Friday, 29 April 2011

Fast & Furious 5 with P14G @ TGV KLCC

Two nights in a row, I was part of the night traffic in the heart of KL. The first time I had to use a GPS because I had no idea where the PanGlobal was. If you're wondering what I was doing there, click here to read about the World Bloggers and Social Media Summit 2011 Soft Launch in the Luna Bar.

The second night I decided to be brave and go without a GPS because the venue was in KLCC. The challenge would be to get lost with all the signboards pointing towards KLCC.Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI got there with no hiccups or random detours!!Image Hosted by Was so proud of me!! Snapped this picture while waiting for the traffic light.

The Twin Towers in Twilight. I never realised how mesmerizing the towers be up close.
Louisa, who was in the car with me was laughing and jokingly saying that I'm being tourist-y.Image Hosted by But we didn't build this just for tourists to take pictures right?? Anyway I wasn't in KLCC just to test my (still inferior) knowledge of the KL roads. I got the invitation to the premier screening of Fast 5 from G+ organised by P14G and the venue was in TGV KLCC. Louisa was my plus-one since I had two tickets.

I'd thought I was late but I was one of the first at the counter. The person holding the tickets wasn't there yet though, so while I was waiting, a photographer came and told me to pose for a photo for the P1 FB page. Wahhh...I felt so self conscious because I was pretty disheveled. Noone told me we were going to be photographed.

The little slip they gave me after I was photographed.
I don't wanna see myself! So not going to tag, sorry P1!!!

Finally got my tickets after that!!

Louisa and I bought popcorn and drinks to share, not realising that popcorn and drinks were provided inside the theater. =.= Ahhh....never mind, ours was fresh, warm caramel-y popcorn.

There were questionnaires before the movie started. I have no luck with winning those kind of things so my heart didn't twinge so much watching the cameras, speakers and phones being given away as prizes to those who were picked to answer. Perhaps I should invest in a red wig to get more noticed when I lift my hands up for these questionnaire. (despo-mode)

Fast and Furious 5

It was a GREAT movie!! I'd expected to be filled with heavily modified, beautiful cars with expensive engines, purring on scene, with slutty sexy,barely dressed women draped all over them and the owners, flaunting their fantastic assets. Surprisingly, there was only about one scene with the fantastic assets display. Yea yea I know I'm so cynical. Fast 5 totally broke my stereotyping of 'car' movies.

The plot seemed typical, jail convict (Vin Diesel) escapes with help of friends and is hunted down by a special agent (Dwyane Johnson) and while staying on run, he decides to rob a mafia boss to buy his freedom. He can't do it alone, so he recruits a team of highly skilled people who somehow have no qualms about helping a criminal on top of the Wanted list. Oh ya...and cars come into the picture everywhere. However, it was anything but a typical car movie! It was action packed with loads of shooting and explosions and destruction of vehicles and whatever happens to be in the way. The cast did an admirable job potraying their characters. I loved the Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel battle of wills!!! Although I don't understand why Dwayne Johnson was always perspiring and dripping with sweat in almost all his scenes when everyone else looks cool and unruffled.The movie covered practically every emotion known to humanity with liberal sprinklings of humour throughout the movie. It's really interesting how this movie has you rooting for the bad guys. I enjoyed it. It was gripping, exciting, clever and funny all at the same time. Go watch it!! You won't regret it. Take it from me!

Here's the trailer for the movie for those who want it.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

World Bloggers and Social Media Summit 2011 Soft Launch @ Luna Bar, Menara PanGlobal

It's been a while since I attended a bloggers event alone under Nuffnang. So when I got the invite to the soft launch of the World Bloggers and Social Media Summit 2011 under Glitterati+, I thought,"Why not?" and just confirmed my attendance. It was held in the beautiful Luna Bar, Menara PanGlobal.It was my first time driving out to the city on my own and GOD BLESS the inventors of the GPS. I would have never made it there without Aunty's Garmin!! I was about 20 minutes late for the event due to the insane after-work traffic. I arrived in a rush and nearly tripped in my heels rushing up. They had the event displayed on the screens around the hotel:-I checked in with Nuffie Thara and got my wristband at the entrance, and was ushered into the bar area alone. I couldn't spot any other Nuffnangers so I decided to just mingle with whoever made eye contact with me. It worked quite well because it led to me meeting some very interesting people from different companies. And I even bumped into someone I knew. It is indeed a small world! I won't mention names because I'm unsure of their privacy preferences but thank you all for your excellent company that night. You know who you are!

