Monday, 21 March 2011

Family Buffet @ 88 BBQ Steamboat Buffet Restaurant!!

I miss school holidays. Not because holidays are rare to me ever since I plunged myself into ACCA; but because at that time, the holidays fell on the same dates (parents would take leave according to our holidays) and we could plan holidays and family outings together easier back then. Oh I miss those days...these days, with most of us 'children' all grown up and in college, our holidays are scattered around the calender. Image Hosted by

This time round, my parents came down to Klang for the weekend and we marked the end of the school holidays (which we had no part of) with a family steamboat buffet. We went to 88 BBQ Steamboat Buffet Restaurant located in the Bukit Tinggi area. Their concept is similiar to the 2+1 Steamboat in Ipoh. The price is similiar too. RM23.80nett for adults, RM18.80nett for students and RM8.80nett for children if my memory serves me right. A tip though : don't sit inside the restaurant. I'll tell you why later on.

Anyway, we wasted no time in getting our dinner. Yoong and I were snapping pictures like mad. So some of the pictures are from her btw. The mission for the night was to fill this up with FOOD!!!:-I like how they wrapped up the hotplate with foil. Much more hygienic than the one in 2+1. Also they had a genius way of allocating the butter which is used for the hot plate. They wrap it up in plastics and all you have to do is poke a hole in it and squeeze:-

No waste and no mess!!!

As usual, sizzling BEEF and MUTTON!!!

The plates of food we took for the hotpot:

They actually had an aquarium with live prawns swimming about. Benjamin made it his special mission to bring jumping prawns back to our table for sacrifice into the hotpot:-
He's got a knack of catching those swimming creatures!! Yoong and I asked him to stop after a few because it was kinda morbid to watch your food being boiled alive. T.T
Pot full of goodies!!

I was too busy eating and only snapped a few pictures of the soupy stuff:

Oh remember I was going to tell you why not to sit inside the shop?? Well it's because every table has their own barbeque stands. The smoke rising from this things were extreme:-

Love the grilled seafood!!!!

And we took a load of skewered prawns for grilling too. Not the live ones caught from the aquarium but ready skewered. It was like a prawn fest. We took so much and were so afraid that we couldn't finish but all of it disappeared so fast!!!
Can you hear the sizzle??

The end product!!!

My fav picture of the night thanks to Yoong:
Posing only. I didn't eat all those....I think.

We had a good time and enjoyed the process of boiling, barbeque-ing and frying our food. I had awesome pistachio ice-cream for dessert after all the hot stuff plus there were free flow of drinks included in the buffet. However, we left on a slightly sour note when one of the cashiers tried to overcharge my aunty by insisting my cousin pay student price even though he was under 12 years old. So silly. So though we enjoyed it, don't think I'll be coming back to this place anytime soon. Hope you enjoyed the food pictures. ;)

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Hilda Milda™ said...

I've always wanted to try this place, always saw that it's crowded when I passed by. rm24 for adult is super worth it for the prawns and squid and even beef *drool* btw, student are for primary/secondary student only or college/uni students counted also? :P

JoYce said...

Hi Hilda Milda!!
LOL actually student price is for college students. The dispute with the cashier was whether my cousin is child price or student price. In the end, he said child price is for children below 150cm tall n my 10 year old cousin was shorter than that.So ended the dispute.

Anonymous said...

wah.... thts so cool.... got student price too. i went sunway is onli 2 prices.... my sister was 9 years old...( but she is tall.. 131cm..) is counted adult price. $26.80. so expensive lohz... can i have the actual add of this shop?? i wanna go 2..... thxz for information... :)

Anonymous said...

Sry ! may i ask this 88 steamboat restaurent is which day off?

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