Monday, 29 June 2009

Shogun Japanese Buffet!!!

This is an overdue post.
But I MUST tell you about the buffet I went to the previous Friday with my family.
We planned a weekend in Klang because my parents were going to send my back to the hostel to get ready for the new sem. So my dad suggested we all go to Shogun in 1 Utama for lunch.Image Hosted by

Yay!!!!!It has been so long since we all ate a nice Japanese buffet,so we went there all geared up to attack the food. By the way, Shogun is also having promotion so it is very worth it to eat.

Pictures pictures pictures of nice FOOD!!!!Image Hosted by

Dad's favourite oysters....

They were so fresh and juicy....

Plates of Tako (baby octopus)

My bro's favourite:-
Mummy's favourite Unagi (eel)

and seaweed..

MY favourite:-Sashimi and tempura...
LOTS and LOTS of them!!!!!!
All smiles...we were in the Land of abundant favourite food...Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

Cheese baked oysters and scallops...
Shark fin soup and chilli crab...They were from the Thai and Western food corner but we didn't make many trips there...

You can totally see how pleased my brother looks:-
Because he can eat all he wants without having to leave some for anybody...!!!!

Dessert...There's something fascinating about dragon fruit to me.. *Hehe*
Chocolate chip peppermint ice-cream is the best!!!!
Konyaku Jellies...............................................

Dad says, " I cannot eat anymore!!!White flag!!!!"

So we wash it down with a cup of tea....
(Bloated to the max)


Who wants to come with me next round????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Image Hosted by

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Transformers and contact lenses.

Before I got chucked back to Subang, I spent the day with my friends.
I went for a movie with my Sunway Ipoh friends and Miss Doctor-in-making; Charis, who is back from Moscow, for a movie. We watched Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen.
I quite enjoyed it. Only towards the last part, I felt it was so draggy...partly because I was desperate to go to the bathroom but I didn't want to miss any part of it.
Bladder was screaming for release...Image Hosted by

Anyhow,you must be wondering how contact lenses come into the picture.
Well,that morning I was putting on my contact preparation to go out. I got the left eye one in but when I popped in the right eye contact,I felt this unfamiliar pain across my eye when I blinked. I took it out and saw that the contact was torn. Yes, like there's a tear across it and I could pull it apart into two pieces. Oh wow,bummer...that was my last pair and I'd just opened them. Time to visit the optician.Image Hosted by

So after the movie and lunch, I went to England Optical with Charis and asked the sales guy there about contact lenses promotion. The guy there was like trying to promote like ultra comfortable,high tech contact lenses when I deflated him with this sentence:

"I only wear my contact lenses for vanity purposes, nothing else. So I'm only after the cheeeeeeaaaapest.Image Hosted by"

That put an end to all his promoting and he left me to a junior staff who started taking out all the different brands. Poor girl..I didn't know at first she was a junior staff and I kept questioning her about the contact lenses until she had to run back and forth to ask her senior. Made her do eye scans and stuff because I wasn't sure if I should continue using the same power I was using.In the end I settled for a 6 months supply at Rm110 and paid. While waiting for her to pack up my purchase, Charis was asking me this and that about whether she should buy contact lenses or not. am I supposed to accurately describe.

For the heck of it, I turned to the girl (who was rummaging about for something) and waved at her, causing her to abandon the drawer and hurry over looking puzzled

Me,"Miss, do you give trial contact lenses to people??My friend here wants to try contact lenses. She's never worn them before."
Girl," Ohhh...err...wait ah. I go ask."
Me, (to Charis) "I just spent RM110 here if she cannot even give me a trial pair. . . "

Happily, no such trial to my customers' rights came and Chris got a free pair of trial contact lenses plus a free storing case. We calculated and Charis was so happy because her 'free' trial is worth like RM10 at least. We spent like the rest of the day talking bout contact lense care but I think she STILL has not open it.

*shakes my head*

Anyone wants to come with me on my next contacts purchase to get a shot at a free pair too???


Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Rose coloured no more

Have you ever experienced the feeling that your eyes have suddenly cleared and you see a person's character altogether too clearly???

I've taken off my rose-coloured glasses.
You can run the show yourself.
I'll just watch and learn.

I was not born yesterday you know...

Image Hosted by

Thursday, 18 June 2009

I watched HANNAH MONTANA the Movie!!!

Okay...I sound like some crazed up fan. (I have these urges to be lame nowadays..Oops)
No no no...don't make assumptions first please.

