Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Quickie and a Tag.

My aunt occasionally leaves my little cousin bro at my grandma's place (next door to me) for the weekend and recently,he has started coming over (to give the poor maid a break from her 24/7 babysitting) and is starting to get very comfortable with the surroundings and being left with us (he normally throws a fit and cries if the maid even goes one step away from him).

I like kids.I'm delighted that he's getting closer to me. He was spending most of his last visit chasing me with this tiny plastic duck:

and going,"Quack quack quack quack!!!" just because I demonstrated a duck sound.
Is it in the nature of boys to like vehicles and being destructive???My brother dug out some of his old toy cars for him and he was crashing them head-on against one another and exclaiming,"Aggiden..aggiden!!!" (it means 'accident' in his language)

My bro and mum watching him demonstrate a head-on collision

And he entertained me with this elaborate drama where the figurine (the ant from 'A Big's Life' movie) rides a bicycle,falls down (aggiden!!!),slides a few feet and drops off the edge of a cliff (the edge of the couch).
Am I watching a stunt-master in making???


Anyway,I have a tag from Miss Soon Ying...
I shall complete it for the sake of evading boredom.I also have a sneaking suspicion that I have done this tag before in Friendster YEARS ago....oh well,never mind...here I go.

The last person that tagged you is?
Soon Ying

Your relationship with her?
Great friends

Your 5 impression towards her?
4.'pat gua' (she isn't really...this was my first impression WAYYY back in Form 2)

The most memorable thing that she has ever done for u?
Fainted in class during form 3 due to breathing complication.I got a total shock and cried my eyes out. Okay...perhaps I should be talking about happier stuff...(sorry Soon Ying XP ) She's one of my closest friends and I value her trustworthiness and accepting me for who I am.

The most memorable words that she spoke to you?
(none that I vividly remmeber...with Soon Ying,action speaks louder than words)

If she becomes your enemy, you will....
(I've no idea...I don't want to imagine...)
If she becomes your enemy, the reason is....

The most desirable things to do for her is....
to celebrate her birthdays with her..

How do you think the people around you feel about you?
Stern and serious (I don't say this myself...this is feedback from the people around me)

The character for yourself is?
Straight forward.

On the contrary, the character that you hate yourself is?
I can be too straight-forward to the point of hurting people's feelings.
The most ideal person you want to be is?
I am content being myself...
For the people who care, say something about them...
I don't enjoy always being the one in charge.

10 people to tag....
I'm not tagging anyone.Have a nice day.


Random item...I suddenly discovered this bruise on my left knee. I have no idea how,when and where I got it. Its not really visible in the picture even though the spot was a deep purple-blue when I took this picture:

Friday, 19 September 2008

The Escapade

As promised..
I shall relate a very silly incident which took place during my Penang Trip. I shall begin with introducing the people involved:-

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
From top to bottom: Joash,Mei Theng,myself,Christina and Anna

We were walking together in Prangin Mall (one of the destinations scheduled during the trip) and we were pretty bored. It was 12:30 pm and we had been walking around quite aimlessly in the mall (the shops there held not much interest for us). We had another hour to kill before we could start walking back to the bus and head to our hotel check-in.It was B-O-R-I-N-G...Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

We passed by this little steamboat shop which emitting a very tempting Tom Yam smell.Since we had not had our lunch;and there was still time...we entered the restaurant,placed our respective orders (tom yam,tom yam,tom yam,tom yam and tom yam) and fell into easy chatter while waiting for our food.

We waited...and waited...and waited....
Despite the fact that there was only a moderate number of customers there;our orders took an excruciatingly long time to arrive. We all ordered the sam
e thing..only with different noodles. We placed our orders at around 12:40pm and our orders did not arrive until 1:15pm. Evn then,it came one bowl at a time. I was at the point of gnashing my teeth and ripping out my hair by the time my bowl arrived because we all had exactly 10 minutes left to finish our food and walk through a long route back to the bus. I was NOT pleased.

