Friday, 29 April 2011

Fast & Furious 5 with P14G @ TGV KLCC

Two nights in a row, I was part of the night traffic in the heart of KL. The first time I had to use a GPS because I had no idea where the PanGlobal was. If you're wondering what I was doing there, click here to read about the World Bloggers and Social Media Summit 2011 Soft Launch in the Luna Bar.

The second night I decided to be brave and go without a GPS because the venue was in KLCC. The challenge would be to get lost with all the signboards pointing towards KLCC.Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI got there with no hiccups or random detours!!Image Hosted by Was so proud of me!! Snapped this picture while waiting for the traffic light.

The Twin Towers in Twilight. I never realised how mesmerizing the towers be up close.
Louisa, who was in the car with me was laughing and jokingly saying that I'm being tourist-y.Image Hosted by But we didn't build this just for tourists to take pictures right?? Anyway I wasn't in KLCC just to test my (still inferior) knowledge of the KL roads. I got the invitation to the premier screening of Fast 5 from G+ organised by P14G and the venue was in TGV KLCC. Louisa was my plus-one since I had two tickets.

I'd thought I was late but I was one of the first at the counter. The person holding the tickets wasn't there yet though, so while I was waiting, a photographer came and told me to pose for a photo for the P1 FB page. Wahhh...I felt so self conscious because I was pretty disheveled. Noone told me we were going to be photographed.

The little slip they gave me after I was photographed.
I don't wanna see myself! So not going to tag, sorry P1!!!

Finally got my tickets after that!!

Louisa and I bought popcorn and drinks to share, not realising that popcorn and drinks were provided inside the theater. =.= Ahhh....never mind, ours was fresh, warm caramel-y popcorn.

There were questionnaires before the movie started. I have no luck with winning those kind of things so my heart didn't twinge so much watching the cameras, speakers and phones being given away as prizes to those who were picked to answer. Perhaps I should invest in a red wig to get more noticed when I lift my hands up for these questionnaire. (despo-mode)

Fast and Furious 5

It was a GREAT movie!! I'd expected to be filled with heavily modified, beautiful cars with expensive engines, purring on scene, with slutty sexy,barely dressed women draped all over them and the owners, flaunting their fantastic assets. Surprisingly, there was only about one scene with the fantastic assets display. Yea yea I know I'm so cynical. Fast 5 totally broke my stereotyping of 'car' movies.

The plot seemed typical, jail convict (Vin Diesel) escapes with help of friends and is hunted down by a special agent (Dwyane Johnson) and while staying on run, he decides to rob a mafia boss to buy his freedom. He can't do it alone, so he recruits a team of highly skilled people who somehow have no qualms about helping a criminal on top of the Wanted list. Oh ya...and cars come into the picture everywhere. However, it was anything but a typical car movie! It was action packed with loads of shooting and explosions and destruction of vehicles and whatever happens to be in the way. The cast did an admirable job potraying their characters. I loved the Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel battle of wills!!! Although I don't understand why Dwayne Johnson was always perspiring and dripping with sweat in almost all his scenes when everyone else looks cool and unruffled.The movie covered practically every emotion known to humanity with liberal sprinklings of humour throughout the movie. It's really interesting how this movie has you rooting for the bad guys. I enjoyed it. It was gripping, exciting, clever and funny all at the same time. Go watch it!! You won't regret it. Take it from me!

Here's the trailer for the movie for those who want it.

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