Friday, 30 April 2010

New Green Tea Taro Balls @ Snowflake

Ooohh...I have not been to Snowflake's in quite a while and they seem to be trying to increase the variety in their menu by introducing new desserts about every month or so?? At least that was what I observed. Anyway, I am a HUGE fan of Snowflake's Taro Balls which is abundant in their Cold Bestseller; so I was super excited when I saw them advertising their new Taro Ball : the Green Tea Taro Balls. Pui San and I HAD to try it. So we ordered one Green Tea along with our usual Cold Bestseller.

*Beep beep*
Time to collect our orders

Green Tea Taro Balls and Red Bean on Soya Ice

The original Taro Balls on the Cold Bestseller
Yum yum yum yum yum...Pui San and I shared both the desserts and it was really really GOOD!!! Thumbs up to Snowflakes!! The combination of the fragant green tea, sweet red bean and soy milk just makes you want to close your eyes and sigh in enjoyment. For those who find the Taro Balls a little too chewy for their taste, the red beans take the edge off the gummy feeling in your mouth.
So go give it a try the next time you're feeling the heat of the current weather and need a cold, sweet dessert to cool you down!! :)

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Nine West Spring/Summer Collection Launch @ Pavillion, KL

Thanks to Pui San, I got an invite to the Nine West Spring/Summer Collection Launch in Pavillion from Female Magazine. So, thank you thank you both.

We were told to arrive early; about 3 according to the girl who called us up to confirm our attendance, but upon arrival did we find out it actually begins at 4 p.m. So we walked around and had some lunch while waiting. Made good use of my camera while waiting too:-

Me..waiting patiently.

Pui San

We were among the first in line when they opened the registration corner. They had closed the store for the launch party and we could glimpse some of the models walking around while we waited in line.
The Nine West store in Pavillion

Finally it was our turn at the registration table:-

The Spring/Summer Collection Launch was also in conjunction with Nine West's 15th anniversary in Malaysia, therefore, we were given the special offer; as VIP guests, to purchase any normal priced item in the store and then we would be entitled to buy a second pair of shoes at RM15. Coolness. So while waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive, we took a look around the interior of the store. Stocked with their latest collection:

Filled with the guests.

Some of the drool-worthy stuff I was EYE-ing:-

In order to quell the urge to grab up those items and run, I took a seat and sipped on the drinks that were being served.
Sparkling water with lemon
I spent my time observing the other guests milling around the store. The woman next to me brought her daughter along and took up two seats to let her daughter NAP on. Not a very nice sight actually:-
Finally about 4:30 p.m. the host announced the official start of the Nine West Spring/Summer Fashion Show. We were all told to clear the 'runway' and take seats. Those without seats were asked to find standing space either in or outside the store.

Fortunately, Pui San and I were already seated by then. So we had quite a close view of the four models who paraded Nine West's new collection before all the guests:-
(Lazy to upload so many pictures...make do with a collage)
Click on the picture to see the full size

After the fashion show was over, there was a quiz session where the guests were given questions and whoever was chosen to answer stood to win one of the 15 Nine West merchandises that was up for grabs. I was quite excited about that part because I did know the answers to some questions but unfortunately I was not chosen to give my answers. =/

When the quiz session was over, guests were entreated to help themselves to the food being served by the waiters walking around and also to take advantage of the special offer which was given to us in the card. I think Nine West sales figures shot up because the ladies totally wiped up all the stuff on the shelves.
At first I looked and looked (and drooled and drooled) but decided not to get anything since I'd quite recently acquired a new handbag and shoes. So I waited while Pui San chose her stuff (she was in LOVE with this bright pink handbag) and sat near the entrance in order not to be in anyone's way while they tried on their stuff. The waiters were very friendly and kept coming up to me and offering me their trays with yummy hors d'oeuvres :-

Cheese with cherry tomatoes and basil

Salmon with hot mustard

Fruit custards

What I'd thought was espresso...

but was actually a very very delectable tiramisu...

Pui San had some trouble with her Visa card but in the end, she finally got to be the proud owner of a new Nine West handbag and a pair of sandals. Both of which she paid RM 315 for. "It's a steal!!!" she said. Haha!!! Even I could feel her shopping joy:-

We left after she had got her stuff since there was nothing much to do anymore. It was raining heavily at the time but we managed to make it back to Subang in good time for Pui San to collect her stuff and me to cell. Alright I have to put that in another post. That's it for now. :)

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Mine blowing

9 a.m. and I was back in my room. Not bad seeing as the previous times when I traveled back to Subang from Klang by the 7:40 a.m train, I will reach my room at about 10:30 a.m. Waiting for buses early in the morning can be the most excruciating experiences you can go through. This time, instead of waiting for the Buss 66 or Bus 68 to appear and bring me back to Sunway College; I took the Bus 99 to Sunway Pyramid and then Bus 11 back to Sunway College a.k.a walking on my own two legs. Ha ha ha. . . . .Okay..never mind if you don't get my lame joke.Image Hosted by
I consider this morning's walk my exercise for the day. Phew..carrying a bag full of clothes and files + a laptop bag + a handbag and walking IS exercise okayyy...(self assuring self-assuring).

