Friday, 28 May 2010

Nuffnang Screening : Prince of Persia (Snack & Screen with Mr Potato)

Yes, I got tickets to watch Price of Persia : The Sands of Time.

Since we had no classes on that day, Ben and I came up with a little project of our own : to cook lunch together. I kept it simple; Spaghetti Bolognese. So we got minced beef from Jusco (other stuff already bought earlier) and set about working in the kitchen. Ben was my sous chef and chopped mushrooms.Image Hosted by Honestly, it was super hot and tiring because my hostel kitchen is SUPER STUFFY in the afternoons. End product :-
Was good, even though I say so myself. Hehe.
(Ben lets do this again!! You chop ONIONS next time alright???Image Hosted by

The screening was in Cathay Cineplex in e@Curve as usual. So naturally, dinner had to be somewhere in The Curve. Since Ben and I both had got tickets, Afnan and Louisa were our guests again. Louisa needed to study for her Maths paper the next day and told us she'd make her own way to The Curve; so Ben picked only Afnan up and we joined Adrian and Zheng Si in Italiannies for dinner. I was still super full from lunch (we overdid the cooking and there was too much) so I suggested that Ben and I share a starter instead of ordering a full meal each. So here was our Quattro Platter:-
My opinion of Italiannies has been sinking lower and lower with each visit and this visit went the same way. Is it me or is the food in Italiannies dipping in quality?? Horrible. Everything seems to be greasy and carelessly prepared. I can't even make the Platter look good in my pictures. The other pictures I took of the food turned out terrible also except for Adrian's appetiser :-
Luckily this one turned out okay, else I really kik sei since I can't even post up nice pictures from the unsatisfactory visit. We went to collect our tickets after dinner and found a long line even though it was only 8 p.m. and the ticket booth opened only at 8:30 p.m. We got our tickets after some waiting :- This time, our tickets came with four cans of Mister Potato's new Rice Crisps since this was meant to be a 'Snack & Screen Session'. We only got 3 out of the four new flavours though :-
Sour cream missing!!! I love sour cream. :(

Anyway, onward to the movie. Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time.
I'm usually quite cynical when I watch movies based on books or video games. Yes, in case you did not know, Prince of Persia is actually a video game. I did play it on PS2 because my brother had the game. Anyway, focusing on the movie and not the game (Oops), I really enjoyed it. There were a lot of action scenes and dry humour in there, which came at the right timing.
My personal favourite character in the movie was Alfred Molina as the scheming ostrich racer, Sheikh Amar who is all about gold, more gold and evading tax. He had so many funny lines in there it had me chuckling away whenever he appeared on the screen. Jake Gyllenhaal did a good job as Prince Dastan; the orphaned boy from the streets of Persia who was adopted by the King. I really like how they incorporated some of the video game's signature moves into the movie; like the climbing and running on spikes in the wall and the high back flips and so on, without it seeming overly dramatic slow-motion. Nice.
Gemma Arterton played Tamina in the movie. I didn't particularly liked her character in the movie because it was rather bitchy, sneaky and basically not very nice. Not what I'd expect from a Guardian of a pure/ holy city in the movie. But I guess it all added spice to the movie. I guess many people liked her in this outfit :-
Haha!!! Couldn't resist. :P

Anyway, THANK YOU NUFFNANG and MR POTATO for a great movie session!!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Bubble Tea from CZC @ Mentari Court

Before I go to the topic relevant to my title, let me self-syok a little by showing some of my 'achievements' in Innit, Nuffnang. Three of my previous posts made it to the Innit Daily Top Ten in the last week. Was pleasing to see my posts up there in the lists; though my nangs were incomparable to the top posts. Print-screens for my readers :-

At one point, two of them were up there together in the Top 10.
To read them, click on the links below :-
2. Nuffnang Screening : The Descent 2
3. PJ Laugh Fest & Dinner @ Brussels, Jaya One

Thank you to my readers for your support and Nuffies, for your nangs!! ;)


Onward to relevant content, Kar Ning brought me out with her the other day to get BUBBLE TEA!!! Yay-ness!! FINALLY, we got our bubble teas after endless craving postings in Facebook and making each other drool. We went to CZC Bubble Tea in Mentari Court for our craving fulfillment. It's my first time time here after hearing so much about this place from my friends. After scrutinising their extensive list (actually, according to Kar Ning, "You just tell them what and however you want your drink, they'll throw it together in your cup!!") I ended up ordering their Special Chocolate Oreo with Caramel Pudding while Kar Ning had her usual Lemon Blend with no salt. One sad thing was they'd run out of bubble jellies so they offered us another type of jelly which was pretty nice :-
They actually burst in your mouth and has syrup in them!!!Nice!!

