Friday, 17 October 2008

Ginkgo. Are you really what you seem??

One of my favourite 'tong sui' is barley boiled with 'fu chok' (dried bean curd strips) and 'pak gor' which is called 'ginkgo' in English. In case you've no idea what ginkgo looks're going to find out soon because this post is going to be all about this fossil fruit (ginkgo has been around since the Jurassic kidding.Google it up)


My mum usually assigns my bro and I to shell the ginkgoes. This task is rather tedious because you have to crack the hard shell,after the shell,you have to get rid of a thin brown layer which covers the bean. We have to be very careful during the whole process because we don't want to end up with mashed up beans (my bro gets carried away with the small hammer we use to crack the shell) or scarred beans (the brown layer is rather hard to peel n I sometimes end up scraping away a whole chunk from the bean.Oops..)

While I was carefully scraping a bean with a sharp knife barely an inch from my fingers;I had an inspiration to be philosophical with ginkgo. (pardon the randomness...) Let me share:-
Have you ever wondered if a person is as he appears to be??

Look at this handful of ginkgo I picked out from the bag:- My mum hand-picked all the ginkgoes so there are no obviously rotten ones among those. When we make friends,we are somewhat doing that. We try to stick with those whom we perceive as good,able to get along with...etc etc. Our immediate choices are based on how they appear to be;that is,what is on the outside.

When we want to make friends,we take care to appear friendly,charming,polite,fun....basically;whatever is appealing to others. We put on our best sides forward. So that is the reason why we get along so well and easily with new friends.

This has happened to me a lot of times before. I would sudden
ly get close to somebody,and we'd be very close;doing things together,telling each other a lot of things. But gradually,we will drift apart;in some cases,in a matter of weeks. Now,I'm not talking about BGR or those bitchy type of friendships where the sole reason is to make use of each other to get popular;when in fact,the 'besties' hate each other. No,when I say 'drift apart',it means,we simply run out of things to talk about and become not so close anymore. We revert to 'hi,bye' friends.

Of course,this doesn't happen to all friendships,if not,how else did we find the jewels who stick with us through thick and thin and remain close to you for years to come. Those are the ones which we must hold on to. The initial period of being friends is what I regard as a de-shelling process,where we slowly get to see the 'inside' of the person.

However,sometimes;we discover something which we don't expect.Now,there is a difference between:-
1. the person does not have anything in common with you,and
2. the person is plain 'rotten'.

The point I'm trying to make here is;some people are just NOT what they appeared to be at first. Whether deliberately or not,they can conceal their rotten side very well. And the worst of them are those who do it deliberately and do not think it is wrong. All of us have,at one times,pretended to be something we are not. But there are very few who have that kind of manipulative nature. So,be wary of these type. Or if you are one yourself,look around you and see how many real friends you have.

The good friends which we have,we might go through some rough patches.
Like ginkgo has to be boiled to release it's true flavour. But the end result is sweetness that we can enjoy. Appreciate it!!!


People don't change,they just be what they really are

Philosophical musings finished.
Thanks for staying with me til the end.


Thursday, 16 October 2008

The wee me

I was net surfing and came across WeeWorld.
I created a WeeMee,that is;a mini version of myself.
Here you go:-

Does it look like me???
(Personally,I think the hair is the feature which is totally look like mine in real life)

Haha..I put the sushi tray there because I've been having insatiable sushi cravings recently. And the recent Sushi King promotions have been feeding my addiction.
Customizing characters' looks like this is seriously fun!!! Try it. I play Sims 2,which allows you to go into greater detail when creating your character (the Sim) but one sometimes get tired of 3D and indulges in cute cartoon form. XD

In case you're wondering why I've been only posting short,random posts like these,they are only fillers because I have been lazy while typing my long post and kept delaying it.It has been sitting in my 'Drafts' folder for almost a week now. (Ooops...)

It is during lazy moments like this where I wish i had learnt the correct typing method so that I don't have to look at the keyboard when I'm typing.

So stay with me people!!!!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

A short one...

Google Translate is my current amusement.
Here's my name in Japanese:


My cousin,Yoong,who studies Japanese says it's wrong,and showed me the right way.
But heck,I can't tell Google Translate how to write it the correct way.

I should be studying now.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Raya week

Managed to upload the photos...
Darn connection...


I'm really really,extremely,terribly sorry that I went back on the week you purposely made a trip back to Ipoh!!!!I can't believe how totally blur I was about the dates. I'm SORRY!!!!Please don't hate me!!!
Image Hosted by

This belated post is about my family trip back to Klang for the Raya trip. It felt like a seriously long time since I saw my extended family in Klang because the last few trips back were not happy ones (re: my older posts).

My dad decided to go back to Klang on the day before Raya. My family's eagerness for the trip was proven when I had to rushed back from my class (which ended at 4 p.m.) to find everyone waiting outside the house,dressed to travel,bags all loaded into the car booth and hurried to prepare myself and get into the car. (Thank goodness I packed the night before!!!)

