Monday, 16 July 2007

Pizza Fiasco

Don't we all love pizza??
Its just nice to bite into that cheese covered,meat-topped baked dough....mmm..

you must be wondering why i put Pizza Fiasco as the title...
Let me tell you the story:-

Two weeks ago,my cousin;SH and I decided to have pizza for lunch. Since this pizza place had quite a good lunch promotion going on,we headed there n settled in a nice,cozy booth at a corner of that restaurant. We placed our orders (a plate of spaghetti and meatballs for SH and a pizza for me) and started yakking about random things.

Somewhere between topics,i noticed a mini sign on our table proudly declaring that our orders will be served in "15 minutes or RM 5 off your next order!". We started grinning looking at our watches. It was 1:15 pm. Just for fun,we started to time how long for our orders to reach our table. The pizza place wasn't very full. SH n me made up 2 out of 6 customers in that place. So we waited.....

1:23 pm
A waitress appeared at our table with a plate of spaghetti. I thought,"Not bad...they took 8 minutes to serve that spaghetti." So i sat up expectantly,waiting for my pizza. SH stared at her spaghetti n exclaimed, "HEY!!there're no meatballs in this!". "Never mind..we'll ask the waitress when my pizza comes."

A few minutes later,the another waitress approached my table n set down.....
a platter of seafood dip.
"Huh?This doesn't look like pizza.." I thought. I told the waitress she made a mistake. She took back that platter,looking rather confused. She didn't even notice SH gesturing at her, trying to bring up the missing meatballs.
I looked at my watch....1:25 pm.

I waited some more for my pizza. By the time a waitress approached our table again, it was 1:35pm. SH had eaten half her spaghetti(which was cold) and I was frowning(I was seriously hungry by then). The waitress said to me, "Miss,you are going to have to wait for your pizza because we made the wrong order for you earlier." My eyebrow went up. OK..since they're obviously taking more then 15 minutes to serve my order,i'm entitled to RM5 off my next order right? Remember that nice mini sign sitting on my table??

So i picked up the mini sign n told the waitress that,pointing at the sign. Her eyes grew BIG when she heard what i was saying and she said to me, "Miss,its not that your pizza isn't ready,its half cooked,one side is done now we're waiting for the other side!"
(Seriously,those were her words....and i didn't understand what she was trying to you?)
I said,"I thought you said you served the wrong order??"
Waitress,"Oh,no.Your pizza is in the oven now."
This was getting weird....i had to get us back on track.

The waitress (lets call her Ms W), was the same one who served the spaghetti so SH quickly asked about the missing meatballs while i was thinking of what to say.
Their conversation:
Ms W replied, "Oh,your meatballs WERE in that spaghetti when we served it!"
SH (frowning slightly), "No,i definitely didn't see any meatballs.There was only sauce."
Ms W, "Your meatballs were in the sauce!!We minced them and put them in the sauce with your spaghetti!"

Read the bold part..minced meatballs....
For crying out loud who serves meat-BALLS MINCED???!!!

SH decided to drop it. So she gestured towards me to let me continue my RM5 claim.
I said,"Miss,I don't care whether my pizza is in the oven,half cooked or whatever..the point is,you're taking more then 15 minutes to serve it. So i want my RM5 rebate. Is that okay?"
Miss W, "Okay."
Me,"I want the menu please."

I didn't particularly want that rebate but i was annoyed and HUNGRY. Hunger doesn't bring out the best in me...that was why i fought for that RM5. So i ordered another dish that was less than RM5 n i shared it with SH (My pizza arrived with that extra dish). We ate happily.

You might think that this is the end of the story..but WAIT. Continue reading.

We called for the bill. Being the touchy accounting student,i scrutinised the bill. HA!! I knew it!!! The RM 5 wasn't taken off the bill. I waved at Miss W. She appeared and i pointed that out to her. She took it and said,"Oh Miss,your RM 5 isn't cut off from the bill. You only get a RM 5 meal voucher." and she handed me a voucher.


Ok..i've got a voucher...
I said,"Well,i wanna use the voucher now. So you can go take RM 5 off the bill."
Miss W, "I'm sorry but you cannot use the voucher now. You can only use it in a different bill or another day."

NOW...all this while,i've been talking pleasantly to her even though i was annoyed. But this made me see RED.

SH noticed my darkening face. Being a true law student, she grabbed the voucher and mini sign, turned it over and started reading the terms and conditions.I've seldom seen SH angry but her face had a tiger-ish expression when she looked up at Miss W after reading.
She said,"I don't see any term and condition stating what you said."

Flusterred,the waitress grabbed the voucher and scribbled something on the bill. I wasn't satisfied so i asked her to print a new bill because i knew tax and service charge should have different figures after the RM 5 rebate. Sure enough,when the new bill came,it was RM 6 lesser than what we were supposed to pay in Bill 1.

We left that pizza place vowing to boycott it. About a dozen steps away from that place, SH caught my eye...and we both burst out laughing because we saw the funny side at the same time...

It must have been the waitress' unlucky day. The day she tried to manipulate her unhappy customers, she choose to do it on an Accounting and Law student..

so what do you think of my first post?
funny or lame??

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