The bar area
Now, about the launch. I guess it is rather a significant media event as there were some local celebrities (i.e. Amber Chia and Deborah Henry) there with plenty of representatives from several organisations. I was at a disadvantaged position from where I stood though and couldn't follow what was going on at the main front. The emcee couldn't even make himself heard above the noise in the bar. I TRIED to get what was going on, but a tall girl in heels standing in my place could only see this:-
After the music died down and the confetti landed on the floor, the emcee initiated a game called where people had to be a walking FaceBook wall and collect 'like' stickers to win. It was quite amusing as they had to wear something like a giant cardboard collar around their neck.
By that time, I'd headed to the lounge area with my new acquaintances where the famous pool is. Yes, a pool in an open area where you can lounge on the comfy sofas and enjoy the beautiful night view of the KL around you. I won't show you any of the night view pictures I took because they don't do the view any justice (it is times like this I think I should get a semi-DSLR!!).

The lounge/pool area..

There was a yummy spread for us. They had a chocolate fondue!!

Oh, by the way, you can see the tips of the KL Twin Towers from the pool area.
It was quite a nice atmosphere to sit and chat with friends. I can imagine a perfect pool party with drinks, good food and lively company. Ahhh...and I should mention that I didn't take any alcoholic beverages even though there was a free flow as I was to drive home. I had some trouble locating my parking space due to my absent-mindedness but managed to find the car after 30 minutes of scurrying up and down in my heels. Now I have blisters the size of 50 and 20 cents on my feet. Aside from that, I had a wonderful night.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Chocolate Eggs??

Happy Easter everyone!!!

I hope everyone had a good Easter, whether you are celebrate it or not. I was in church just this morning for Easter Service. It was refreshing to be reminded again of the significance of Easter. :) City Harvest didn't have their usual elaborate drama production this year, but the numbers were as many and the church packed to the brim. Wonderful.

For those who don't really understand Easter, its to remember the day that Jesus rose again from the dead. He was crucified, nailed on the cross and left there to die (that was Good Friday), was laid to rest in a tomb but 3 days later, he rose again (Easter). I've been told we (Christians) are sick to celebrate someone's death. To clarify, we're not celebrating death but we're celebrating the REASON Jesus died, where he took the weight of all the sin in the world when he died and gave salvation to the world. And he conquered death in the process. My sins and your sins are forgiven. Salvation can be yours if you would only receive it. I won't get preachy here but I welcome any questions regarding this. :)

The chocolate eggs, Easter bunny and chicks...I consider them an addition to the celebration of Easter. I love chocolate eggs myself, especially toffee filled ones and I got these two sweeties from a friend:-

Hope you all enjoyed the sweetness of Easter too!!!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Piling on the Mamak Calories

I think I joined the Mamak cult when I first came to KL about 2 years ago. Yes, when meals don't magically appear on the table (lovingly cooked by the awesome cook a.k.a Mum) and you have to budget for all your meals, you stop being fussy and your perception of certain foods change. Where I once equated Mamak with roti canai and tosai, now with the abundance of chain Mamak restaurants like Pelita, Kayu and the infamous Murni here, the roti menu itself sounds like a tour around the world "roti cheese, roti Jepun, roti bomb, roti Hawaii..."

Anyway, I was at Murni Discovery in Aman Suria the other day with my brother and Pui San. I prefer this branch to the SS2 one because it is cleaner and nicely lit (normally I can't see what I'm eating when at the SS2 branch) .

