Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Sha La La La in RedBox Sunway Pyramid

Remember I mentioned once in my previous post (bout a month back) that I went karaoke-ing with my housemates during my first week in Subang?? . . . . ????
Okay...perhaps you don't remember. Some will probably remember me mentioning it quite often. Why so often?? Because its freaking 'DAI'!!!! ('dai' means worth it in Cantonese)Image Hosted by

Red Box in Sunway Pyramid. That's the plcae to go for karaoke. With student price,a 3 hour session,if you go before 6pm is RM8++ (per person) AND you add an extra RM10 (per person) you get a buffet dinner thrown in. YES...BUFFET. But take note of the have to have two bowls of snacks and so on. So after all the add-ons, the bill adds up to about RM30 per person.

You might be skeptically raising your eyebrow at me but I'm not kidding. Go check it out yourself. Inquire at the counter or check their website. Anyway, I went with Philemon and Sze Haw the other day. Just the three of us because others who we asked could not find time to come. So we were walking there...and Sze Haw got busy with her camera:-
Walking along nicely when we saw
Eww...roadkill. Yuk.

It was still early (not even 1pm when we reached) and since the snotty looking girl behind the counter snapped at us,"3 o'clock only got room ah.", we just killed time walking around. Not hard to do. First we went to Shu Uemura. Haha..yea,Shu Uemura. You see, Sze Haw and I were eye-ing this:-

Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil
There was this promotion so Sze Haw and I shared to buy a big bottle. It was so worth it though it costed a bomb. We were already obsessing over it a few days before deciding to buy it, Miss Sze Haw especially. Exclaiming,"SHU UEMURA!" everytime she saw me. Weeee!!!!!We bought it. Anyway,I was like drooling over the array of make-up brushes there on display:-
Image Hosted by

I'm kind of obssessing over make-up brushes these days, particularly kabuki brushes...Okay okay..I'll save it for another day. The brushes were like at least RM160 EACH so just for drooling...not for buying. *sigh* Anyway, the nice sales girl there suddenly gave me an eye make-up demo. For was really nice of her because make-up sessions there cost like RM70++. Sze Haw's camera at work:-

Still more time to kill, and we were hungry. So Sze Haw brought us to the Korean Lunchbox place in Asian Avenue:-
Yum Yum....

You can see Sze Haw's happiness with it:-
Philemon the POSER...
Anyway when we FINALLY got a room in RedBox (thank goodness they gave us a huge-ass room, or I wold have gave the annoying counter girl a piece of my mind about her lousy attitude) It was 4:30pm when we got in. We had until 6pm when the buffet started. So we sang.....
and sang....

And sang....
even jumped on the sofa...Sing
Nearly lost our voices...
What a blessing for the drinks...
Aloe Vera Special

And when the time came for buffet, we were busy scarfing down the food. It's not the cheapo buffet type okay...They had scrumptious sushi:-

That picture up there is only ONE of the plates we took. We ate waaaayyyy more than that. Just too busy eating to take pictures. And after eating, more singing, because we brought the food into the room from the buffet too. We were supposed to leave at 7:30pm but since nobody came to shoo us out, we stayed until 9pm when we HAD to leave because they blobked the karaoke machine. So we left, hoarse and freaking full. And we only chalked up a bill of RM83.40. Do your maths how much it cost the three of us each.

WHAT a day....


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