Thursday, 26 February 2009

I ♥♥ L♥VE ♥♥ my cousins!!!!

Image Hosted by Yay!!!Finally Joyce gets off her lazy ass and starts updating.
I've been spending my free time chasing after TVB's The Gem of Life. I'm up to episode 54 at the moment. I know lah I'm slow..Astro has already aired the last episode, episode 82. I've been watching it on and off. It just got really interesting that's why I'm stuck on it. So I sacrificed blogging time. Sorry ya.....


Regarding the title of my post.
I've been getting the best of both worlds!!! I've been see-ing a lot of my two favourite coudins recently!!! I've many cousins (seriously many..counting my father's side and mother's side of the family) but I'm closest to one on each side:-

Sze Haw (same age) from my paternal side.
Yoong (2 years junior) from my maternal side.

Normally I only see Yoong about a few months once because she's in Klang and I only go back during holidays;which, believe me..are rare when you're an ACCA student. SzeHaw was always with me until last year when she went to Monash University and I was still in Ipoh. So last year was cousin-depraviton season. :(

But the past week has been A-awesome!!!!!

Last Saturday (21/2/2009) was Yoong's 18th birthday. (Yessss...I've been neglecting my blog.So better late then never). I spent a very busy Friday testing the efficiency of public transport in KL by rushing from Subang Parade,back to hostel, then to the train station and squashed into the commuter to my aunt's place. Silly me actually planned to go to aunt's place on Saturday but changed my mind last minute and decided to go on Friday evening, because weekends have crazy jams. So last minute birthday present rush in Subang Parade resulted in rushing back and forth.Image Hosted by

But it was worth it. We celebrated Yoong's Turning-Legal Day in Pizza Hut. Birthday girl's choice. And I was flipping through the menu when I noticed they had a Birthday Pizza for people celebrating birthdays. So my aunt and I notified the amused waiter ( I don't know why he looked so amused. He just grinned away we told him it was Yoong's birthday) and after devouring our pizzas, the birthday pizza arrived:-
Erm, it's not a real pizza. Just a crust of unleavened bread wih strawberry jam (that's what the red globs are) with strawberry ice-cream. Oh wells...we just dug in. The ice-cream was nice and we were laughing away at how messy the strawberry jam was. The cooks probably haven't had to make this in a LONG time. No complaints. Free mah...Birthday Pizza will never replace a real birthday cake!!!
So once we were back from dinner...cake cutting ceremony plus photo session!!!!

Mint Chocolate Cake:-
complete with birthday girl!!!
Yaaaa...I know I said photo session but I'm lazy to upload the pictures.Plus the pictures aren't very flattering. (Imagine me and Yoong with wide open mouths and chowing down cake. Not pretty. ) was fun though.

Image Hosted by

And the other day, I went on a shopping spree with Sze Haw. It was impromptu. I was supposed to be 'teaching' Sze Haw how to take public transport but our plans were thwarted by the horrid weather. WHY must it always rain at the wrong times...WHY???!!!! We went to Summit Mall. It was boring there...and we felt kinda not safe. And I walked into this pet shop to admire the cute puppies when Sze Haw went," JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and started yanking me and pointing at my my feet.


I looked down and I saw THIS:-

Image Hosted by

GOODNESS!!!!I was like leaning against the cage while trying to get a better view of the puppies. !@#T!F@#^*&%!!!!!! What the hell were the shop owners thinking????Keeping such a huge snake in a simple dog cage??!!!!Have they any idea how strong snakes are????!!!!There were more snakes in there.Some in glass cases but I didn't stay long to check them out. Snakes are NOT meant to be pets in my opinion.

We were outta Summit Mall after that and we had a hard time getting to Subang Parade. (Long story and I'd rather not tell it.) Subang Parade was fun. We found this nice shop which sold really nice vintage printed tees!!!
And they have a blog. If you wanna check it out click here. Such a steal!!!

We also raided Sunway Pyramid before having dinner there on a separate occasion. Tried on a lot of clothes but ended up buying nothing. Was saving me cash for something else. (Will tell in my next post) Haha..but it was fun to try out stuff and take pictures (to make up for being unable to own them)

Forever 21 and Miss Selfridge had a LOT of nice clothes!!!!We kinda messed up the place (give the sales girls some things to do..) But these were among my favourites for the day:-
The black and white jumpsuit was funny. I thought it was a long top. Sze Haw was trying to convince me to buy it but I don't think I'd ever wear it out if I bought it. HAHA!!!!
I loved this angelic looking white top but it was kinda overpriced for such a simple thing.
Oh well...

And this funny t-shirt caught my eye.
What kind of impression would I give if I wore it???

That's it for now.

More to come so stay with me!!!!!

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