Monday, 5 November 2012

Hello, I've missed you. last post was well over a year ago. Actually, it felt longer than a decade ago or something. No scratch that. I didnt come back here after all this time to start the note on a "I'm as old as the hills" monologue. Haha.

And what prompted me to suddenly come back here and post this random "hi y'all I'm back" post? My sitemeter actually sends me monthly reports summarising total monthly visitors to my blog. I've been steadfastly deleting them the moment I see the header in my inbox without even opening them. What...I still wanna syok sendiri and believe I get a daily unique of 50 visitors...even without updating my blog? Right. I have denial issues. Haha. Ahem. Anyway...the latest report came in a few days ago, while I really REALLY bored (while waiting for a phone call) and scrolling through my inbox. Imagine my surprise when I came to the sitemeter report that said that I still have an average of 15 daily visitors even after all this while! Hand on heart, not a syok sendiri moment here. I was genuinely surprised and it brought back a lot of memories of my blogging days. I even opened some of my old entries to read again (yea, I was that bored).

And I realised. I had missed blogging.

And what's even more touching is I have had people tell me that they miss me blogging. :')

Standard excuses reasons I've always given were:-

1. My laptop died

Like, really. My laptop screen totally stopped functioning. So how am I supposed to type a blog post when I cant even tell if my laptop is on or not? And people would go,"Wahhh...then how do you online without laptop wor? FB and emails all?" Which brings me to the next reason.

2. I have entered the world of smartphones and now am possessed by an iPhone.

Yes, I'm all grown up and I use a smartphone. Not JUST a smartphone but with DATA PLAN summore!! HAH!! You thought I was going to say iPhone right? Apple haters, gotcha!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (But seriously lah, don't start the whole Apple-sucks-you're-an-iFreak thing. I'll smack you around the head.) Those of you who remember me back in the day when I carried around a basic phone (no data plan, no wifi. Just calling and texting function), an iPod Touch and a digital camera, I've consolidated all three of my gadgets into the iPhone 4S.

Really, I faced peer pressure to get a smartphone for work. Very cham when your colleagues communicate by Whatsapp and they can broadcast wifi out-of-office while your humble phone always runs out of credit (no data plan that time, still running on DiGi preparid) and you're always scoping around for free wifi just to connect your iPod Touch, and everyone else who already has a smartphone, whom you thought were your FRIENDS, OSTRACISES you and won't spend that measly 10 cents (?) to text and don't go on MSN anymore (actually I also give up on MSN now because noone's ever online when I log in.) and they VIBER and BBM or goodness knows what else. *deep breath* Okay, dramatic ranting over.

My iPhone was really a lifesaver though. Besides the many useful and productive things I used it for, I also did all my time wasting online stuff on it (FB-ing, YouTube-ing and surfing) and I could share pictures on the go and navigate on it even while I was on holiday overseas, but this isn't an iPhone review post so yea, I was maximising the RM100 I was (and still am!!) paying for this fancy gadget. I did try to blog with it, but it's a PAIN to type a blog post on that tiny screen plus I was so caught up with work and other commitments. That should be the next reason actually.

3. Busy
Right. So yes, I have been really REALLY REALLY busy!! Aside from the crazy working hours, not having a laptop gives you so much extra time. I realised that the past year, I have been using every free time I had either catching up on sleep, doing chores (i.e : washing my never shrinking pile of laundry) and basically catching up with people, as in face to face, not online.

But I'm still me!! Still noisy, crazy, too many thoughts running around my head and spewing out random things and I can go on forever and ever if you don't stop me. I logged in here just to kaypoh around and now I've typed a uber long post which could have been summarised with two words :


Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Lazy Zone

Home is where the heart is....and the TV with Astro Channels.Image Hosted by Yes, exams are over and I am scoring really high on being a couch potato. Wish I could say the same for my papers but I guess let bygones be bygones. All there is to do now is to pray hard! I won't be taking classes anymore for my remaining papers but will be doing them on my own and meanwhile apply for positions. Right after my papers I was doing some research reading on writing cover letters and putting together a resume. Took me 2 days to put everything together and sent in to the respective online application systems. Keeping my fingers crossed for a reply (keep yours crossed for me too, please?) and trying to be productive meanwhile.

