to a Malaysian mall, I'd say it's kind of like The Gardens but bigger and nicer. LOL. We ate at the food court where I had the best Slushie I ever had:-

Coke Slushie
It's made from actual Coke and that tall glass was only RM2 if I remember correctly. It was a promotion and we liked it so much that we ordered more.Image Hosted by It really was like nicely frozen Coke. Ben and I got very excited and our heads were swiveling left and right looking at all the food shops in Central World. I swear, everywhere we looked; we saw something that we wanted to try!!! And try we did!!

Spiral Potatoes
It's a whole potato which they cut nicely into one whole long spiral and you eat it from the stick.
They come in flavours and you can choose your flavour upon ordering

Me with our Sour Cream and Onion Potato!!!
It actually just tastes like potato chips. It's the novelty of eating a potato that way which made us buy it. Pretty ingenious way of making money yes?? I mean, I paid RM5 for that!! Can almost buy a can of Pringles!!

Ice Monster
Apparently this will be making its appearance in Malaysia soon. I wasn't much impressed with it because it's just shaved ice with syrup and toppings. I would rather pay for a sundae. But I guess some people would like the toppings.

Green Tea Ice Cream
I chose the flavour and it wasn't as great as I expected.

We also tried the Coffee Beans of Thailand. Not the franchise Coffee Bean but Coffee Beans by Dao. Apparently Thai people would go to Coffee Beans over Coffee Bean any day.
I must say they did have quite a nice variety of drinks and cakes to offer. A nice change from what we're used to at home. That's what I love about travelling, you get to try new stuff!!!

My After Eight Chocolate Drink

Came with caramel instead of sugar to pour into the coffee.



Jessica's Oreo Cheesecake
The drinks in Coffee Beans were between 90 to 100baht (about RM10) but the cakes were slightly pricey for me, going up to 120baht (about RM12).

Siam Paragon was another nice mall which I was impressed with albeit it being a very very high end mall (think Starhill Gallery but bigger!!) and I didn't get to do any shopping there.

Strawberry Drink from a random cafe:

Ooh ooh ooh...I MUST absolutely show you all what I had from the McDonald's there!!

Pineapple Pie!!


It was so yummy!!!!

And they had McCafe there and we had their drinks.

I didn't get to do as much shopping as I thought I would. But I did pick up a lot of t-shirts and trinkets in Platinum; another mall which we went to which is kind of like Sungei Wang. I honestly think that Malaysian blogshop owners and those little stalls that sell t-shirts get their stock from there because I seriously saw a lot of things there which are sold in Malaysia for almost double the price. I also got Giordano jeans from Central World at a steal. Aside from that, I didn't get my shopping high. We did pretty good though. This is all our shopping combined together:-
Can open shop yes??
(90% of this is Jessica's!!!)

I wish we could have all the malls in Bangkok in Malaysia too. Ahhh!!! Envious of the variety they have there!!! I must faster save/earn lots of $$$$ then go places to shop!! ONE DAY!!! Certified shopaholic I am.

Before I end this post, let me show you the picture of the ONLY tom yam and pineapple fried rice I had in Thailand that trip:-
Yes I'm serious. It's kinda hard to find tom yam and pineapple fried rice in Bangkok and those two up there were from the Siam Paragon's food court; an they costed a bomb. Wasn't very nice either. Beef noodles and kuay chap are more commonly found in Bangkok. I guess Haadyai is the place to get the fiery authentic Thai tom yam. I remember that from my previous trips there. Somebody please bring me there!!!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Temples in Bangkok

More pictures from Bangkok. Yes, I am making sloooow progress in my updates. Pray my blogging spirit will return to me in full force. For now, it's small spurts at a time.

While I was there with Ben and his family, we spent a large part of a day visiting temples. Buddhism being the national religion of Thailand, there are many temples there which are part of the tourists attractions. The temples are amazingly well maintained and it was interesting for me to look around in the temples. I'm not a Buddhist; so it was interesting to see the inside of the temples.

Bangkok traffic is absolutely crazy! I'm serious; the traffic there will make the peak hour traffic in KL look tame. But putting that aside, I think the taxi service there is excellent. They use Toyota cars as taxis (and our taxis are...??) and the fare rate is very reasonable. And their taxi meters are NOT tampered with. Me = totally taking a pun on our taxi drivers!!!
We took taxis to the first temple and then the 'tuk-tuk'-s next.

First stop : Wat Pho Temple.
Beautiful structure and nice greenery in the grounds.

