Thursday, 24 July 2008

Stomach ailment week...


I'm officially declaring papayas as a no-no food for me.
Thanks to three small slices of that orange fruit,yours truly has had to deal with the most horrible stomach ailment in her 19 years of life. I meant to update on the recent birthday party I have been to this week but streamyx seems to be rebelling as hard as my stomach. Uploading the pictures is taking forever,so I shall make use of this chance to take center-stage and do a bit of complaining.

In case your nostrils have been blocked, those of you who are currently residing in Malaysia are surely aware that Durian Season is at it's peak. Majority of the country are gorging themselves on the King of Fruits with no sympathy whatsoever for people like me who are not fans of the thorny,strong-smelling,creamy-yellow fruit. Yes, I cannot stand durians. Call me 'un-Malaysian' or whatever; it will not make me love the fruit. The very SMELL of durians. . . . . (I leave the rest to your imagination).

Since I cannot even stomach the smell of durians,my dad cut a papaya he bought from the market for me on Sunday so that I 'get some fruit into my system'. Oh boy;the fruit really 'got into my system' turned my whole digestive system upside down. After eating THREE SMALL PIECES of papayas,my stomach started gurgling. I paid no attention to it because I thought the gurgling could be because I was feeling too full after dinner and dessert. However,the gurgling got my full attention a few hours later when I ran to the bathroom and hurled my entire stomach contents into the toilet bowl. Oh yeah...that was just the beginning of a horrible week.

You might have thought,since I had hurled everything out that night; I should have been okay after a good night's rest. That would have been the ideal happy ending for my story but NOOOOOOOO....I woke up feeling really funny in the stomach. Again, I dismissed the funny feeling as hunger and ate as normal for breakfast and lunch. The whole day was normal,apart from a dull ache in the stomach, I was feeling fine until after dinner. I was back in the same position as yesterday...hurling my guts out at the toilet bowl. (=.=')

To cut a long story short..
I repeated the same scenario two days in a row before finally agreeing to be dragged to the doctor's clinic. Apparently,my stomach is full of wind and the food does not go down properly. So it kind of builds up throughout the day when I eat stuff,and the pressure becomes too much when I eat *BOOM*...I run to the toilet and 'worship' the toilet bowl. *Lifts eyes and hands to heaven (sorry God,I did not mean to)*

Well,I have been put on a 'soft diet' on the doctor's instuctions (means no rice,no fried stuff,no heavy stuff,no cheesy wedges,nor ice-cream,nor McD...OH NO!!!!!*SOBS*).At least I'm feeling much better than i was a few days ago. This also explains for my disappearance. The bed has more appeal than the computer appeal when you're feeling totally nauseous.

So...that's all for now.
If you have actually bothered to read this post until here..
Thanks a lot for your concern.
God bless you

*Just joking...but you won't know I 'cursed' you since you didn't even read till here. *ahaha!!!*

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Awakened from my slumber...


Dearest people...
I'm back from my impromptu deserting of my blog...
Was hit with the 'tired-and-don't-give-a-damn' bug (in short...lazy...*ehem*).

On a serious note...I guess I've been too busy adjusting myself to the changes happening around me that I lost my blogging flow; it suddenly seemed so hard to put my doings into words with many things floating around my mind (I hope I'm making sense...). I'm quite a stickler when it comes to my blog posts (come on...who wants to read blog posts which do not make sense???) and gave up on a few lame attempts to type because I did not want to subject you guys to eye-torture.

Anyway,let me give a quick update on what's been happening around me that need my getting use to. Firstly,things have been pretty tense after what happened to my grandma (re:previous post). Thanks to those of you who have been following up with questions about my grandma. Please keep continue to keep her in prayer as she is still in the recovery process.

Secondly,Sze Haw left to KL to continue her studies in KL. She's been gone two weeks already and I freaking miss her. (Hear that Sze Haw??? "I MISS YOU!!!!!!!") I hate goodbye-s of these sort (I bawled my eyes out last year when everyone left). Perhaps some people might scoff and say I'm over-emotional but if you actually LIKE saying 'goodbye' to someone who's been so close to you..go marry your mirror.That's the only thing which actually has a place in your heart.

Thirdly,I'm finding it quite hard to adjust to my new semester classes after a killer exam in the June '08 sitting and the looming results day (which is going to be bad news for me,I'm pretty sure). If my brain had gears,they desperately need oiling. Everything I previously learn in CAT has leaked out of my head. I can't even recall the basics (some accountant I'm gonna be,huh..) and keeping up with new subjects are proving harder than last semester. Darn.

Complaining finished. Lets move on to cheerier things.
I met up with Charis yesterday. I have not seen this girl for AGES (since she left to Moscow to pursue Med studies) and even though she has been back for more than a month,earlier plans of meeting up had to be put off due to various reasons;at one point,i got scared that I would miss meeting up with her. But THANK GOD,I finally got to see her.