Joash;whose bowl came first,finished his noodles first. But he was
still hungry and decided to order Tako Balls from the stall next door. Now for those of you who have yet to sink your teeth into these absolutely scrumptious balls,let me make your mouths water. Takoyaki (the japanese name) are squid balls.They look like kaya balls but they contain squid inside. It's pretty fascinating to watch the making process because it starts from a pile of mush like this:

and the fellow in charge of making it will use two chopsticks and mess around with the mish-mash of squid and dough,turning it round and round on the hot plate until it turns into cute little balls. Your mouth would be watering during the whole process because the smell itself is so fantastic. Then,the finishing touches of fish flakes,mayo and herb sprinkles will be garnished onto the steaming hot balls..and there you go. Tantalising Tako Balls ready for eating:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Anyway,back to the story...

Joash thought that 15 minutes was sufficient time for the girl at the stall to prepare the takoyaki,but NOOOOOOOOooooo...boy was he wrong. First,the girl turned on the gas under the hot plate and calmly retreated to the back room to text on her phone (we saw her through the gap in the curtain divider). When she finally got around to pouring the dough mixture on the hot plate,Anna.Christina,Mei Theng and I had already finished eating and were totally shocked to see she had just STARTED making them. Heck,we had only FIVE MINUTES LEFT!!!!!

What could we do??We stood there while she poked the m
ess on the hot plate and retreated again to the back room (to press her handphone again!!!!). Joash and I were staring at the gloop bubbling slowly on the hot plate.

Joash : It doesn't look nice.
Me : It doesn't. It looks disgusting.

Joash : She totally f***ed it up. Eww. Lets run away while she's still at the back.
Anna and Me : Yea,lets go. (starts walking away)

Joash was only half-serious but Anna and I were tot
ally serious. WE WERE ALREADY LATE and Tako-girl didn't looked like she knew what she was doing and we were going to pay her RM7 for a bunch of mess. I was at the end of my patience and wanted to get out of there!!But Joash,Mei Theng and Christina stays rooted to the spot,staring at the both of us.

*Conscience pricks* Anna and I went back to stand in front of the stall again while Tako-girl nonchantly saunters out again and starts messing with the gloop again. She forms it into 8 squishy looking balls (not tantalising I assure you) and we were all starting to sigh with relief ("FINALLY..." ,we thought) when she plopped the balls back onto
the hot plate and walked back into the back room again without so much of an acknowledgement we were waiting there!!!!

That was it. Conscience or no conscience...I was leavin
g. Anna looked in the same mind as me. We walked 10 steps and turned back to the others who were again rooted there staring at us. I was about to go, "Come on!!!!" when Christina ran towards us,triggering Joash and Mei Theng into action. We broke into a sprint. Running as hard as we could out from Tako stall.

We ran down the escalators,winding through the mall t
owards the entrance. All the way,some people were kind of shouting at us;I think they thought we were thieves. Once out of the mall,we continued running..we ran (or walked as fast as we could) across two streets,up an overhead bridge,down again,pass several shops at the road side. I could feel my thigh muscles burning and sweat running down my temples. Anna and Christina were keeping up with me but we eventually had to slow our pace a little for Mei Theng;who if not for Joash,would have been left behind.

We finally reached the bus 10 minutes after the allocated
time. As expected,we were the latest. I felt pretty bad because I hated lateness. But Vemal,the President, was pretty cool about it and assured us that we weren't VERY late.

What we did was totally silly but we had all good reasons for leaving.
We were all very sweaty after running so hard. I guess that's the price we had to pay.
A picture of the sweaty 'criminals'

Well,we had Tako Balls in QueensBay the next day and it looked,smelled and (I'm very sure) taste better than the ones we ran away from.
I guess all's well, that ends well.


Monday, 15 September 2008


If you're eagerly reading this post because you're expecting something 'hot and steamy'..sorry to be so anti-climax. The KISS stands for 'Keeping It Short and Sweet'. Seriously outdated on my posts..so I thought I'd just make a run-through of the happenings during my neglect.

