Saturday, 14 March 2009

Rambling when it rains

What is it about the rain today??
Its making me feel like wanting to lie in bed, with my thoughts for company.

Just my thoughts...

This miserable, indecisive weather that shines one moment then turns stormy next.
How can you enjoy the sunshine when you know there are storm clouds gathering??

You can ignore the first raindrop that drips on your shoulder,
But how could you stay oblivious with the downpour that comes eventually??
Perhaps dancing in the rain strikes you as fanciful,
But what about the cold that comes from it??

I'm no fool.
And I refuse to make myself a fool by standing in the rain
when there is shelter to escape to.
I believe that the sun will shine again.
But it does not mean I will get drenched waiting for it.

Its tiring to keep up a facade.
And biting of more than you can chew is inadvisable.
So please, stop it.

I'm getting out of the rain.
Are you??

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