Saturday, 1 September 2007

In memory of Sai Weng...

In memory of Sai Weng, my uncle; who passed away on the 26th of August 2007.He was only 22 years old.

The night before,he went over to a friend's place to spend the night despite his mother's request that he stayed at home.The next morning,he started thej ourney home at 9 am using the Kapar road in Klang Utama;which is a known dangerous road.He was driving his Avanza.

Sai Weng tried to overtake the vehiclein front of him but his judgement
failed him.He met in a head-on crash with a bus while trying to overtake the vehicle.The impact of the crash was so great that his chest was crushed,along with his internal organs and his jaw was split open.He died on the spot.

He had so much to live for.He had just completed his studies.He had a family who loved him.But everything was gone in just one moment of impatience and wrong judgement.Let this be a lesson to people who like to play the fool on the road.

I hope this will be a lesson to those of us who think it is admirable to play the fool on the road.Please drive carefully.Life is fragile.

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