Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Wonderful weather we're having here...

Remember I mentioned in my previous post that my dad and brother were sick because of the weather?? Well, I've joined the coughing club. So the three of us are hacking away like chainsaws and my mum is paranoid that she will catch our virus too.Image Hosted by

I slept very early last night because I took a dose of cough medicine and felt so stoned. I was K.O.-ed in less than 10 minutes. As if the bad sore throat wasn't enough, I awoke at 2a.m with fever. My whole body was aching and it was just horrible...

Anyway, I went back to Sunway College Ipoh today. Thank you Yin Yep, for fetching me.
I felt so illegal in the library. Though I never used to care when I was there, I was nervy that the annoying 'fellow' was going to appear in the library and go, "Mana student ID??". Got to meet Sasi, Talvin, Satvin, Bavanee, Stephanie and the rest. As usual, the guys were being their hyper selves and kacau-ing in the library; left, right and center. The two brothers, Talvin and Satvin were sporting new piercings in their left ears. All I can say is, the piercing makes Talvin look more 'jahat'. Hehe...but it suits you, Talvin.

I guess I wasn't much fun because I was feeling all aching and sick. Sorry if I appeared moody guys..but I did want to see you all so much that. And I'm glad I did. Really missed you all.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Back in Ipoh...

I'm currently back in Ipoh.
And in answer to the questions I've been asked;
No, its not a holiday for me (I so WISH it is). I'm back because it so happens I have no classes during this whole week. So that's why I came back. It would be a nice change to not worry about meals and laundry; and to be able to study in the sanctuary of my own room. Plus I missed my family...and my bed. (I was downgraded to a single bed from a queen-sized when I moved into the hostel. :P)

I have no car during this period when I'm back because of my dad's accident (re: previous posts). The poor Kia is still at the car doctor's. At least there is hope for it and the expenses are covered by the other guy's insurance; since it is his fault for the accident. Believe it or not, I have this sense of insecurity with no car at hand to drive around Ipoh (I miss my orange Saga Baby!!). I will have to rely on the kindness and time of others for transport during the weekday.

So I pray that the days will pass slowly while I'm back here. However...
What is wrong with the weather these days??
My dad and bro are sick because of the bad heat. Although it just rained here, it does not suffice to take away the horrible heatiness I've been feeling for the past weeks.

Anyway, before I end this musing post.
SZE HAW!!!I'm so sorry I missed your birthday karaoke session. I REAAAAALLLY wished I could have been there but you didn't tell me earlier. *sobs* But Happy Turning Twenty!!!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Finals are looming near!!!!!

and I am finding it so hard to fulfill my obligation of s-t-u-d-y-i-n-g...Image Hosted by

Yean Ting said I needed motivation to I found the perfect motivation:-

Notice the size of the box.
Notice who is holding it.
Notice the red says GIANT

Yessssss....giant Chocky sticks.
Remember those Rocky or Pocky brand chocolate and strawberry biscuit sticks we love so much?? I have found it's BIG BAD COUSIN. Oh yea, 'big' because it is as big and long as the box..see here:-

Still not convinced???? Compare it with a pen:-and its 'bad' because it sinfully enjoyable to crunch into it. Calories galore.Haha!!!
I found these in Watsons and couldn't resist. Pity there were no chocolate flavoured ones.

Random post here. Having your nose to the grindstone is totally exhausting.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usBy the way...

(and all you in Ipoh)

Sunday, 19 April 2009

My dad was in a car accident!!


My family was down for the weekend to see me and to send my mum,who had a flight to Sabah to catch, to KLIA. It happened around 8:30 this morning. We were staying at my aunt's for the weekend, My dad had got up to send my mum to the airport before I was up so I didn't see him leave the house. He had told us he was going to send my mum alone.

I was in the car with my brother,cousins and aunt, who was driving us to church. We were almost there when my aunt's mobile rang. My aunt stopped the car to answer the call;

"Hello, Tuck Sung (my dad)??.......what??...Accident??!!!. . . . ...."

