Thursday, 19 March 2009

JPJ!!!Why like this???!!!!

Image Hosted by I am not happy.

You see, when I went back to Ipoh two weeks ago, my dad handed me this letter which came for me in the post:-

'Urusan Kerajaan'
Official letter...

No, I am not being arrested for dangerous driving or received a 'saman' (summons) or anything. I did not do anything against the law. So rein in that galloping imagination.

The letter was asking me to renew my driving license. I passed my driving license 2 years ago and have been on a 'P' (Probation) License since then. And it expired this month. So the letter had instructions:-

It says I can renew my license at either a JPJ office or a Post Malaysia Bhd branch. Since I was only back in Ipoh for a few days, I decided to get it renewed when I go back to Subang. However, due to being super busy and no right timing, I only stepped foot into a post office today. My dad drove me to the main Pos Malaysia Office in Klang to renew my license. Since we didn't know where the JPJ Office in Klang is. And the letter said I could do it in a post office anyway. ( Look at the red circle in the letter above)

The post office was full when I went there despite it being a weekday morning. No choice but to wait because there's no telling when I'll have the time to do this. So I took a number and sat down and while away the time until the 20 over people with numbers ahead of me gets served.Image Hosted by

After waiting for almost 45 minutes, it was my turn. I happily went to the counter and told the Malay girl behind it that I wanted to renew license.

Me : Saya nak renew lesen. Sini boleh kan??(I would like to renew my license. It can be done here, right??)
Girl : Ya, kat sini. (Yes, it is here.)
Me : Berapa untuk renew?? (How much is it to renew??)
Girl : You nak berapa tahun?? (How many years do you want to renew it for??)
Me : Lesen saya P, saya nak renew jadi full license. Macam mana?? (Mine is a P license. I want to renew it to a full license. How do I do this??)
Girl : Oh, kalau macam tu, tak boleh lah. Kena pergi JPJ sana. ( Oh, you can't do this here. You have to go to the JPJ )
Me : Huh?? Tapi saya dapat surat kata sini boleh?! Ini Pejabat Pos Malaysia Bhd kan?? (But I got a letter saying I can do it here??!This IS Pejabat Pos Malaysia Bhd?? )

At that point, I took out the letter which I had brought with me and showed it to her. The girl looked quite confounded when she looked through the letter. Apologetically, she handed it back to me and said that they are only responsible for renewing a full license but not to upgrade my license.

Image Hosted by What the...??Then why did JPJ print in the letter that it could be done in Pejabat Pos Malaysia Bhd?? It just caused me to trouble my dad to send me to a post office, wasted my time while waiting for my turn and just when I thought I don't have to worry about the license renewal, it just turned out this way. Now I have to put it back into my list of 'things-not-done' which I'm sure you will agree with me is quite a bother.

I wonder how many people has gone through the experience similar to mine.
A result of some misleading info printed in an official letter.

So to save those of you who has to upgrade your P license; just go straight to the JPJ Office. Don't get your time wasted like me.

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That is so terrible no wonder my mom keeps saying CAN DO at the post office but when we go there they say cannot. =.=;;;

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