Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Two birthday bashes and a 'sneaky' surprise

Ok,I just got the pictures so now I can report (ehem...update) on the two birthday 'bashes' I've been to in the past two weeks:-
1. Tang Qi Vin's (18/4/2008)
2. Wong Sze Haw's (25/4/2008)

Qi Vin's birthday dinner was a simple dinner at My Point Cafe where about 20 of us occupied the top floor 'private' parlour and ate,talked and made the waiter work OT (who asked them to close at 9:30??). After that we went to Aberdine Cafe (I don't know if I spelled it right) for a nightcap and further chit-chat (yes..silence is boring). Nothing much to highlight because I wasn't in the planning committee for this one. Here's a photo of me painting Qi Vin's nail with the black nail-polish Christina randomly brought along:-

*from his expression,you would have thought I was CHOPPING his fingers... not painting them -____-"

Mr Tang is 19 and about to leave for Aussie to further his studies...I'm gonna 'miss' him.Anyway,right after his celebration,he asked me," bout Sze Haw's birthday??" In my humble opinion,the most logical and labour-saving step we should taken was to arrange a DOUBLE celebration for the both of them since they're only a week apart..but it wouldn't have been as meaningful would it???And the heroine of the next birthday bash was my coussie. Cousin = worth my best effort. Qi Vin's also obliged to that formula;only he can replace the 'cousin' with __________ *wink wink*

Fast forward....
A week later.
The day was cheerful and bright. The sun was shining,people were smiling,the wind was blowing,music was playing...

Okay,okay..I'll stop the sarcasm/exaggeration.

I didn't have college on Sze Haw's birthday so I went swimming in the morning before going to college to 'escort' the birthday girl and a few others to lunch. Not any normal lunch,mind you. About two weeks before,we (Jack-O,me.Sze Haw,Nasiha,Wei Quing) had agreed to treat Sze Haw to Sushi King as her birthday celebration with the college-mates.For your info,this was Sze Haw and my third time in Sushi King in April. The staff there must be so tired of us.Sze Haw,Qi Vin (who Sze Haw had dragged along), Nasiha,Stephanie and I went early to book place since Jack-O and Quing-Quing had class.

The night before,I had given Sze Haw her present (YAY!!I was the first!!!). It was this vintage Coca-Cola T-shirt which she saw online and ended up not buying since the seller wouldn't give her the price she wanted. I had sneakily ordered it and wrapped it up till it was the size of a tiny bundle.I was so pleased because she wore it on her birthday. XD We waited a while for the others to arrive and there were some unexpected arrivals like Emily,Amy,Joash,Venga,Anna and Christina. the more the merrier right?? We took up two tables (even then,we had to squeeze) and I think made a lot of noise (Lively young adults...what to do???) Here's a photo compilation (as usual too lazy to upload so m

After we had finish sushi-ing..Venga started talking about a mad idea:
Originally,he was challenging Sze Haw to eat wasabi against him. But somehow it ended up as a challenge between Joash and ME. The bet was,loser has to settle 50 bucks of the bill.We had to eat a PLATEFUL of wasabi.No kidding.Look at the picture below:-
Joash's plate and my plate.
100% wasabi.

Sze Haw whipped out her camera and recorded the whole thing.Take a look:

Looking was a DUMB thing to do.It ended as a tie and we both hurled our stomachs out after we got home.I had stomach-upset for the rest of the weekend. Serves me right for getting caught up with the momentum. I-AM-STUPID. But great entertainment for the rest huh...??? =.= never mind...

Sze Haw's day of surprises was FAR from over though she didn't know it yet...Qi Vin,Abel,Amy and Jeslyn had roped me in to help them storm her room to give her a surprise. To cut a long story short...I'm so glad everything went off with minor hiccups.I'm so NOT a good actress. Well,it was funny to see Sze Haw's face.*AHAHAHAHAHAH* Here's a picture.

It was such a fun day.
And this post has taken me 3 days to complete.
So much to show and tell.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

This is so 'cham'

I'm encountering some slight problems uploading pictures and a video from the birthday celebrations i took part in recently....
Please be patient...
I'm sorry for not uploading.


Friday, 25 April 2008

OMG!!!SZE HAW IS 19!!!!!!!!!


YES, for those of you who're exclaiming,"What?!She's your cousin??I didn't know that." Sze Haw is my cousin.We've known each other since we were born (actually...its since I was born because she's older then me) and practically grew up together.Same kindergarten,primary school,secondary school and now,college. She's been a very big part of my life and I L-O-V-E her. All you jealous now that you're not a Wong and you don't have a cousin like Sze Haw. *hohohoho*

I can't believe we're in the last of our '-teen' years. To mark this special day...I've decided to dig into my photo archive and bring you all back in with old photos. Nostalgic.