My 'I-Love-You' which is supposed to have Ribena, Sprite, lemon, nata de coco, lychee and watermelon but they missed out the watermelon this time, So sad.

My Claypot lou shi fun

Pui San's Nasi Lemak Murni
It was a MONSTER of a nasi lemak. Has pandan chicken, chicken curry, squid, prawns and petai in addition to the traditional nasi lemak. She was trying to convince me to help her finish it but in the end had to take away half of it because I was too bloated from my own noodles.

Mango Special
One of Murni's must haves!!!

Joshua's Nasi Goreng Chicken Chop

Now tell me, who won't join the mamak cult with such awesome fusion food at affordable prices???


On a seperate event, I went to Mango Mania in Bangsar for Emily's birthday treat. Had their Mangoo Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce and Chocolate Brownies.
Makes me want to venture into the world of ice-cream making.
Anyone up for a apple and martini sorbet??

Monday, 11 April 2011

MILF & Stingy Apple iPod Replacement

Look what Louisa and I noticed while reading the newspaper the other day:-

Still don't see anything??

Let me zoom in..
I wonder if the writer giggled while typing out the article title. We were certainly tickled by it.

If you have been reading my updates here, you'll remember me lamenting about my poor iPod Touch which I had to put to send for warranty. Well, I have been haunting the Machines in The Gardens at every opportunity to check on the status of my replacement and they finally called and told me my replacement had arrived. Finally!!!Image Hosted by

We went to Pastis for lunch. It's been a while since I visited them. I love their pie with mash (click here to see) and their Virgin Mojitos (here and here!!!)

I simply must show a picture of the Test-tube Virgin Mojitos.
It doesn't taste out-of-this-world but its fun to drink it with friends. Hehe.

I didn't order it this time. I don't like their new location in the shop. I prefer it when they were still in the open area in front of Isetan because now the tables are lining the walkway outside and it feels a bit weird sitting there. But moving on to the food.

Fried Chicken Wings for appetisers
Louisa likes chicken wings, so buffalo wings and chicken wing appetisers are the norm with her around. The salad and chilli sauce that came with them were awesome!! I burnt my fingers while eating them though because they were fresh out of the fryer. =.=

Louisa's Pasta Carbonara with Turkey Sausage...
which tasted okay, only the sausages were definitely not turkey. Looked and tasted like regular chicken sausages with cheese.

I ordered the lunch set Breaded Chicken Chop.
It was a whole chicken breast which was quite succulent. Only thing I didn't like was the presentation. The fries were rather soggy and I feel that crinkle-cut fries should NOT be served in casual dining restaurants. Either serve skinny fries, mash potato or real potato wedges. Crinkle-cut tend to get mashed up or broken easily, making the servings look careless. No-no.

One good thing about Pastis is that their salads never fail to impress me. Their vegetables are always fresh and crisp. Salad lovers can always count on them. We decided to forgo dessert because the food left us so bloated. I went to Machines to collect my replacement iPod, which came wrapped in a piece of cling-plastic and a sheet of paper with Apple's terms and conditions taped around it. And they didn't even give me a plastic bag or any form of box with it.

Seriously, this was all they handed me:-
Errr...I'm sorry, but this is APPLE we're talking about here. So stingy in their replacements that the new iPod can't even come in a proper box?? I mean, it was THEIR product which died on me in like less than 6 months after purchase, and I kind of expected a gesture of goodwill from them to at least give me a whole new iPod box complete with earphones and the such. And they didn't even replace my screen protector. Bravo Apple. Now I know how much you value your customers.

Anyway, Louisa was laughing at my incredulous reaction towards my replacement iPod. I've been trying to convince her to get an iPod but she has been resistant. She put an end to my coaxing by getting herself a new Sony Walkman MP3 Player.

