Thursday, 25 February 2010

Food from the Sea (and Land)

How come time can sometimes seem to be on fast forward and then suddenly on play-by-play where everything seems so s.l.o.w. . . . ?? I think I am emo-ing. Urgh.

Yours truly has been having some bowel issues the past few days (advice : stay off yogurt drinks ) and had been a frequent visitor of the bathroom at odd hours. Fun. Not. Anyway, nothing much to blog about college since I'm pretty sure noone is interested to read my detailed description of my lecture topics and the half grim, half euphoric mood that has settled over the ACCA students of Sunway since results day.

So, in order not to bore you and to entertain myself, I am making this ANOTHER food post. Oh yes, for all you people who live to eat, you are totally my type of people. My aunt brought my family to this seafood restaurant in Klang (Chee Leong area if I am not mistaken) last week and I thought I just had to recommend them. Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIt was my third time there and it seems to be packed full each time we're there, no matter weekdays, weekends or holidays. Fortunately, we got a table and our orders were quickly written down by the lady boss. Okay, though it IS a seafood restaurant, we only ordered one seafood dish for the night; Ham Dan Hai (Salted Egg Crab), which is their highlight dish:-

I don't really like salted egg but somehow when its cooked like this with seafood, I can get addicted!! High cholesterol much!!!

Yummy crab meat..

Other than the crab we also had...

Gu Lou Yok (Sweet and Sour Stir Fried Pork)

Marmite Pork Ribs
The pork ribs were surprisingly good and didn't really taste like Marmite. Pretty interesting dish that one.

Herbal Kampung Chicken

Hmm..I think there were other dishes but I didn't take the pictures. Too busy eating. But anyway, One last picture from that night. The remnants of my portion of crab:-
Actually there was more, but didn't look pretty. :P


I guess after a year plus, I have developed a sort of feeling of normality towards staying away from home. I no longer feel that terrible homesickness; don't get me wrong, I do miss home and my family and friends in Ipoh, but I don't get that heart-wrenching, stinging feeling of wanting to go home anymore. I do miss those college days in Ipoh but I never regret coming to Subang. Sigh-ness. Talk about wanting the best of both worlds.

I am missing someone. You know who you are.Image Hosted by

Let me end with something random. Louisa's colleague (now fired and become her ex-colleague) came back from Germany (I think I got the facts right) and gave her some German chocolates; and Louisa shared them with me. Some wafer thingy and Kinder Beuno sweets??

Oh oh, and she gave me another keychain!!!:-
A mini little windmill.
But now I don't want to hang it because I have a feeling it will break. Will just put it on my desk and admire for time being. Image Hosted by

Monday, 22 February 2010


This was me at 1:16 p.m. yesterday, 22nd February 2010 :-

Image Hosted by

I was waiting in front of my laptop and alternately refreshing the ACCAGlobal website and my Hotmail account to see if I had received my results for the December 2009 ACCA Examination Session. As soon as the link popped up for me to check my results I quickly keyed in my !D and password. I got in the first try. So my results are:-
As I had sort of anticipated. So I am okay with it. Just feeling rather knotted up since I STILL have to face P2 Corporate Reporting. Sigh-ness. But anyway, this has become somewhat a routine for us ACCA students.

Congratulations to those who have managed to clear their papers. I am happy for you. And also special congratulations to my friends who have cleared their last papers and will be graduating!! :)

To those who were disappointed with theirs, I'm sorry and I understand how it feels (I've been there) but this is not the end. We'll try harder together. Keep your chin up!!! :)

Now, to prepare for June 2010 battle session.

Charming no??

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Men of Steel

I had a candle-light dinner the other day.
But unfortunately, it was not the typical candle-light dinner scene at a table of two which you're probably constructing with your imagination at the moment. This one was a totally different one all together due the sudden power outage in my grandma's house while we were all just about to have dinner.Image Hosted by

Anyway, to escape the unbearable heat we all set out for AEON Bukit Tinggi to kill time while waiting for TNB to sort out the power outage. And it was whilst I was there, I got to watch this rather interesting performance by a group of men. Normally when I pass by stages set up in the middle of the mall with a gaping crowd, I will look for about 5 seconds and continue walking. But this one got my interest a bit because they were doing something pretty dangerous : bending hard objects with their necks alone. I saw a similar performance in China some years back. I was holding my own neck when I was watching the one in China; so I decided to share the neck prickling with you guys and took some pictures:-

They had thick poles of bamboo with them and they were balancing it between them with their necks:-

1, 2 , 3...


They actually held that position for almost a minute.

And you would have thought they'd be tired after bending the hard bamboo. But noooo, one of them took out a STEEL pole next:-

Asking the crowd to confirm that it was 100% steel:-



I think most of the crowd were holding their necks while watching. I was busy snapping snapping pictures (Sorry for the inconsistent quality since I had to pick out the clearer ones and adjust the lighting in some cases) and I heard a woman remarking, "Lucky we do something safer for a living!!". Amen to that.Image Hosted by


Oh ya, random picture to end this post.