I've been itching to make cookies since before the exams and I finally got to make my oat and chocolate chip cookies!! It took me only a little while to whip up the batter but a good one hour and half to bake them all.

The products!!

This is my first time using rolled oats in cookies and I think they are pretty nice. The cookies turned out pretty chewy yet still had a crunch to them I think I might try toasting the oats next time for more crunch and nicer smell. I'm actually not an oats fan (I really don't like eating them on their own) but I'm trying to find ways to incorporate them into my food since they are really good for cholesterol and stuff.

I have a lot of kitchen projects lined up so I will be cooking up a storm in my Mummy's kitchen in my holidays. Oh yes, I will also try to spend as much time as possible with friends who are in or back in Ipoh. So give me a call or drop me a line in Facebook (yes, I reactivated it). I am psyched to meet up and catch up!!!


I'm going to end my post with a random picture taken long long ago which I dug up from my folders. They are from my first (and I hope last) visit to the T-bowl restaurant in Sunway Pyramid. It's a toilet bowl concept store, which means their decor is made up of toilet bowls and so forth. And their food is also toilet themed.

Ice lemon tea in a piss pot

Fried inouki in a mini bathtub

"POO" ice cream in a potty

Now I know this toilet concept is really popular, but sadly it never grew on me because the toilet setting makes me really skeptical of their hygiene and makes me think of things I'd rather not think about when I'm eating. Actually, their food was pretty terrible. Even now, I remember the food being bland and carelessly prepared, so it really gives me no reason to want to go back. At least I got interesting pictures out of them. =)

Monday, 6 June 2011

Not Shepherd's Pie

Hello my dear readers. I am still in my stick-at-home-and-be-a-hermit situation. My room has turned into a mess of papers and my dad has been nagging me to study in the downstairs computer room because my room turns into an oven during the day. I'm too lazy to move my paper 'nest' downstairs so sad to say, I've seldom ventured down.

Speaking of ovens, I made pies the other day for my parents' cell group hosting. My mummy asked me if I had any ideas for the food and I jumped at the chance to make shepherd..err..cottage pie??

Let's straighten this out for once. The pies that I made are essentially a meat filling topped with mashed potatoes and baked in the oven with a sprinkling of cheese on top. Now, I've always called them shepherd pies but Ben told me that shepherd pies have lamb fillings. So if you don't have lamb in it, it's not shepherds pie. So..fine, I took to calling them cottage pies since I normally use minced beef as the filling and that's the 'official' term for beef filled pies. But this time, I used minced chicken instead. I Wiki-ed and apparently cottage pie is only for beef filling. So the conclusion is, I will call my pies CHICKEN COTTAGE PIES.

Ta Da!!!

My mum sparked the idea for 'mini' ones using the muffin trays. Hehe.

Happy to report they disappeared quite fast. Cottage pies are perfect for those who love pie but have not mastered pastry making yet. You can always buy ready made filo pastry to make an actual pastry pie but cottage pies are so easy and fuss free that you won't mind not having pastry in it. They're yummy too!! I mean, who doesn't like mash???

So that's one of my kitchen produce since coming back. I'm ITCHING to make chocolate chip cookies but I guess I'll have to wait until exams are over before I mess around the kitchen again. I know I'm not the only one who is up in steam over exams. Good luck to those taking ACCA and CAT papers!!And not forgetting those who are worrying over assignments and their respective exams!!!

Just some random pictures I took a few weeks back when Yoong came for a visit.

The path is long and hard, the journey will not be easy and the destination is yet unknown.
But I will persevere!!!

Friday, 27 May 2011

Goodbye Facebook, for now.

Yes, I deactivated my Facebook account, temporarily. I have been toying with the idea because I've been feeling that I spend too much time there and finally clicked those buttons this afternoon. Not that its wrecking havoc on my studies but I just decided to observe myself to see how I function without Facebook. I have resolved to keep my account deactivated at least until my exams are over, so don't worry I haven't left Facebook for good.