If I had a choice of the latest movies to watch, Hannah Montana would have been among the bottom. Why??? Because I expected this movie to be all cheesy and I did not relish paying 6 bucks to watch Miley Cyrus over-acting as I have seen in the few Hannah Montana TV episodes. Gave me the shivers. Sorry,not a Miley Cyrus fan here.

But was not bad.
Now you must be wondering why I even watched it. It was due to lack of choice. You see. Stephanie texted me asking me asking me if I wanted to watch Hannah Montana and at first I thought she sent the message to the wrong person. But it turned out she wanted a girls day out with us on her off day and Hannah Montana is the only movie all of us had not watched yet. (Again...I lament TGV Ipoh's limited offerings.Image Hosted by

You know what made this movie work???
The fact that it was not ALL about her (Miley/Hannah). I love the fact that the director did not shove the main character in your face throughout the whole movie. Yes,most scenes had Miley Cyrus in it but her face didn't fill up the WHOLE screen until you can practically count her freckles. Nope, there were nice backgrounds,beautiful settings. And they featured other stars in the show like Taylor Swift and Tyra Banks, which I think was a smart move. And we also have good chemistry from the love interest of the main character....
Go watch it if you want a feel good movie to relax with.
Quite nice in all..
Good job Disney. :D

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Taiping Trip

I went on a trip to Taiping with my Mummy today.
My mum is a lecturer and she sometimes goes on trips to observe her students at their work. So,this was one of them and she brought me along.Image Hosted by

We started the journey at 9 in the morning and reached Taiping in an hour or so.
Do you notice anything funny about this welcome sign???My mum was asking me why I want to snap the picture of the JAIL of all places..and when I told her,"Don't you find it rather funny they put welcome sign on top of a jail entrance????", she laughed until she nearly didn't notice the traffic lights had turned green for her to go.Image Hosted by


Anyway, the student my mum went all this way to observe teaches in a kindergarten. Apparently its a project by the Barisan Nasional to provide early education for the younger kids below primary school age??? I won't go into details because I'm not sure of it..but I found the place interesting. And as I sat there watching those kids, flashes of my own kindergarten days just came back. Remember those workbooks with boxes where we would practice our ABC 123 writing in them??? Remember how we would singing songs together and always starting the class by chanting "Good morning teacher." together with our class??? I feel kids nowadays are in some ways so lucky because their learning activities seem more fun.

Anyway,the little kids in that place were kind of staring at me; or rather my top, because I was wearing this yellow top with bright coloured birds on it which my mum bought for me in Hong Kong.Image Hosted by

No,I'm being serious. They did stare.


After the observation we decided to go and look for food...but ended up making an impromptu visit to the Perak Museum.Uhm...I was rather disappointed because we toured the whole place in 5 minutes.
I think they're currently undergoing construction and shut off part of the building, but still...I wish they could have had more interesting displays. The inside was filled with bones and preserved nature specimens....

If I am not mistaken this is a fruit bat....
And all sorts of huge lizards...

this is a snake's skeleton:-
Check out the full length guys,and imagine it curling at your feet....

There were displays outside too...but the sun was soooo blazing.
Notice the similiarity????
Image Hosted by

I think our Ipoh Museum has more to offer than Taiping's one. (YES, I've been there before okay. A few years ago. And it was pretty interesting. ) After the quick tour we went and grabbed lunch and bought some souvenirs to bring home. No,not keepsake souvenirs...edible onesImage Hosted by

Conclusion: Enjoyed myself. Quite a good trip.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

I've Made it BIG!!!!!

Look look!!I've made a name for myself in the fashion industry!!!!!
My Gallery!!!!!


Oh sod it...I was just kidding.Image Hosted by
Forgive my lameness. That's actually a photo my mum took on her trip to Hong Kong.
Yea, my mum went on a holiday with her friends. A four day three nights holiday trip to Hong Kong, Macau and Lamma Islands. I'm so jealous I couldn't follow (thanks to the exam period). *sigh*. I'm so bored now so I thought I'd just show some of the pictures my mum snapped:-

From her window seat in the plane....
The streets sights...

And in mum went into the casinos for sight see-ing. The casinos there are very very lavish. Here's the biggest casino in Macau; The Venetian:
And the painting on the ceiling inside:

And my mum got to play basketball with Yao Ming:-Nah...kidding again. She visited the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Hong Kong.
That was just a wax figure...hehe...
And apparently this is Picasso...the famous painter:Image Hosted by There's actually tons more pictures but I don't want to go all deep in because it's not my trip to talk about. I just felt like sharing something interesting here.
Hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I did.

I wish I could have taken those photos myself though!!!

One day...
one day....
Image Hosted by

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