Inside the temple:

The temple's focus point : Reclining Buddha
There were a lot of clinking sounds when we went in and we wondered where it came from. The sounds were from the coins people were dropping into the little pots lining the length of the temple. You pay the counter for a handful of coins, and you drop one coin into each pot. If you have exactly the amount of coins to fill each pot with one, luck will come to you.

The other temples we visited were beautifully decorated as well. Honestly, I'm impressed at the amount they spend on the maintenance and beautifying of their temples.

I guess every government would allocate generously for the places of worship of the nation's main religion. Makes me really want to go to Rome and see the cathedrals there. Image Hosted by
Still more pictures from Bangkok uploading as I'm finishing this off. More updates on the way. Don't give up on me!!!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

My Bangkok Trip : Jatujak Through My Lenses

Thank you, thank you for not yet giving up on the person well on the way to abandoning this blog. Been too busy and lazy to blog. But I have the mood (and internet connection) to blog. So let me tell you about my recent trip to Bangkok.

I was in Bangkok from the 18th to the 23rd of December. That was my first time going out of Malaysia in years. I actually had to make a new passport for this trip. I went there with Ben's family. It was a kind of last minute trip since Aunty asked me during my exam whether I'd like to join them; so with my parents' approval, the plane tickets were bought and before I knew it, I was on the plane to Bangkok.

We stayed at the Asia Hotel which was quite nice and convenient since it had a stop near the Bangkok Train Line. I shared a room with the girls.

The hotel beds

We had breakfast at the hotel. It was buffet style at this was what I had every morning while I was there. It was okay but got rather tired of it after the second day.

On the first day, we all woke up very early and went to the Jatujak Market, which is the World's Largest Weekend Market. Seriously, it was HUGE. It is practically a whole village divided into cubicles and cubicles selling all sorts of things. We travelled using the Train I mentioned earlier. It's something like he Malaysian LRT but much much cleaner and more efficient. The whole time I was there, we never had to wait more than 5 minutes for the train to arrive.

Waiting for the train

The parking space near Jatujak

We walked and walked and walked till my legs were quite sore. And we didn't even cover a quarter of the Jatujak. It was full of interesting sights and sounds and smells. I saw more things than my camera could capture; in fact I was very busy trying to see everything that I didn't pause much to snap pictures. But I did take some pictures. Let me show them:-

The rows and rows of stalls with the crowds

Ben and I bought a lot of drinks along the way because walking under the sun (even though not hot because it was windy) was thirsty work. All of us had a Thai coconut each:-

Then we found this interesting coffee place where we had a very nice iced mocha:

Their customers leave them stickies with messages on them!!

One of the funny messages stuck there:-

We had beef noodles for lunch that day. The stall where we ate was a tiny little space where both sides are lined with single stools facing a plank table. I liked how they decorated the place though. See:-

The just strung up some photos on the wall. Pretty.

I noticed that most food stalls in Bangkok have these side bowls with sugar, chilli flakes and chilli for you to add to your food according to taste:

My yummy beef noodles!!

Jatujak is actually divided into several sections according to the things they sell. We didn't get to see most of it but I could definitely see a distinction between the sections as we walked along. See here is the plants section where all sorts of things for your garden can be found.

These are fruit trees with labels of what fruit the trees will bear:

And quite a lot of this cute decorative plants being sold everywhere:
Cute yes??

The food and beverages stalls were everywhere though. Very convenient and we just couldn't resist picking up refreshments along the way.

Ben and my Bubble Milk Tea
Wasn't very nice but served its cooling purpose

One of the funniest snack stalls which I saw. I was giggling while looking at their offerings:

Chocolate coated bananas!!
If you click to see the full size I think you'll raise your eyebrows too. Hehe.

Jessica found an iced dessert section and went totally wild:

There was one area where a lot of ang moh-s were sitting around and drinking. And yea, it was like before 10 a.m. at that time. The atmosphere there was nice though.

The art section in Jatujak was interesting too. I absolutely love carvings and the some of the ones on display there were so intricately done and just exquisite. I wish I had such talent!!!

But ultimately, it was the foods that caught my eye the most. Haha!! It is a market after all. And food is one common factor shared by all mankind. Don't you just love seeing how different are the things other people eat??

This was some kind of fruit and they painstakingly put them on tiny little plates to sell:

That was their version of char siew.

And see this:-
They actually fried the quail eggs one by one and put them on fried rice like that! I was tempted to try but it looked like it had been sitting there quite long so I didn't.

I did see a lot more than the pictures I took. How I wish I can somehow printscreen the pictures of the things I saw from my mind to show you all!! Don't worry though, those aren;t the only pictures I took. More are uploading as I end this; so stay with me!!!!

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