Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Hair Raisers

Ghost Stories....

We are all suckers for these..

Even if you swear that you don't believe in the supernatural,you can never resist picking up your ears when the topic comes up.

Whether in broad daylight or around campfires....

I've heard my share of creepy stories during my 11 years in middle school and then high school. You name it..toilet ghouls,tree ghosts,murderous banshee,friendly ghosts. I do not believe in ghosts.. BUT i believe there are spirits and demons (because the Bible contains some stories bout them..) I've listened to all those stories with mild apprehension. Some are downright ridiculous and most are not worth repeating. But there are a few which have succeeded in giving sceptical-me the shivers...particularly because they were told by my friends who are not habitually superstitious.

Read on.
I'm not guarantee-ing you'll be chilled too.I'm merely sharing the story OK? :)


The school library isn't much different from other libraries. Perhaps the only thing that sets it apart from other libraries is the fact that every piece of furniture there;tables,chairs,shelves, is made out of wood and very, VERY old.(The school itself is over 100 years old).

Somehow,I never liked going to the back part of the library. It didn't LOOK different from the rest of the library, but it FELT different. I get this really cold feeling whenever I'm there;like I've accidentally intruded into some one's place. I never gave much thought to it and dismissed it with logical explanations....until one day,i casually told my friend about it. And she related this story to me:

One day;many years ago,a student librarian in had stayed back until evening for co-curricular activities in the school. She left her things in the library counter (Librarians were allowed to do so). When her club meeting was over, she went back up to the library to collect her things, but the library had already been closed because the teacher in charge had left. So,the librarian went to the office to get the key to unlock the library.

Having obtained the key,she let herself into the library and went to collect her things from behind the counter. Before she went out, she took a glance around the library and she saw another girl sitting at the back of the library, reading a book. It never occurred to the librarian something strange was going on. She called out to the girl,"Hey,I'm going to go out and I'm locking the library, are you following me?" The girl slowly raised her head from the book and smiled at her. By then,the librarian had realised something was really, REALLY wrong. She fled out of the library,slammed the door and padlocked it. She was so afraid that she waited with the clerk in the office instead of the bus stop for her ride home.

The next day, the librarian asked the teacher in charge,"Was anyone accidentally locked in the library yesterday?". "No..nobody."

Many people talked about the the lady in a red dress that haunted the school. Even the school guard claimed that he saw her wandering around the grounds during his night shifts. I always "hmph-ed" loudly whenever stories about Red Lady surfaced. Somehow,ghosts always seem to have long hair hanging down her back and wear long dresses. Typical. Until my friend, T,a senior, related what she saw on the night of her graduation party in school:

Graduation parties were chances for us to shed out of the school uniforms and let down our hair. Every girl who attended the graduation party dressed up in nice outfits. T's friend, M, went in a red dress and she had long,waist-length hair which she left loose. The party that night was almost over when T and two other friends decided to take a walk around the school;since they would be leaving and most likely won't be back for a long time.

So the three of them walked,laughing and enjoying the cool night breeze. They were approaching the 3rd Form classes when they saw what appeared to be M at a corner. M was walking down the classrooms corridor in front of them. T and her friends thought M was also taking a walk around the school too and decided to join her. They tried to approach her but M was ahead of them. She walked further away and didn't appear to her them calling her. She turned another corner and went out of view. T and her friends decided M might want to be alone and headed back to the hall where the party was still going on,quite a distance from where they had walked.

When they walked into the hall, the first person they saw was M;in deep conversation with a friend. T and her two friends were pretty shocked. They went up to M and said,"Wow,how did you get back here so fast?" M looked rather confused and said,"I didn't leave the hall at all.What do you mean?" M's friend confirmed what she said. T and her friends were very shocked by then...
Who was that person in the red dress with long hair,walking right in front of them...if it wasn't M??

Well,these are the two stories which creeped me..
What do YOU think about them
You may not believe in ghosts like me...but it is advisable to have a healthy respect for the unknown and

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