Funny-ing with sunnies on the way to Genting..

heavy-rimmed specs...we were bored...
Had a bit too much tea during a family dinner...


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Ahhh...the good old days where I was as cute as her...

This is my favourite picture of the both of us as kids.

Sze Haw...
May this year's celebration be the best you've ever had and with plenty more memorable best birthdays to come. Enjoy yourself. God bless you.
LOOOOVEEE you very very much.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008


I got my charm-bracelet.
I really really love the charms which I picked out myself. Note the cute mini sewing-machine,cuckoo clock and jeweled slipper!!!!!I ordered it from this site:-

It has got some pretty cool accessories,bag charms and the like...all hand-made. The thing that makes this blog stand out (in my opinion) are the charms. Not only do they have a wide variety,most of the charms are unique and I've never seen another shop/stall/etc selling charms like theirs..

So girls,if you're interested in adding a total unique to your accessories,do take a look and feast your eyes on the cute miniatures there...and guys,ditch the 'soft-toy-for-a-girl-when-it's-her-birthday' routine and get creative.


Scary picture alert
Recently,quite a few people have commented that I look tired,my eye-bags are getting worst,my eyes have shadows get the picture. Let me clarify something;of all the things that could have caused this..studying too much is definitely NOT the main factor.*SIGH* Can anyone recommend methods to reverse my increasing likeness to a panda/vengeful ghost/angry geek???

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Lot Snatchers!!!!!!!

today's lesson:


I was supposed to meet Louisa for lunch in JJ today. I had to drive since my mum didn't want to drop me off there. I'd expected the usual traffic jam but today's CAR TSUNAMI flooding the roads and the parking areas was a total baffler.

Inching my way through rows and rows of shiny vehicles,the sun reflecting of the metal surfaces into my eyes;I had to carefully maneuver my orange Saga pass several cars which were obviously properties of irresponsible people who were too impatient to wait for a proper parking lot to be vacated and just 'conveniently' parked in any space that was big enough to fit, regardless of the fact that it narrowed the two-lane road into a tiny little alleyway flanked by cars. It did not help that there were like 50 other drivers hunting for a parking place.

I would like to thank my driving instructor for his good coaching during my driving lessons. If he could have seen me handle the slopes while on the way to the roof-top parking...he would have been so proud of me. Note: my car is a MANUAL. My calf muscles were throbbing by the time I reached the roof-top, the repeated pressing on the clutch making itself known to my unfit leg. And *oh wow!!!!* I spotted a car just about to leave its place. I waited patiently for the car to drive off and was just releasing the hand-brake when,SUDDENLY...a blue car materialized in that,only seconds before,newly vacated lot.

Inconsiderate Mr Lot-Snatcher had totally ignored the fact I had taken 40 minutes to come upon this lot and nicely zoomed his blue Satria pass me and neatly parked in there. Boiling with suppressed rage and with the heat of the afternoon sun getting to me,I blared my horn and was in the process of shaking my fist and winding down the window when the fellow quickly jumped out, locked his car and ran towards the lifts. He was gone before I had shouted more than, "OII!!!!!!!!!" Of all the NERVE!!!!!

Left with no choice but to move on (there was a long line waiting behind me) I rounded the area for another 10 minutes before I spotted another vacant lot. I was just turning in when an old Toyota opposite turned in the same direction I was turning. Do I have *"Go on,steal my parking space!"* pasted somewhere on my car??? This was too much!!!!!!! I don't give a DAMN if Mr Lot-Snatcher wannabe was trying to impress the guy sitting next to him or the two girls in the passenger seat in the same car with him. Getting bullied TWICE in the span of 20 minutes is TOO MUCH!!

I revved up my engine and brought the car lurching towards the Toyota and stopped just short of crashing into his beaten up front. Leaning forward over my steering wheel and lifting up my shades to GLARE at the idiot behind the other car's wheel,I prepared to further defend this parking space. I was NOT going down without a fight. Mr Lot-Snatcher wannabe looked really stunned and I saw the two girls at the back pulling his sleeve and saying something to him. After a few seconds,he stared at me briefly before reversing and driving away;leaving me to the vacant parking lot which was rightfully mine to park in.

I was fuming all the way from the roof-top to Coffee-Bean. Just my luck to get preyed on by such donkeys. *GRRRRRR....* These people need a reminder on road ethics. Or maybe just a tight slap. (Oops...that just slipped out)

I realise that my actions of defiance could have lead to bad consequences. I don't plan to do repeat them. However,let me remind all you drivers that it is NOT cool to steal parking lots. If you think its funny,wait till somebody tries it on you and then laugh to your heart's content. Also, if you are victims of lot snatchers,don't meekly accept your fate each time. Size up the idiot behind the wheel and exercise your right. Letting it be will just encourage more behaviour of this kind.

Good Luck.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Five basic human needs?

I'm currently in 'muse' listen to my randomness...


