Monday, 30 July 2007

My beloved paper friends


I've suddenly been seized by the urge to talk about my favourite obsession.

Even before i learnt how to read, I'd love books.
My mum would tell anybody how I'd hold a book in front of my face just looking at it quietly when i was barely 2 years old.

Fast forward,I'm 18 this year...I was looking at the bookshelf in my room and I thought,"Whoa,how much DID I spend on all these???"

Of course not ALL of them are from my own allowance...some are gifts from my family and friends. THANK YOU Mummy,Papa,Yee-Ma,Yee-Yee,Samantha and Jeraldyne!!!!!
Over the years,I've graduated from Enid Blyton's works(I was pretty obsessed with Famous Five series and refused to read anything else) to just about any interesting title that comes my way.
I firmly believe that my passion for books has something to do with my poor eyesight. Darn those spectacles on my nose!!!
Decent books are getting more and more expensive...and I had to dig DEEP into my pockets to fuel my favourite past-time. And this week.i spent over a 100 bucks on books!!!Three months of savings gone in a blink...but its worth it!!!I completed my Harry Potter collection!!YAY!!!
Although J.K Rowling's style went from witty and richly detailed to brooding and dusty lovey-dovey from the first book to the seventh(which came out just last week);I really liked her imagination and her ability to come up with such good plots,settings and some pretty nail-nibbling suspense. I won't pretend that some parts of the books didn't bore me but J.K Rowling made up for them with her plot twists and some pretty touching stories about the characters' pasts. Harry Potter books have been burning holes in my pockets since 2005 but I have no regrets whatsoever. However,in my opinion;although her books are classified as "suitable for all ages",only books 1 to 4 are suitable for children.Books 5 to 7 are not suitable for under 13-s. They contain too many ideas about death,fighting evil with evil and struggles for power.
Other than Harry Potter,I've also started reading hilarious books;more known as "chick flicks".I've been trying to chase the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella(her latest book is 'Shopaholic and Baby') but they're sadly out of my reach.The local bookstores here are SO SLOW in stocking up with the paperbacks!!! But I've been having more luck with Maggie Alderson books. She has written four books so far and I have three of them:I've been hunting for her book "Mad About the Boy" for a year now!!!!
"Cents and Sensibility" and "Mad About the Boy" have very good humour in them and plenty of eccentric characters. Perfect for light reading. I bought "Handbags and Gladrags" just yesterday in a second-hand bookstore. Haven't finished reading it yet.
Those are my recently purchased reading material. Among my collection is the Lord of the Rings trio(the movies were more exciting),several classics("Arabian Nights","What Katy Did" series and "Little Women" are my favourites),a few manga comics and the random love novels and "Roots";a great book by Alex Haley about his ancestry.
Sad to say,reading is getting to be a really expensive hobby. I feel very privileged each time I leave a bookstore with a purchase in my hand. Some of my friends have pointed out that I could have spent the money on several good shopping trips. I love shopping as much as any girl,but the feeling I get each time I curl up on my bed with a good book definitely beats any shopping trip.

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