Friday, 13 June 2008

A breather

I've been getting a lot of messages of this kind:-

"Joyce!!!What happened to you?!"
"Oi,aren't you on holiday already?"
"Hello??" "I thought your exam over???Why no reply??"
"JOOOYCCEEEEE are you OK??????????"

OK,let me explain to those of you whom I haven't conveyed the news to yet..No,I haven't been kidnapped,abducted by aliens,sold as a slave,hit with a horrible disease nor met with an accident. I have NOT been isolating myself due to depression after exams (though I did FEEL that way after the last paper *sobs*).

My dear friends who've been so kind to enquire about my silence and disappearance (physical and online),I've taken a job for the holidays.
Yes,yours truly has agreed to join Miss Stephanie here:-
on a little adventure (paid,of course) into the working world (accounting firm). In case you're rubbing your eyes and re-reading the purple sentence above..Here's proof:-

And if you're STILL blinking in's further proof of our week of toil:

A scene now familiar to the both of us since Tuesday (10/6/08)

I've really had no time to online properly and update.Sorry for the neglect!!!!
OK,enough said about Miss Joyce-the-lazy going to work...I got all the pictures I needed and I'm going to update about a very amusing birthday bash(or splash) I attended during exam week.But its going to take me some time so stay tuned until the next post....meanwhile,here's a sneak preview:-

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