That last word felt like it was ringing in my ear. For a second there I was totally...I don't know how to describe what I felt. But the next second I calmed down a little, I figured if my dad was calling and talking to my aunt at that moment, he should be okay. Then my next immediate worry; my mum, was set to rest. It had happened while my dad was on the way back from the airport after sending my mum off. I heard my aunt reassuring my dad and saying she would go to him as soon as she could. When she put the phone, she turned to us; my brother and cousins had gone totally silent and you could feel the suspense in the car.

"Your dad is fine. He got banged and his car spun but he hit the divider and stopped. I am going to drop you all at church then going back to get Yee Cheong (my uncle) and go to him."

For a moment I felt like insisting to go along but I didn't want to be in the way, since I guessed there will be a lot of things they need to handle so I just went to church. I had a lot to thank God for. I believe that He has been merciful and protected my dad.

I got the full story from my dad when I went back after church.
My dad had been driving back on the Kesas highway. The highway was empty because it was so early in the morning and my dad was driving slowly, at 90kmph,the minimum speed. He was relaxed because he had plans laid out for the day. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a Myvi came zooming from behind and rammed into the right side of my dad's Kia. The impact of the crash sent my dad's car spinning. My dad held tight to the steering and slammed on the brakes. When he hit the cement divider and came to a halt, he told me he saw the Myvi rolling as if turning cartwheels on the road. Since the Myvi was lighter than the Kia and going so much faster, it had been sent flying from the impact. My dad watched the Myvi turn into a wreck of twisted metal and wondered if the driver would survive.

Miracles do happen.
The driver, a young Malay guy, survived the horrendous crash and crawled out of his broken window. According to my dad,the guy was fine except for a bleeding nose. My dad, on the other hand, had two gashes on his forehead. I was thoroughly shocked when I saw him like that, standing in my aunt's kitchen with two blood crusted lines on his forehead. He later went to a clinic for a check and received two stitches on his forehead. He kept saying he was fine and had no idea how those two gashes happened. I only felt better when my aunt said the doctor had checked him and certified that he was fine.

The Myvi driver had told my dad that he had felt sleepy and lost control of the car. . . . .err.. -.- My dad had estimated him coming at him at about 150-160kmph. Apparently the Myvi was less than 2 months and even though it received such a huge impact and was smashing on the road, the airbags did not even open. It is only fit for scrap metal now. My dad's Kia, from the pictures my dad took with his mobile, is in sorry condition and currently in a workshop; in good hands.

Quoting my dad;
"Cars can be replaced,but not your life. So never mind about the car."

My deducement from this:-
Do NOT do funny stunts on the road; whether you just got your license or are a veteran driver; value your life. Even if you do not and you're in a hurry to die, just DON'T involve someone else. And it CAN happen to you.

To my family, my friends, all my loved ones who are out there on the road:

Please be safe.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Meet the P2 Malaysian Prize Winner...

My roomie...Yean Ting (middle)

I look like I'm taking a picture with my boss right??
Nah...Yean Ting,I SAID it already..Happy?????????? Image Hosted by (She's been going on and on about how smart she looks in the she's my boss. Image Hosted by )

Yup, my roomie the smarty. She got the Malaysian Prize for P2; for those who do not speak the ACCA language, it means she scored the highest in Malaysia for her Corporate Reporting paper last December. Salutes to her. She deserves it (jong choi or not); from what I observe of her studying patterns since moving in in January. So again, CON-gra-TU-La-TIONS Yean Ting.

Well, I was quite surprised when she asked me if I wanted to attend the graduation ceremony where she'll receive her prize alongside other prize winners and ACCA and CAT graduates of Sunway University College. Why not, I thought. It's not everyday you get to witness someone you know receiving such a prestigous award. So she gave me and Cai Ling (another housemate) the tickets which she was entitled to:-
It was free by the way, since she is a prize winner. Other family and friends who wanted to witness their members receive their scrolls had to pay RM90!! Which in my opinion is rather expensive...I mean, why make it so expensive to let proud family and friends witness the graduation ceremony??Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAnyway, thank you Yean Ting,though I still think it should have been your mum and dad in our seats.

The stage.