Anyway, Ben surprised me by saying he'd come meet me for a quick drink after his class in the evening.Image Hosted by It was raining and jamming all the way to Pyramid and when IN Pyramid, we had to hunt for a place with socket plugs because I brought my laptop out for transferring stuff from his. Anyway, after detouring from place to place, we settled ourselves at the 2nd Starbucks near Sunway Lagoon. I ordered Starbuck's new Espresso and Cream Frappuccino to try:-
Pooh..we both agreed it tasted more CREAM than espresso. Coffee kick = nil. Regret-ness. I should have stuck to my trusty Caramel Macchiato or the Green Tea Frappuccino. Never mind, the stuff I got from Ben made up for it. He installed Age of Mythology for me and Photoshop. So I have something to look forward to during the holidays.Image Hosted by

It was raining and raining and raining the whole evening. Fortunately it ceased by the time I was hungry enough to go down and get a burger. So this was dinner again (I must stop this burger habit!!Even though it's fast and convenient) :-

Beef Double Special

Looks like it's sticking out a tongue at me right??
" me if you can!!!"

Okay okay...I'll stop with the lameness. I think I'm gearing myself for a major exam stress meltdown. know exam season is around the corner when emo statuses from ACCA students start popping up on your FaceBook wall. Okay okay...divert from stress topic. MSN games can be so fun and interactive. I learnt how to play Minesweepes (I finally met someone who knows how to play it after 20 years!!Thank you Ben!! ) and it trains your sense of logic.Image Hosted by
Joyce vs Ben


(Of course I won't post up the ones where I lost lah..syok sendiri a bit!!)


Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sunday Stories from Klang

I'm spending a few days in Klang since I have no classes for time being. To those who have been text-ing me about my whereabouts..I have not been kidnapped/runaway/disappeared/gone into seclusion/turned into a hermit/lost my phone or whatever else your active imagination cooked up. I did not reply because my credit expired and I still have not reload. Sorry people!!Image Hosted by

So since it's Sunday morning, I went for church service in Klang Wesley Methodist. The speaker today was interesting and I was alert throughout the whole sermon. Another plus was the air-conditioning was not FREEZING me.Image Hosted by Anyway, when service was over, Yoong and I went to have breakfast at the mamak's. We'd originally wanted nasi lemak but they told us they had run out (HUH??What kind of mamak runs out of NASI LEMAK??!!) Well, we settled for roti telur instead and shared a piece of fried chicken :-

Roti Telur

Iced Neslo(hers) and Iced Coffee(mine)
Whilst we were eating, this little kitty fell in love with Yoong and lay at her feet the whole time. She even posed for me to take shots. Haha!! :-

The weather was SUPER HOT today!!!I could feel myself perspiring the whole day. Even after showering with cold water. Even when night fell I could still feel the oven-like heat lingering. Yoong switched on her room air-conditioning in the end and we felt a little better. Since my uncle wanted to go out for dinner, we all piled into the car and went to Chee Leong where this restaurant serves salted egg seafood which he likes:-

(click here to read my previous post about this place)

This restaurant is always FULL of people when I come. However, that's not a problem since the boss hired very efficient staff. They took our orders while we were standing and waiting for a table(we waited about 10 minutes) and when we sat down, the dishes arrived one by one like clockwork; unlike some places where the time gap between each dish leaves you feeling unsatisfied after eating. This time instead of the crab, my aunt ordered the prawns and some other dishes:
Prawns with Salted Egg (Ham Dan Har)

Japanese Tofu with Mixed Vegetables

Sweet and Sour Stir-fry Pork (Gu Lou Yoke)

Another specialiity dish from this place my cousins discovered is their cockles omelette. We call it O' Chien. The cockles which they use are the freshest I've ever seen served in any restaurant. It even beats a certain Thai food shop in Ipoh where I always loved their cockles :-
See the generous portion of cockles in the omelette:-
It was really good. The cockles practically burst in your mouth and you can savour the fresh seafood flavour. Mmmm...luckily my cousin bro insisted on us ordering this. My aunt had thought it would be too much. We were very stuffed but thoroughly satisfied. I love good food.Image Hosted by

Anyway, my line is alive and working again (thank you Ben and Adrian). Now I have forgotten who texted me since I cleared my inbox and I can't reply. Oops.Image Hosted by

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