Friday, 31 August 2007


I have broken my record of Internet abstinence!!I haven't been online for more than 3 weeks!!Well,let me explain my absence..I've been travelling back and forth to KL for the past two weeks.
The first weekend;I went with my cousin,Sze Haw and a friend, May Yan for a shopping trip!!I spent till i was broke.But it was totally fun.We stayed at my other cousin,Liane's house.
<---Lookie here!!
From left: Liane,Sze Haw,May Yan,me
We conquered 1 Utama,Sungei Wang,The Curve and Ikano in one weekend..woohooo!!!
Truly a shopping trip to remember.

We had a cuppa in Winter Warmers under the recommendation of Liane.

Winter Warmers is a totally amazing place.The place is like a traditional English breakfast room.VERYYY NICE!!
See the red cup on the left -->

Its the rose coffee i had.It tasted so good i was tempted to order another one!!!But my purse wouldn't allow it. SAD...

Well,all that counts is that we girls had a fantastic time.
Three cousins in the picture above.(I look horrible in the picture)
Sze Haw, May Yan and me took the bus back to Ipoh at the end of the trip and it wasn't a nice experience.The bus was creaky and halfway back,it started issuing banging noises and we were scared frozen. But we reached home safely.THANK GOD!!!
The following week happened to be the school holidays so I went with my family to Klang;where my mother's family stay.This time,My family,my aunt and my two cousins went on a shopping expedition in Lau Yat Plaza...or so we thought....
We ended up trailing my mum and my aunt while they went into every clothes shop there.There was a sale going on and the crowd was crazy.And my aunt lost her parking ticket in the toilet.To cut a long story short,my mum and my aunt went back with fabulous outfits while their not-so-into-fashion daughters went back with a book each.Typical of me and Yoong.But we found out that changing rooms have heavenly lighting!!Look at the picture below:-
That was taken in a changing room in Metrojaya. And shopping is good exercise because it makes you real hungry.Yoong and me captured our hungry looks too while waiting for our lunch in KFC.

OK OK..We were trying to look cool but i was seriously hungry when this picture was taken.

Mashed potatoes and coleslaw never tasted so good before.

Well,that explained my online absence.And believe it or not;I'm going to KL again the coming Monday.This time,for my mother's convocation in University Malaya.I'm having a classic 3-in-1 sickness now:fever,cough and flu.Hopefully I'll recover in time for the trip.

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