Thursday, 7 October 2010


YESSS!!!! ADAM LAMBERT IS COMING TO MALAYSIA!!! The Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Live in Malaysia 2010 is a dream come true to Malaysian fans like me!!!! And guess what??DiGi will be giving out 10 exclusive tickets to the Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Live in Malaysia 2010 to four lucky DiGi Angels and their guests!!!! To be among the lucky DiGi Angels, all you have to do is write a blog post telling DiGi what you love about Adam Lambert, and why you should win the exclusive tickets from DiGi. For more details on the contest and contest prizes, please click here.

So, what do I LOVE about ADAM LAMBERT???

1. I LOVE the very fact that HE IS COMING TO MALAYSIA! We don't get enough world-famous artists making stops here since they head to larger countries with larger number of fans. Adam Lambert stopping by here means he cares for the Malaysian fans!! Talk about giving us our entertainment!!!

2. I LOVE how he makes eye make-up on guys look cool!!! Come on, how many guys can pull off a smokey eye without looking goth-wannabe/sleep deprived/punched in the eye?? And even if they can put on the eye make-up, how many can give the cool smoldering. whataya-want-from-me look like this huh???
*goes weak in the knees*

3. His obvious good looks. That charming smile, the cheeky look in the eyes, the funky hair. I LOVE!!!
Adam Lambert

4. And it gets better. I LOVE how Adam Lambert has STYLE!!! He can rock any look with that hot body!!!

5. And lastly, tell me how many guys who looks good, with a great bod, able to dress well can SING well??? I LOVE Adam Lambert's VOICE. The soulful yet powerful tones just gives you delicious shivers when you listen to his music. And no one can deny that he had amazing stage presence during his American Idol days.

Ooooh!!! Have I converted you yet???
I would really really REEEAAALLYY LOVE to go to the concert and see Adam Lambert in person and performing live!!!!! DiGi holds the golden ticket to it!!! And I really want those tickets!!!

Why I should win those exclusive tickets from DiGi??
So that I may experience a glorious and wonderful night of my life, being entertained by ADAM LAMBERT, one of the rare male singers that I go CRAZY over; and then I may spend the next day calling and text-ing all my friends with my DiGi line, making them jealous by telling them about my glorious night until all my credit runs out!!


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