As is customary, I am back in Ipoh for my exams. Since coming back, I have confined myself to my room with my revision. I've ventured out (on my accord) only twice so far. I'm anxious over this sitting because doing OBU in conjunction with the papers is quite a brain killer. I want to be done and over with ACCA exam papers by the end of this year. It's not only because I am sick and tired of repeating papers, but because I look forward to what happens after the completion. It has been a hard year for me so far, but I discovered that I am able to handle things that come my way and just how much support I have.

Okay, before I end I have food pictures to spam (don't I always?). I have quite a lot of pictures which I have yet to organise into a post. Will get there eventually...all in good time. Meanwhile, here's a MONSTER Nasi Briyani from Laksa Shack.

Don't ask me why I was eating Nasi Briyani in LAKSA Shack. I eat everything BUT laksa when I go to the Laksa Shack. HAHA!!! Their non-laksa items on their menu are pretty good and the portions generous. Their fish-n-chips and pizza are quite good too. Yes, I know I am random.

One last random thing before I go back to my books:-

Stay with me. Bye bye!!
p.s : That's a mango up there if you're still staring.

Friday, 20 May 2011

White Dresses and Nude Louboutins for Me, Please!!

Kim Kardashian and Coleen Rooney agree with me. LOL. I know I don't usually write fashion posts but I was browsing through the Daily Mail website and noticed that the both of them were sporting the same look but in different styles. Let my shopaholic side speak.


Left : Sexy , Right : Smart/Demure

I can't help but to wonder if Kate Middleton's royal wedding gown has started a white dress+white lace+white embroidery fad but I do love white. And not only brides can wear white ok. Pffft!!! Look and Pippa Middleton. She looked stunning during the wedding.
Back to the obsession, I never got the whole nude coloured shoes until I saw those Louboutins!!! I'm totally biased towards their red soles haha!! I personally prefer Kim Kardashian because the straps on her Louboutins make them look not too clunky and I'm totally in love with the white-on-white embroidery on her dress!! Coleen Rooney looks good too. The best part about the two pictures up there is that the two of them look so chic without baring much of their decolletages.

Weehee!! I guess you can tell the exam stress is getting to me.My subconscious is instinctively reaching out for retail therapy to balance out the madness P2 and P3 induces. Alright...back to my books!!

Friday, 13 May 2011

The Final Answer : KOLONY

Remember the mysterious symbol I blogged about a few weeks back about the strange sign above the KLCC?? (Click here to read post) Well, the symbol is in face the CELCOM KOLONY symbol.


KOLONY ))K(( is an SMS-based social network that connects you to your friends. It’s spreading far and wide throughout the nation and fast! It’s an awesome phenomenon that is going to infect everybody! Already over 1million people have been infected! Your phone is now going to do so much more than just connect you to a friend. It will expand your network. DING, BOMM, FREN and POPP are going to become part of your daily lives. KOINZ are going to make your world turn. You’re not going to be able to shake this infection off!

This is taking calling and texting to a whole new level!! Read on to find out the potential of turning your phone into the ultimate social portal using Celcom Kolony!

1. Send KOLONY to 25333. (You just need to have an Xpax, U.O.X., S.O.X. or Celcom mobile number to join!)

2. After you get your nickname, check out some of the ways you can socialize on Kolony:

  • DINGDing your buddies and leave them a message to cheer them up.

Send KDING to 25333

  • BOMM – Have an update to share? BOMM it away to all your FRENs!

Send KBOMM to 25333

  • FREN - FREN for life? Make as many as you can in Kolony!

Send KFREN to 25333

  • POPP – Get to comment on what your buddies say!

Send KPOPP to 25333

3. It gets cooler!!! Send KHELP to 25333 to get a full list of keywords that you can use to explore the rest of the world of Kolony and find out about Kolony’s cool activities!!

You think it can’t get cooler? Think again!! Read on!!!

How does it all work? You will need KOINZ to perform the activities mentioned above in Kolony. And how do you get KOINZ? SIMPLE! You just need to make calls on the all NEW XPAX PLAN! Every single call you make on the NEW XPAX PLAN will earn you FREE KOINZ that you can use to stay infected in Kolony.

