Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Lazy Zone

Home is where the heart is....and the TV with Astro Channels.Image Hosted by Yes, exams are over and I am scoring really high on being a couch potato. Wish I could say the same for my papers but I guess let bygones be bygones. All there is to do now is to pray hard! I won't be taking classes anymore for my remaining papers but will be doing them on my own and meanwhile apply for positions. Right after my papers I was doing some research reading on writing cover letters and putting together a resume. Took me 2 days to put everything together and sent in to the respective online application systems. Keeping my fingers crossed for a reply (keep yours crossed for me too, please?) and trying to be productive meanwhile.

I've been itching to make cookies since before the exams and I finally got to make my oat and chocolate chip cookies!! It took me only a little while to whip up the batter but a good one hour and half to bake them all.

The products!!

This is my first time using rolled oats in cookies and I think they are pretty nice. The cookies turned out pretty chewy yet still had a crunch to them I think I might try toasting the oats next time for more crunch and nicer smell. I'm actually not an oats fan (I really don't like eating them on their own) but I'm trying to find ways to incorporate them into my food since they are really good for cholesterol and stuff.

I have a lot of kitchen projects lined up so I will be cooking up a storm in my Mummy's kitchen in my holidays. Oh yes, I will also try to spend as much time as possible with friends who are in or back in Ipoh. So give me a call or drop me a line in Facebook (yes, I reactivated it). I am psyched to meet up and catch up!!!


I'm going to end my post with a random picture taken long long ago which I dug up from my folders. They are from my first (and I hope last) visit to the T-bowl restaurant in Sunway Pyramid. It's a toilet bowl concept store, which means their decor is made up of toilet bowls and so forth. And their food is also toilet themed.

Ice lemon tea in a piss pot

Fried inouki in a mini bathtub

"POO" ice cream in a potty

Now I know this toilet concept is really popular, but sadly it never grew on me because the toilet setting makes me really skeptical of their hygiene and makes me think of things I'd rather not think about when I'm eating. Actually, their food was pretty terrible. Even now, I remember the food being bland and carelessly prepared, so it really gives me no reason to want to go back. At least I got interesting pictures out of them. =)

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