Before I begin...here's a picture of something hot and steamy to compensate for the 'let down'Image Hosted by ImageShack.us :-

French Toast with ice-cream!!!
Courtesy of Chef Cheah Yin Yep who kept his word (after countless advertising of his French Toast skills) and whipped it up straight from the kitchen of Kopitiam JJ. (It was totally yummy and filling...*salutes to the Chef!!!*)

Enough talk about food...lets get down to the more 'serious' matters.
I got my ACCA exam results for the June session. I did badly. Passing mark was 50 and the following were my marks:
Law = 49
Performance Management =56
Taxation= 46

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Pretty disappointed with myself because I had expected to pass Tax (heck,it was the only subject which I was sure of my content!!!!) and passing Management is nothing short of a miracle because I was sobbing over the my notes the night before the exam and handed in my exam paper with zero confidence...and to fail Law by ONE mark....total PAIN. Enough ranting..I am going to resit the papers and work HARDER and SMARTER.

Fast forward... My Law lecturer,Mr Suresh fulfilled promise (made months ago) of bringing a group of us to the court to witness the procedures and the environment in the court. 20 of us quickly signed up for the 'trip'.We were supposed to arrange out own transport to the Sessions Court of Ipoh;we carpooled. We were required to wear formal clothing; I dug out the slacks and blouse which I wore during my working stint and exchanged my sneakers for my black heels..done. It was so amusing to see everyone out of our normal college attire (jeans and t-shirts) and togged out like 'working adults'.

We sat in several courts and watched the court at work. TV DRAMAS ARE DECEIVING!!!! Don't be fooled by how exciting court proceedings look on TV. Reality is a far cry from it. All of us got rather bored at a certain point because they were handling mostly small cases like fines for illegal betting and stuff. But there were a few more interesting ones like drug pushing,stealing and (we suspected) illegal immigrants. We could barely hear the lawyers' and judge's voices because they talked only loud enough for themselves to listen. At the end our allocated time for the trip,we spent a short Q&A session with one of the lawyers which was held in one of the empty courts. We took advantage of the court and started a photo session:-

This is what the empty court looks like...

Taking the oath of truth...
Sasi : I swear to try my best not to ffk Joyce for breakfast and JJ.

Hardened criminals in the 'criminal box'.....

Everyone looking 'formal'...

Quing Quing taking break in the background while Sasi sleeping on the shoot...

As usual...I was too lazy to bring camera.....
Thank goodness for friends and Facebook....

Group picture!!!!


The post exam mood settles in and people start headache-ing over what papers to sign up for the December sitting (yes,this is the life of ACCA students...hectic) Look at the people who were sharing the table with me:-

Left (Stephanie puzzling over homework),
Center (Yin Yep,err..resting)
and Right (Sasi revising intensely)

Yours truly dragged everyone out to the mall for a breather....But I was not aware that JJ had a 'place of worship'... =.="

Spotted this two 'praying' on the benches....
I got a bit carried away with the testers in The Face Shop and tried to get 'creative'..
It did not work....
Found a nice black top in Soda...
Didn't buy it though..hehe...
Just a picture for remembrance....
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Another weird picture to share...
I whip out my camera phone at odd moments... =.="

I promise to tel you about The Escapade in Penang at a free-er moment.
But that's all for now people.

Thursday, 11 September 2008


I have been shamefully neglecting my blog. Haven't had much chance to online properly to update and circumstances did not allow (connection problem and laziness...) I'll skip the bumbling excuses...


This post should have been up a LOOOOONGG time ago. It has been sitting in my 'Drafts' folder for quite some time.

07/08/2008 - 08/08/2008
I signed up for my college's Accounting and Finance Club (AFC) 's Annual Trip. A two-day-one-night trip to Penang. (Heck,it was too short but better then no trip at all..) I roped in my friends to join too and miraculously, almost all of them put their names down for it;even Bavanee (who's always fretting about "...my mother's/father's/brother's shop!!!") and Preyah (who always excludes herself with "Cannot la...I have to fetch my brothers/mother/cousin!!")

