Friday, 20 May 2011

White Dresses and Nude Louboutins for Me, Please!!

Kim Kardashian and Coleen Rooney agree with me. LOL. I know I don't usually write fashion posts but I was browsing through the Daily Mail website and noticed that the both of them were sporting the same look but in different styles. Let my shopaholic side speak.


Left : Sexy , Right : Smart/Demure

I can't help but to wonder if Kate Middleton's royal wedding gown has started a white dress+white lace+white embroidery fad but I do love white. And not only brides can wear white ok. Pffft!!! Look and Pippa Middleton. She looked stunning during the wedding.
Back to the obsession, I never got the whole nude coloured shoes until I saw those Louboutins!!! I'm totally biased towards their red soles haha!! I personally prefer Kim Kardashian because the straps on her Louboutins make them look not too clunky and I'm totally in love with the white-on-white embroidery on her dress!! Coleen Rooney looks good too. The best part about the two pictures up there is that the two of them look so chic without baring much of their decolletages.

Weehee!! I guess you can tell the exam stress is getting to me.My subconscious is instinctively reaching out for retail therapy to balance out the madness P2 and P3 induces. Alright...back to my books!!

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Hilda Milda™ said...

Loving those Louboutins, I want a pair of nude pump/heels too!

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