Unlike typical outings,we did not 'meet at the mall'. Our 'reunion' was at the entrance to the DBI public swimming pool.Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSince Charis had some transport problems and it was more convenient for her to come to my place in the morning,I thought,"Why not make use of the early hour and do something healthy??" and I decided to drag her along on my weekly swim. It was a very funny swim. I had made Christina and Preyah promise to come (but Preyah bailed out last minute and spent the time just sitting and watching. X( ) and I think the three of us made the most noise in the swimming pool.
Christina and i tried to persuade Charis to go to the deep end;but we failed'despite our promises that she won't sink and we would save her if she 'drowned'...Charis did not trust us both enough (wise decision on her part???I don't think so).Charis went back with me to my house to shower and get ready to go JJ and we were both exclaiming over our sunburns.My sunblock kept mine to a minimum but Charis swore that she was totally burnt. *haha!!!* We met up with Yin Yep at JJ (We were late..OOPSS!!!!!) and had lunch at Secret Recipe (their RM10 offer is totally worth it..I was so full.Image Hosted by
Christina joined us after her movie and we walked around JJ (I was SO TEMPTED by this G2000 hoodie!!!!!!!Self-control!!!!Self-control!!!!Spending limit reached!!!!) and suddenly I had this mad idea to go to Ipoh Parade and Yin Yep actually went along with it and drove us three girls there (kudos to him..he survived as the only guy..*thanks Yin Yep* XD) We wandered into random shops and finally stopped at Easy House to appease my thirst (I was in hyper mode and randomly announced things I wanted and they all just went along with sweet huh??*haha*) Charis and I ordered the two most interestingly named drinks on the menu.Look:-
'Angel in Purple' (mine) and 'Dreams Come True' (Charis's)

They are actually just soda water with a bit of cordial (mine was grape and Charis's was orange). We had a good laugh over the drinks name and whether Charis's sip of 'Dreams Come True' really made her dreams come true. (Pretty ironic huh). After drinks,Yin Yep dropped us back at JJ (he had to prepare for work) and we lingered for my Cheesy Wedges and left after that. Christina was like so sleepy and i think she was so glad when I dropped her off at home *haha*. Charis followed me home to wait for her dad there and we had a really nice,long chat catching up. We did not do much but it was such a FUN day.


I'm not turning this into my blog custom..
but since I've been MIA,I'll just so random pictures to fill up the missing chunks.

I saw this rainbow while waiting to pick up my brother from tuition..
First time I ever saw such a clear rainbow and captured it on my mobile.

I went for another of my 'once-in-a-blue-moon' haircuts.Only,this time I just asked the guy to 'tidy-up' my hair.

*screams of terror*

* =.=" *

Liane came back for the previous weekend and she bought a new baby to her family:-

(the name she gave me..I don't know if he's still Maxie)

Isn't he ADORABLE??????
Exactly like my toy doggie...
I know you're going, "awwwwWWWW!!!!"

And I Shobana shared a picture of her fatty hammies!!!!!!

All these pictures of cute animals make me totally MISS my hamsters!!!!!!!

Well people,this has been a long post...
I promise to be more consistent from now on.
Update soon..


Friday, 11 July 2008

It never rains;but it pours.

Hello to all who have bothered to check my blog.
I'm afraid I've been wasting your good efforts.

To be honest,the past two weeks have been rough.

And it's not just coping with my new semester and a few changes that have been happening..
One of the things I try NOT to do in my blog is to write posts which are sad. However,let me break my resolution for now. I'm tired of putting up a happy front. Just so tired..

My maternal grandma had heart attack.
And barely a week after her condition stabilized from the attack,she suffered a serious stroke. She is still in the hospital. I do not know exactly what is her condition now but I do know that she really had go through a lot of pain;and life is not going to be easy for her from now on. When she had her first serious heart attack,my aunt called and my whole family packed and rushed back to Klang at 5 a.m. in the morning. We stayed and spent time with her for a few days and went back to Ipoh after assuring ourselves that she seemed to be none worse after the attack.

I'm growing to dread the times when my house phone rings;or when my mobile rings with the caller ID showing its my Klang cousin.
On Thursday morning, the phone rang and bad news came. My dad answered the phone because I was still in my room. The news really stunned me because I had thought my grandma would be alright. My mum rushed back from work and announced she was driving down to Klang immediately. My dad had to work,my brother was in school and I was about to leave for my first class. My mum had to make the trip alone. Perhaps it was a good thing I had to be in college. Other things demanded my focus and my cousin updated me through sms.

I can tell you that there were times where I felt my emotional chords being stretched to a breaking point. I can't imagine what my Mum must have felt. It was her mum hovering between life and death on that hospital bed,hooked with tubes and a cardiac monitor.

Thank you God for sparing my grandma.
Please keep my grandma and my family in prayer.

To those who have been in the know and have been following up with concerned questions about my grandma,provided me with the optimistic support,prayer and sympathy that was needed at that time;thank you very much. Thank you for showing that you love me.
I love you guys.

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