My aunt and Mum made me snap this Valntine's decor in the mall because it is so similar to the ones in Cafe World during V Week. Haha!!! My apologies if you don't speak Cafe World!!!Image Hosted by

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Perak ----> Selangor

Time for another update.
I am back to being a Selangor-ian.
Once again..Bye bye Ipoh. Again. All too soon.Image Hosted by
I am updating from my Yee Ma's house in Klang.

Normally, my family will travel down to Klang on the second or third day of CNY to visit my extended family on the maternal side. But this year; my parents stayed back in Ipoh a little longer to allow my bro and I to catch up with our friends in Ipoh.

Image Hosted by And I am happy to report that I managed to do just that.
Despite it being a super last minute plan (I had to resort to Facebook!!The horror!!); by happy coincidences, I managed to meet up with Stephanie, Sasi, Shobs and Shalz (All the S-es) !!!And even Mei Theng, the Always-Missing One!!! Even Abel randomly appeared for a drink. Had some quality time with them and it felt so good to be able to be silly with them even though I so seldom see them now.Image Hosted by

But how come we didn't take a customary group picture ah???


My CNY mood didn't wane even though I had to leave Ipoh because I was looking forward to the family dinner which awaited us in Klang. The dinner was supposed to be in my late Por-Por's house but we had to change the venue since her neighbour (a 70 year old lady) passed away and the family was setting up funeral arrangements right on the street.

So we had to move the whole plan to my Yee-Ma's place.
Once I reached there, I was entreated to help myself to her huge assortment of cookies :-
I think I am easily affected by the weather because I couldn't even bring myself to feel excited about my favourite pineapple tarts. I just felt all hot and lethargic because of the terrible heat wave and ended up hiding in Yoong's room where the air-conditioning was on. I was on the road to a nice nap...

But all nap plans were put on hold when my Yee appeared with her 3 hyper kids; Benjamin, Rachel and Daniel. Rachel had a new mobile (yes, she's 6 and she has a Hello Kitty mobile) and she was busy demonstrating its functions to me while little Daniel climbed all over me trying to see too. I ended up playing about six or seven round of 'Pick-Up-Sticks' with Rachel after she released me from the sofa (where she was doing the mobile demo) and I managed to win about 3 rounds. Haha!!! I love playing such games like these with my younger cousins. It brings me back in touch with my own childhood games. Remember how we used to be caught up with fads and there'd be batu seremban (five stone) craze one season and 'Happy Families' next, and so on??Image Hosted by

Oh ya, let me show you Daniel's new toy companion:-

I don't know about you but I always found Teletubbies creepy.Image Hosted by

Well, the atmosphere in my Yee Ma's house was very very busy and cheerful, with all the chatting, cooking, laughing and kid noises. I do love family gatherings. And family dinners.Image Hosted by

Lethargic-ness attack is back. I shall end this post with my second Yee Sang for this CNY.
Family =

Monday, 15 February 2010

There, they go again...

Only the second day of CNY 2010 and I am feeling bereft.
(Choy!! one passed away if okay; you're thinking that)
The Aussie students are all packing their bags and boarding their flights back Down Under and this round; another person is added to their number. Someone very dear to me:-
*Sigh*..she left so fast and I am kind of feeling guilty because I feel like I didn't spend as much time with her as I should have before she left; being in Subang while she in Ipoh.

Fast forward skip emo part

I do feel happy for her though, since Miss Sze Haw is going to further her studies in Melbourne and also will experience a new life.Image Hosted by And also, she will have friends who will be there for her in Aussie (since there're SOOO many Ipoh people there you can start a community). Anyway, while she was putting the finishing touches to her luggage, Chrys, Lainey and Michelle came with me to crash her room and spend some time together. And I FINAALLY have a recent picture of all of us:-

My girls..

(Chrys!!!Faster upload yours for me to curi!!!)

Me and Chrys

Me and Lainey being the ANG ones in RED.

Me and Michelle
Sze Haw and I

And Chrys and Lainey are also going back soon. One to Melbourne and the other to Tasmania. See what I mean about the Ipoh community in Aussie??? Never mind...MICHELLE!!I still have you!!!!


So I went along in my uncle's car to send SzeHaw off. Last minute decision and I grabbed the opportunity. We set out for KL nice and early in the morning (her flight was at 5:35 p.m.) and went to 1Utama for lunch in Dragon-i. Actually, it was my cousin bro, Shyang's, birthday :-

Food pics...

And after eating, sat in drowsy silence all the way to KLIA...
As usual there was a lot of waiting around the airport and we waited around while SzeHaw checked in and sorted out her luggage.

And all too soon it was time for her to board...

Goodbyes and well wishes later...and she was soon out of sight.
I am going to miss you so much.
But take care and have fun over there, k???Image Hosted by

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