The side of the higway road we were on was clear the whole journey while there was a moving jam in the opposite higway. this always happens when my family travels during the festive season. We are always going the opposite direction of the jam. My guess is,people go back to their small hometowns (a.k.a. 'kampungs' ) during the festive season while my family travel to the big city. (this makes Ipoh sound like a kampung... =.=" never mind...) The only problem with that is,when my friends come back to Ipoh from whichever place they left to pursue their studies;I will be heading out of Ipoh. That's sad.

But,dwelling on the happier items; I was so happy to see my aunts,uncles and cousins in Klang.Especially my favourite cousin,Yoong. She grabbed me for a picture together because we somehow seldom snap pictures together even though we have our camera phones. I guess it runs in my family huh?? (e.g. yours truly will carry a camera and let it lie in the bag whole time)

Ok..those above were the 'reject' pictures...*ehem*

But we finally snapped a sweet one:-
The main highlight was our trips to the malls.It has been such a LONG time I raided the malls. (Okay,not a long time exactly...but you know...with my family). And I did whip out my phone for pictures. I'll share tham with you. Here they are in no particular order:-

I saw this cute tape holder in ROOM:-
I totally LOVE quirky useful yet decorative items like this. Its just so creative.Won't this be an amusing resident to have this on your office desk when you're working?? :)

Yoong and I were totally mesmerized with this display at Famos Amos:-

Doesn't it make your mouth water?????

We were standing there and almost pressing our noses against the glass. But then,we decided to be matured and exercise some self-control. (Ice-cream is fattening lah...) So we walked around to shop for non-food items. Self-control. Easy.

Half an hour later....
We were back at the display!!!!Heck with self-contro; we can't ignore our basic necessities right???? (don't burst my bubble please) The worker at behind the counter was giving us amused looks. I think he recognised the two 'little girls' who were eye-balling the display and practically salivating over it earlier. We gave him further amusement with a long debate over which flavour to take (we limited ourselves to one scoop each...self-control still present okay.) Mr Counter-Guy was not a big help. He recommended almost all the flavours when I asked him which was nice (almost tempted me toward a triple scoop).

In the end,we settled on the flavour and watched impatiently while our ice-cream was lovingly scooped out by Mr Counter-Guy,sprinkled with cookie crumble sprinkles and handed to us with a flourish.:-
Right: Yoong's Ferrero Rocher Chocolate
Left : My Honey Caramel
Image Hosted by
Childhood revisited.
Total bliss!!!!!!!

We went to this bakery/restaurant in JJ Bukit Tinggi called Lavender for a tea break.
I liked the environment there. Very cosy. And I was pretty attracted to the 'fake chandeliers' on the walls there above the booths:-

They look almost real if you look at them from a certain angle. *haha*

Yoong claimed her long-awaited drink from me (which I promised her months ago..Ooops..):-
Yoong : lalalalala.....

We ordered sandwiches..
Chicken,turkey,ham,egg and cheese sandwiches with chips:

After we had had enough of the mall,we had our dinner at a stall near my aunty's house. We ordered the usual 'tai lok min' in two styles; Hokkien style (stir fried with black sauce) and 'lor min' (sort of watery 'wa tan hor' but you add vinegar) and a few other mee. While waiting for the food to arrive,we chilled with some beer:-
Okay...that was a joke.
Not beer. It is Chinese tea.
We were just amused with the glasses they gave us:-

Image Hosted by

My Yee Yee dropped by with my little cousins; Benjamin and Rachel.
Ben was clutching what appeared to be a air pump and Rachel;a packet of long,rubber things.
Before your imagination runs wild,here was what happened next:-
Image Hosted by

They were long balloons....
And Benjamin was pumping them up so enthusiastically.
Ben and Rachel hugging balloons which were equal to their height.

They later ran around hitting each other and occasionally hitting us with the balloons.
Frankly,I was afraid that they were going to pop.
And Ben's balloon really went *bang!!!!*.

Well,that's all for now...
This has been a long post...


And I shall end with a picture of Eugene and his (err...) creation in the CGMC Toddler's Room:-

Thursday, 9 October 2008


Okay,I try to make it a point not to rant like a maniac in my blog but I am seriously ANNOYED with the connection these days.
Pissed off would be a better word.

What is WRONG with Streamyx???
I have been experiencing seriously SLOW connection for the past few weeks.
Get this,I actually had to wait for 5 minutes for a page to load a page which previously took only a few seconds. My patience has been stretched.

I am not using a dial up.
It says STREAMYX BROADBAND when my parents subscribed to this.
I feel like its heading towards the standard of a normal dial-up.

When a customer pays RM77 a month,they expect better than this.

No sane person pays RM77 per month to sit in front of the computer screen and practice their cursing skills while waiting for the page to load at the speed of a seed growing into a tree.

Or am I just an insane customer??

It takes me AGES to upload photos so that's the reason why I haven't been updating.
Sorry people.

Am I the only person to have been experiencing this??
Please tell me because I am considering making an official complaint.

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