My Chocolate Oreo with Caramel Pudding

Kar Ning's Lemon Blend

Can you see my caramel pudding and her jellies
settling nicely at the bottoms of the cups??
The both of us were giggling like kids when we were walking to the car and holding our drinks. Even when Kar Ning took a wrong turn on the road, we didn't miss a beat and quickly changed dinner venue to IKEA instead of The Gardens as first planned. We were in totally good mood. Thanks to these two :-

Everyone should drink bubble tea. It will make the world a happier place. Hehe!!Image Hosted by

Monday, 24 May 2010

Coussie Catch-Up Time

Yoong and I had time the other day so we met up for lunch/quality coussie time. I figured its best I meet up with her before going back to Ipoh for exams because I'd be away for over a month. At first she'd suggested to go to BBQ Plaza but I was not in a mood to cook my own food so I suggested Sushi Zanmai since it would be around the same price plus with a nicer ambiance anyway. I love going to Zanmai during weekdays and non-peak hours. It was really peaceful and relaxing and the both of us sat there long after we finished our food; talking and drinking ocha until we felt sloshy. Haha!! Pictures of the afternoon:-

Yoong with her 'photographer face' on

I love taking pictures of sushi as much as I love eating them.
It's somehow just so satisfying. Image Hosted by

We also had ice-cream in McD. I had a hot temper moment with the guy at the ice-cream booth because when we went up to the counter, he turned his back to us and went, "Tutuplah..pergi situ." and pointed at the main counter. But when we walked to the main counter and looked back like 5 seconds later, he was serving ice-cream to another customer. WHAT THE HELL??Image Hosted by He was totally lucky a new counter opened at the moment we went there and I didn't have to wait in line, else I would have gone up to him and ask him what is his problem. Another thing that cooled me was that the girl who made my sundae gave me a LOT of chocolate sauce with my sundae. See:-

Chocolate Sundae
with a LOT of chocolate sauce..
I didn't pay an extra RM1 for the sauce. Seriously.

It was really good cousin bonding time with Yoong.Image Hosted by I also had dinner with PuiSan in Gasoline Cafe. My first time there (yes, I've never been there before) and it was interesting. Nice decor concept but I got rather sleepy because the lighting was so dim.

But the food was pretty terrible. I ordered the black pepper butter chicken rice :-
The rice was too hard (not enough water when boiling rice : FAIL) and I don't know what to make of the chicken. I think I'll stick the Medan(The Rock Cafe)'s Butter Chicken. Same price and waaayyyy nicer. Pui San's fried rice with wrapped something something was even worst :
You see those round fried stuff in the picture?? We almost broke our teeth biting into them. We tried to cut it into half to see what was inside and we had to spear it with a fork, WEDGE the spoon into it and POUND POUND POUND it on the plate until it finally broke apart and we saw something red. Pui San threw the rest away.

When I complaint about it to others, I got feedbacks that the DRINKS in Gasoline Cafe were good but not the food. Alright. Fine. To be fair, I'll go back there another time to DRINK before I put this place into my "No-no" list. What do you think??

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Lots of work, lots of people and lots of FOOD.

I know I sound like I've been having a lot of fun in my previous posts; which I did, but revision courses in Sunway are no joke. Imagine sitting in a classroom the whole day from 8 a.m. to about 6p.m. doing case studies after case studies. Nice to hang out with my VIPs after classes to relax.

Anyway, Sunway University College was honoured by the visit of Deloitte's Country Managing Partner, Mr Tan Theng Hooi the previous Thursday. We ACCA students got to meet a Big Four Partner. My first time meeting an actual partner, and not just any partner; a partner of one of the four biggest international accounting and consulting firm. We were given valuable insight on how Deloitte works as a corporation, the different areas of service the employees specialise in, their after-work activities, events and so forth; presented in the form of their corporate videos and a slideshow. I found everything very interesting. There was a Q&A session with Mr Tan Theng Hooi and one of his delegates, En, Nazir Najib:

Mr Tan Theng Hooi

En. Nazir Najib
(current PM's son and former student in SUC)

Insightful. And I actually exited the hall NOT feeling like my future is doomed and confined to an office compartment where I'll be overwhelmed with a pile of work and being depressed over OT. Accountants do have fun after all. :)

Speaking about fun, I've a load of random pictures of various people (and food) who have helped me de-stress over the course of the week :-

Us at Shrek 3D(sorry I messed up the tickets!!)

I tried the McDonald's Double Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. Super super HUGE. My goodness. I couldn't eat my fries after it.

Had dinner in one of the rows of cafes lining the roads SS15, The Pl@ce Cafe. The price there was quite alright (ranges from RM6 onwards) so we gave it a try:

My Japanese Curry Rice

Iced Coffee

Ben's Japanese Miso Rice

and Butter Kaya Toast

Abel and I missed W31 Sports outing (sorry guys...we were genuinely exhausted after long class hours) but fortunately made it for dinner with them, which was a joint CG dinner (W51 was also there!!) and Angelica plus Samuel's birthday celebration. It was in The Street Cafe in SS15. Random picture of my Hazelnut Coffee (I gotta watch the caffeine intake) :-
you pour it from the top and let it drip drip drip...

Group picture!!!

And my parents came down for the weekend to visit my relatives in Klang. They came and took me out to dinner the other day and my Mummy spoiled her only daughter at the Body Shop sale in Sunway Pyramid. There was this HUGE HUGE sale going on and there were people filling baskets full of stuff like they were free. One girl actually bought 15 bottles of the same lotion. WTH?? (plus the lotion she chose was smelly justmypersonalopinionahem) OOii...!!! That girl wasn't me okay. My mum got me body lotion and perfume besides other stuff for herself.

I am so loving this!!!!
Thank you Mummy!!!!!
Image Hosted by

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