Friday, 27 May 2011

Goodbye Facebook, for now.

Yes, I deactivated my Facebook account, temporarily. I have been toying with the idea because I've been feeling that I spend too much time there and finally clicked those buttons this afternoon. Not that its wrecking havoc on my studies but I just decided to observe myself to see how I function without Facebook. I have resolved to keep my account deactivated at least until my exams are over, so don't worry I haven't left Facebook for good.

As is customary, I am back in Ipoh for my exams. Since coming back, I have confined myself to my room with my revision. I've ventured out (on my accord) only twice so far. I'm anxious over this sitting because doing OBU in conjunction with the papers is quite a brain killer. I want to be done and over with ACCA exam papers by the end of this year. It's not only because I am sick and tired of repeating papers, but because I look forward to what happens after the completion. It has been a hard year for me so far, but I discovered that I am able to handle things that come my way and just how much support I have.

Okay, before I end I have food pictures to spam (don't I always?). I have quite a lot of pictures which I have yet to organise into a post. Will get there eventually...all in good time. Meanwhile, here's a MONSTER Nasi Briyani from Laksa Shack.

Don't ask me why I was eating Nasi Briyani in LAKSA Shack. I eat everything BUT laksa when I go to the Laksa Shack. HAHA!!! Their non-laksa items on their menu are pretty good and the portions generous. Their fish-n-chips and pizza are quite good too. Yes, I know I am random.

One last random thing before I go back to my books:-

Stay with me. Bye bye!!
p.s : That's a mango up there if you're still staring.

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