  • 1st – 5th calls made in a day = FREE 10 KOINZ per call
  • 6th & more calls made in a day = FREE 20 KOINZ per call
  • The FREE KOINZ will be granted the next day.
  • Alternatively, you can also purchase KOINZ to enjoy KOLONY services: RM0.30 for 10Koinz, RM1.50 for 50Koinz, RM3 for 100Koinz


What’s more? With the New Xpax Plan, besides earning FREE KOINZ for you to stay infected on Kolony, you get enjoy super awesome LOW RATES! Yup! You heard us right!!! Calls are ONLY 28 sen for 10 minutes to Celcom network and 5mins to other networks. SMS are ONLY 1sen to Celcom numbers and 5sen to other networks!

Just head on down to any Blue Cube outlet or Celcom branch to pick up a New Xpax Plan today and start enjoying these low rates & join Kolony!

Or check out for more details.

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post

Monday, 9 May 2011

Eye Candy @La Senza Body Kiss Launch, Pavilion KL

I was in Pavilion for the La Senza Body Kiss Launch Party on Saturday. Just for those who don't know, La Senza is a fashion lingerie and sleepwear retailer. I'm a huge fan of La Senza because their lingerie comes in pretty colours and all sorts of funky and pretty designs for panties, not to mention being very comfortable. And FYI, I don't care nobody sees my underwear!! Pretty and comfortable underwear gives you better confidence. Seriously!!!Image Hosted by

The Body Kiss Launch was held in the Pavilion KL branch. Pui San, ever my partner-in-crime, ad I arrived in good time for the launch and we saw the shop assistants getting things ready for the event. It was a ladies only event.

They had a table full of sweet goodies ready for the guests.

Goodie bags were given to the first 100 people to enter the event. I was among them and got a pretty notebook and a cute fold-able bag. Thank you La Senza!

We were told to help ourselves to the goodies on the table. I guess you can tell the main attraction on the table right?

Colourful macaroons!
So pretty! There's something mesmerising about macaroons don't you think?? Some people don't understand it though. While I was taking a pretty yellow lemon flavoured macaroon, I overheard two men lurking nearby sniffing and remarking,"Why are those ladies even eating those cookies?They are just biscuits full of colouring. Tsk tsk tsk."Image Hosted by

Another special treat for us were the chocolate medallions!!!

Specially customised with La Senza's logo!

Seriously, they are edible!
Believe me now??Haha!!!

After the refreshments, we were all invited to watch the lingerie fashion show which was launched by the four models which I saw walking around before the event started.

The fashion show was to promote La Senza's new line, the Body Kiss bras, which come in seven colours; blue, turquiose, purple, pink, black, beige and (my personal favourite) orange. I took loads of pictures during the catwalk. Took me some time to filter and upload these pictures. I am not responsible for any nosebleeds okay!! Blame them on the sexy and beautiful lingerie models.
(This beautiful model was my favourite among the rest. I'm biased so you'll se a lot of pictures of her throughout this post!!)

The orange!!My fav!!

There were questionnaires in between the shows but I didn't get picked to answer anything, so no vouchers within grasp for me. seriously considering purchasing attention grabbing red wig!!!

Everyone was jostling for space to take photos.
It is times like these I appreciate my height. Hoho!!!
Reason I like her is cause of her fantastic figure and unique features!! Exactly like the La Senza poster girl!!!

These confident and sexy ladies kept the atmosphere at a hype.
Talk about confidence!!!

Look who's strutting her stuff out on the (imaginary) runway!
Told 'cha I am biased.

Fun and flirty.
There were curious men peeping in from outside, some even edging in but were politely shoo-ed out again by the organisers. LOL.

I want the lollipop!!!
That model was wearing the cutest panty prints!

I feel a Spanish vibe coming from her!

See what I mean about the cute panties??

They rounded it off by making me jealous of their legs.

Can I have your cap pretty please??

The lovely La Senza ladies.
Give them a round of applause!!

One last pose!!

Thank you La Senza for treating me to a wonderful tea and also congratulations to the beautiful models of La Senza for embodying and displaying the sexy and fun spirit of La Senza so nicely that day!!

Another picture from the LaSenza Malaysia FB Page.

Disclaimer : This post is written in personal interest and I am not in any way paid or given any benefits for writing this post.

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