Point proven. LOL!!!Image Hosted by

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Lunch with Louisa @ El Meson, Bangsar

At Louisa's recommendation, I decided to give the lunch set at El Meson along Jalan Telawi 3 facing Bangsar Village 2. I'm guilty of always being in the vicinity of the mall rather than exploring the rows of interesting dining places that line the streets just outside.Image Hosted by

El Meson is a Spanish-themed restaurant with a moderate crowd on most days. The lunch sets come in 2 courses or 3 courses, with the customary appetiser, main course and dessert. The course one does not include dessert. Louisa and I decided to take one 2 course set and one 3 course set to share the dessert. The waitress was young a Filipino girl who didn't speak English well, and she gave us weird answers when we asked her about the items on the menu. Like when we asked, "What is the Soup of the Day??" and she kept saying,"Nicoise Salad with Chicken or Pate on Toast.". In the end, we had to ask her to call another waiter who took our orders. The girl was good-natured though and laughed along with us at her mistake.

I chose the Nicoise Salad with Chicken for my appetiser.

and Louisa had the Soup of the Day which was Broccoli Cream
My salad dressing was a pretty nice combination of olive oil and herbs. The chicken was a bit dry but otherwise was marinated well and flavourful. I didn't fancy the Broccoli Cream because it was weird to me but Louisa liked it.

We both had the Pork Tenderloin with Gravy and Mash Potatoes.
The meat was slightly more done than I would have liked it but I enjoyed it otherwise. The gravy was smooth and creamy. I loved it. I couldn't place the ingredients though. We were so full when the waitress took away the plates that we were half-inclined to forgo dessert. Louisa had recommended El Meson's infamous Molten Chocolate Cake which I had placed the order in earlier. A waiter came up and told us that the Molten Chocolate Cakes were 'not fresh today' (?) and offered us anything else from the menu. In the end I just decided to go all the way and settle for a Chocolate Cake.

I didn't regret my choice. The texture was buttery smooth and so chocolate-y we were smiling with the sugar high after-effect. Haha. Not bad for a total of RM54.50. I shall come back one day just to sink my teeth into the Molten Chocolate Cake!! Who's with me??

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

This is WEIRD!!!

I've always been told that our city lights cause us to be unable to see the night sky and stars because the lights reflect on the clouds in the sky. Well, I do still look at the night sky. I realised something though. Have you ever noticed that the lights from the KLCC towers make weird reflections in the sky??? No kidding!! My camera couldn't capture it (not-so-pro compact camera ma) so I tried and search to see if anyone else noticed the reflection in the sky. And I found a pretty clear picture in this website here.

Clear pattern!!! I wonder if it was intentional or it meant something????

I also noticed something familiar about it and then I realised that it has been on TV recently:-

Anyone care to explain??

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Moleskine Launch @ Borders The Gardens MidValley

During one of Aunty's last minute shopping trips to The Gardens, we spotted a sign in Borders announcing a launch party for Moleskine's new line of organisers. What caught my eye was that the itinerary said that Man Bai was to perform. Aunty, who is a huge Moleskine fan asked me to inquire about it. So I stopped a random passing guy (whom we later found out was the brand representative) who told us pleasantly that we were welcome to take part in the launch if we wanted to. So that is how we 'gatecrashed' the launch party.

The people who contributed to the new line.

We bumped into Azlan Iskandar!!! Aunty just had to have a picture with him.

There were speeches and photo opportunities for the media. We were served wine and hors d'œuvre-s. It was a small party which was at the launch. Then came the moment I had been waiting for.

Man Bai!!!

He sang 'Kau Ilhamku' for the audience. It's one of my favourite Malay songs!!!

Once we had enough of the event, we headed back where Aunty showed me her entire collection of Moleskine-s. It was indeed an impressive sight to behold:-

I love organisers but have not developed the habit of utilising them fully. Baby day I shall put a beautiful Moleskine to my use.

Before I end this post, random food pictures for my readers:-

I finally redeemed my free Half Onion Loaf from Tony Roma's

And some good Chinese stir-fry to round this off:-

A yummy sight to induce growling tummies yes??? Now lets all just go raid the fridge and get a snack.... =P

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