A psychiatrist,William Glasser (1986) identified the 5 basic human needs which are:-

1. Survival
2. Belonging

4. Freedom
5. Fun

I came across this while browsing. Now,I'm no psychology expert;but this theory of his has made me realise something. My priorities basically revolve around all the needs except the first.

If we are talking about the literal meaning then I guess I really don
't think about it much. I take for granted that I don't have to worry about going to bed hungry. Quite the opposite. Perhaps I should be grateful that I don't stay in countries like Africa where basic things like food and water are scarce and people could get killed or die anytime. Being raised in a home where food,clothing and shelter has been provided by my parents,survival isn't a hard thing at all.

This was probably my biggest priority when I was younger. Its true when they say that kids are easy to please (excluding brats of course). Things which I found fun w
ere simple. Reading storybooks,playing board games,computer games and running around with my friends or cousins. Let me share something random. I hated going to tuitions because I didn't know anybody there (I went to this home tuition) and the teacher was this really soft-y type woman. I got so bored there that I would go and lock myself in the bathroom (she had a nice bathroom was huge and there were plants and even a carpet there;don't ask me why) and blow bubbles with the hand-washing liquid at the sink. See what I mean?? Blowing bubbles was fun. I did that when I was in Standard 3. And only at that tuition because other tuitions didn't bore me to that extent.


Going into the teen years,and all of the sudden,everything and everybody got....complicated??? NO,wait...was it me?? Things which weren't important in the past suddenly became important. The brand of clothes I wear,the number of 'popular' people I know,how often I 'hung out' and where...(don't pretend you never felt that way). Come on; who LIKES being the lone,awkward person who doesn't fit in??? No,I wasn'
t the Lone Ranger...neither was I Miss Social Butterfly. I admit;I wanted to be popular and 'IN'. I still do,but in a less superficial way..I want to be liked and respected. No point being the prettiest,best-dressed and everybody-knows-you when your girlfriends only hang onto you to be noticed by others and guys have as much respect for you an accessory for macho-ness. (My conclusion from observation)

I can't be trusted with power. I get carried away with authority given to me;be it as the Cleanliness Monitor (try drafting out a duty roster with 40 classmates all wanting the SAME duty) or the Decoration Head (how do you handle a girl who gives the excuse "My grandfather died." EACH TIME you ask her about assignment? . . . I yelled,"How many grandfathers do you have?!") Quoting Peter Parker, "With great power comes great responsibility." I don't enjoy responsibility; therefore power isn't very appealing YET. I can see myself
as the bossy lady boss who makes her workers stay on tenterhooks. But I don't want to BE that.

This is my most longed-for 'human need'. No,my parents aren't those nightmare,stalker types who control my every move. They're just strict and rather protective. Its not a bad thing. But, being 19 this year;I just want a change of environment. I want to feel what it's like to be independant. To make my own decisions without having to ask permis
sion and giving long,long explanations of my plans. (little things like meeting up with old friends and that sort). Not to be questioned about why I do things the way I do (e.g I do my studying at night,when they're asleep.So,they assume I never study since they don't see me doing it in front of them *sigh* ). Restless?? Rebellious?? I feel a mixture of both whenever I decline an invitation to go out because I'm too lazy to have to ask and explain and give names just to go out for a night with friends.


The arrangement of my needs vary. But like all things..there must be a balance.I think,no matter what order you put them,the end result which is ideal to us is HAPPINESS.


All that I've typed here are my thoughts.
No intended discrimination or shot at anyone.
Forgive me for any offense.
I need more sleep.

Saturday, 12 April 2008


Oh my goodness...
Believe me when I say I'm NOT going to make 'updating-my-blog-once-a-week' a ritual. My computer and streamyx has been rebelling the whole week. Its been a nightmare.

My dad decided to reformat the computer because the hard drive was just too messed up. Years of accumulated downloaded/saved/copied/edited files,softwares and all sorts of documents were everywhere and there was this system error that kept causing the computer to restart on its own. My dad wiped the whole system clean;which meant I had to reinstall everything i.e. Mozilla,Messenger, get the picture.

And just as I had everything installed,I stupidly fell for this circulating virus on MSN. A reminder again,don't simply open files which are sent by your 'friend' which supposedly contains some picture of you. Anyway,the virus got into my system and slowed down the whole thing even though I did a 'search and destroy' on the whole computer. Very annoying.

Then, there seemed to be a problem with my internet connection which gave me a total headache. And just as I thought it couldn't get worst;my dad decided to get a new and bigger hard disk (or was it drive???). This explains my online absence.

As I'm typing this...I'm reinstalling all my stuff again. Windows Live Messenger is a particular problem because I don't want the latest version. I want the old version which I've been using for the past year. *sighs*

Forgive my blog neglect.
It was not intentional.
Besides,nothing much happened;except the exams are another week nearer.