The graduation ceremony was looooonggggg. Sunway University College actually acknowledges the CAT finalist students and include them in the ceremony along with the ACCA passed finalists. (Made me quite jealous because when I passed CAT, all I was given was a form to fill in and made to give proof I passed so that I can transfer to ACCA. -_____- *sigh*) Anyway,there were so MANY of them. And it was freezing cold in there. Brrr...

After that we were all ushered into a dining hall where we had a buffet lunch..

Okay,the buffet lunch still did not justify the RM90 price tag of the ticket because it was nothing special. I don't dare complain because my ticket was free but the family who shared the table with Cai Ling and me had plenty to say about it. And the feedback I could hear from the loudly chattering tables also were negative. Anyway, Cai Ling and I just ate our fill while waiting for Yean Ting; who in the end didn't join us at all because she had a photo shoot and ended up eating leftovers when the shoot was finally over. (Prize winner mah..hai gam ger lah...haha!!!)

But she was excited when the other housemates and I presented her with her first ever bouquet:-

(She made me take pictures from several angles til she was satisfied)

A memorable event....
Glad I had a part in it.


Friday, 10 April 2009

My Mommy's day...

Happy Birthday Dearest Mommy!!!
(the latest picture I took with you)

you very much!!!

I wish I could have been there to celebrate... :(
But I hope Papa and Joshua made it special for you too!!!

Thursday, 9 April 2009


Yours truly donated blood for the first time today.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usYup..450ml of blood was flowed from my vein to a packet like the one on top. (that's not mine by the way, I got that picture of Flickr)

No, I don't donate blood on a regular basis. Today was my first time ever and it was an experience indeed. I have wanted to donate blood since I turned 18 (legal age!!!) but somehow never did until today. The opportunity presented itself to me in the form of my housemate, Ji Yen, who has donated I-dunno-how-many-times. She saw the poster for the Blood Donation Drive and was like announcing it to me and the rest of the girls in my house and convincing us to go. So I thought, why not??

So I went there this morning and had to fill in a form and a card because I was a first timer. And the form contained a lot of questions asking about my health in general. Then they tested my blood type ( just a small prick on the finger and took my blood pressure and so on). So before I even sat down on the armchair to get a needle into my vein, I learned that :-

1. My blood type is O (universal donor...YAY!!Image Hosted by
2. I have a weirdly positioned vein in my left arm ( the nurse couldn't find it and kept poking in the middle and then she found it somewhere to the right of my arm. =.= )
3. Blood donors must be at least 45kg ( so underweight people don't have to admit they're scared..haha!!!)
4. You can't donate blood on an empty stomach ( I got shoo-ed to get a sandwich because I did not eat breakfast )
5. You must have at least 5 to 6 hours of sleep the night before.
6. Drink enough water (because it affects your blood pressure)

Donating blood is not for the faint-hearted!!Fighting the dizziness and nausea which comes after that is not fun.................!!! Okay, I'm just kidding.
Don't get put off about donating blood. Its not painful (just a bit of pricking from the needle and they anesthetize your arm before inserting the tube) and apparently it is good for you because your heart generates new blood for you. (That's what Ji Yen said to me while promoting blood donation.) And you get a certificate and a little book to record your blood donations. Plus they give you free food after taking your blood to feed you up. (Okay, please don't donate for this reason only. XP ) Who knows, your blood may be helping to save a life, or even lives.

I think it was due to the fact my stomach was quite empty (just woke up and chewed on a sandwich before donating. ), because as soon as the nurse removed the needle and unwrapped the pad around my arm, my vision went blur and I had to be tilted to a lying position on the chair to get over the dizziness and nausea. It was embarrassing.Image Hosted by
That is why I strongly recommend eating a proper meal before donating.

So people, I encourage you to participate in the next blood donation drive that is held near you. At least try it once. You never know right?? The smallest thing can have the greatest impact.


Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Back from my hiatus

Hello to you all who have not given up on me.

I have not been updating because I really had no time.
Days have been passing by so fast that I feel like I've been robbed.

Time really does not wait.

Anyway, sorry sorry sorry..

I promise to update. :)

I'll have to insert a cram post next because a lot has been happening since I last updated.

Til then..
Stay with me.

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