Well,we were supposed to meet in college at 7 a.m. and yours truly acted as the 'alarm clock' and made 'wake-up calls' to the sleepyheads. Everyone was punctual for once (though the bus was not) and we were all settled comfortably in the bus, all hyped up for an awesome,relaxing trip.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Pictures in the bus:-

The last picture above was me holding Bavanee's bag...she made me pose with it for some reason.. =.=" We stopped at McD's for breakfast before heading to Prangin Mall (where Bavanee bought that bag i was posing with). I had the breakfast set;which consisted of the Sausage McMuffin and a cup of coffee. All who ordered coffee agreed that it was totally crappy (it tasted like bitter water). I could not take more than a sip of the coffee let alone take advantage of the 'free refill' (is this some marketing scheme???)
Morning faces

Oh yea,believe it or not..I forgot to bring cash with me on the trip despite carefully planning my luggage. All I can say is THANK GOODNESS for ATM cards and machines!!!!!I discovered my lack of cash during breakfast. But there wasn't much to buy in Prangin Mall anyway. Despite the lack of shopping thrill in there...we created a thrill of our own (unintentionally). I'll tell you about THE ESCAPADE in my next post.It made Joash,Anna,Mei Theng,Christina and me totally sweaty. A picture in the bus after our escapade which involved a 100metre sprint in Penang Town.

We checked into Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel at 2p.m. We had to wait a bit for the keys to our room but nobody minded because the sea breeze was blowing right into the lobby and giving everyone a total lift. Pictures in the lobby:-

I used my shades to hide my squinting eyes.(sea breeze too strong)

The hotel was pretty nice.The beach was directly linked to it...

Everyone was excited about the beach and quickly changed and went back down after getting into our rooms (4 people to a room). We were supposed to meet there for games. A group of us were there early and had a photo session on the sand:-

Everyone grinning into the camera...

Girls only line-up...
but look what was happening behind the scenes.....
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

It had been some time since I went to a beach and the surroundings were hyping me up...and I was not the only one. Beach games...

#1: Balloon game.
Objective: Burst the balloons on the opponent team's legs. The group with the last one standing wins.

Someone captured this picture of Anna and me looking totally EVIL...
Anna: You take the 5 people on the right and I'll take care of the rest.
Joyce: No problem. They won't stand a chance. HOHOHOHOHO!!!!!!!

#2 Pass the orange
Objective : Using ONLY your necks,pass the orange back and forth in the shortest time. Girls vs Guys.

After games,we went for a swim in the sea...."We are the champions!!!!!"
(Doesn't this picture make you feel like braking out into that Queen's song??)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My FAVOURITE picture of the trip!!!!!

Well,we only spent one night there.We went to Gurney Drive for dinner and walked in Gurney Plaza. I ate and ate and ate...and got a new pair of shorts in G Plaza.And there was this 'beach party' after we got back to the hotel.But I won't go into detail because i went to bed early. Too exhausted.

The next morning...Checkout time...pretty reluctant to leave.

Time to leave...

Some random picture of me looking like I was about to kill Joash...

Next,we went to this Home for the Blind (damn..I forgot the name). We had to wait a while for the director to meet us and everyone got a little hot and sticky...but some optimistic people manage to make the most our of the wait and let their 'inner-child' out to play...Literally....

We were there to present a cheque on behalf of Sunway College Ipoh to that place. Our current principal, Mr Gobu had arranged the brief visit there.
It was an eye-opener to see how disabled people learn how to take care of themselves and learn skills to get a job and earn their living.

A blind man learning Braille

Rattan weaving....

We also stopped by at this temple but I didn't get down. Mei Theng was entertaining herself by snapping emo pictures of me....
Apparently that was my "I wanna go to QueensBay " face... =.="

Well,nothing much to tell about my shopping spree at QueensBay. I was thrilled with the clothes I got at bargain prices!!!!(And I did NOT go,"Aaaahhhhh!!!!!S-H-O-P-S!!!!!!!" like Joash said,thank you very much...)

Dinner at Bukit Tambun. It was supposed to be seafood but I joined Mei Theng at the 'allergic' table. The food was okay...A group of the students from China were with us on this trip and they were keener on the TV at the restaurant which was showing the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony more than the food. They were patriotic and all stood up when their National Anthem was played on TV.

After dinner,back to the bus and headed for home. Everyone was tired and it was dark and quiet in the bus. Let me show you an interesting photo I took in the bus:-

The ghosts of Yin Yep and Joyce...
(I accidentally turned off the flash)

Well,it was over too soon....
A memorable trip which I have tried my best to tell in one post.
I'll end with a silly picture Joash sneakily took of me...(Lesson:don't leave your camera lying around)

Worshipping ass....
(I was hanging my head down because I was too tired)

*Note to Joash-ASS: I updated la!!!!Nyahhh!!!!!!

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