Friday, 4 April 2008

Eat,eat,eat and EAT!!!!!!

Sorry people..
I've been really busy plus my computer went into depression (it blanked out and refused to start up) . Really sorry for the silence. My week has been totally mad AND...
This week feels like an EATING SPREE!!

Before I fill you in on my 'stuff-myself-silly' food's a nice picture from the Good Friday service. (Lets be vain...I look horrible in the other photos *bleurgh*)


I got this 'buy one,free one' sms voucher thing for Sushi King from Choong Lin,who's even more of a sushi junkie then me. (If you're interested,tell me..I can send you the code too). That sms came at the perfect time. Miss Chrys was back for the week. We didn't get to do breakfast together in the customary B Gang style,so we decided to test if the sms voucher really worked.

Since it was 'buy one,free one' we didn't hesitate to grab the purple plates of sushi.

Purple plate = RM6 = most expensive
Sze Haw and I thought Chrys how to appreciate 'unagi' (eel), 'ebiko' (fish roe) and 'tako' (baby octopus). Thats basically what she agreed to try at our recommen
dation. She refused the yummy 'sashimi (salmon),and gagged at the sight of my lovely prawn 'tempura'.Image Hosted by

Anyway,we ate more than RM80 worth of sushi and paid only half of the amount thanks to the voucher. Took a walk around JJ where we saw my DREAM HOODIE in MNG. And Chrys sponsored us ice-cream at McD's before we went home *YAY!!* Too lazy to upload so many pictures so I just compiled them all and uploaded them as one picture.

Pictures courtesy of Chrys's blog were I excluded some sneaky camera work of me and Sze Haw
Leave me out of the sneaky lens war you guys!!!
I went for ANOTHER sushi stuff in with Sze Haw and Nasiha (another sushi junkie...YAY!!!) and repeated pretty much the same scenes of sushi grabbing. Only,we didn't chalk up such a high bill this time. I burnt a big hole in my purse after buying the hoodie.


ROSEY came back!!!!
Stupid fellow attempted to surprise us but he didn't get the open mouthed,eyes popping,squealing,"XIAAAANNNNNN!!!!You're baaaaaackkkk!!!!" reaction from us. HAH!! Nice to have our rosy-posey back. And since he was groaning about wanting Ma-lai-SIA food...we dragged him out for breakfast. True B Gang style. Here's Xian finishing his 'chee cheong fun' with gusto:-
No pictures of three because Xian didn't want me in them and kept CUTTING ME OFF!!!Image Hosted by
Hmph..Never mind,a nice picture with coussie will do.


May Yan made one of her stunning appearances into our tranquil routines in college. Sneaked into the library with gizzard nuggets without an ID,traumatized Gerard with 'womens' talk.And out of the blue she wanted to have steamboat at 2 plus 1. 2 plus 1 is an all-you-can-eat steamboat/hotplate buffet. Only RM18.50 per head and the variety there is mouth-watering. Stingy me didn't want to go at first but thanks to my totally SUPER aunt (Sze Haw's mum sponsored both of us) we geared ourselves up for a food attack. I was dressed in t-shirt and sweatpants for a two-hour boiling and sizzling food by the road session. My mum saw me and went, "Why are you wearing your pyjamas to go out for dinner with your friends?"Image Hosted by ImageShack.usTalk about a knife in the heart.

I was a total carnivore.
Beef, pork, squid, chicken, fish, stingray, lamb, meatballs, fishballs and sausages went in quick succession. YUM YUM. We were all yelping while cooking the stuff on the hotplate because the oil kept spattering on out fingers. And the steam and smoke seemed to be playing a game with us. It kept blowing into each of our faces in turn and we were moving round the table like we were playing some rotating steamboat game. Mushrooms and seaweed were thrown into the pot too. There was even spaghetti served there but I didn't dare take it after eating so much meat. I settled on the cooling watermelon cubes and ice-cream for dessert. Followed by home-made mango pudding (very very YUMMY!!!).

Sze Haw whipped out the camera after we were finished and the table looked as though 6 people had just finished eating;not three. Look at the pictures and judge for yourselves. I went home feeling as if I was pregnant with food. Couldn't sleep and didn't dare drink too much water in case I spewed it all out into the toilet bowl. Its lucky I don't eat steamboat on a regular basis. I'd bankrupt the restaurant owner and die of obesity.


A totally crazy week.
Stuffed my face too much. Must top up on the swimming time.
Anyway,let me show you some 'masterpieces' of Gerard.

Nasiha left her purse in my care
and Gerard opposite me decided to get artistic with her RM notes.
Who's fantasizing?
**Oops,sorry..private joke with Nasiha.Couldn't resist. ;)


OK..that's a wrap.
End of report about EATING WEEK.
Anybody knows of a good detox programme???

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