Friday, 5 October 2007

What a DAY!

The weather has been driving me crazy. Let me tell you about this particular day where Mother Nature couldn't make up her mind whether she wanted to thwart or team me. When I woke up,it was pleasantly cool;tempting me to lie in bed even though I have to be in college in 15 minutes. I had to force myself out of bed and make myself presentable.

Ever tried combing your hair after rolling around in bed for half an hour debating whether to get up?? It hurts... especially when u have a stubborn mare's tail like mine.

There was once when I was rushing for time,I had to cut away a chunk of my hair because the knots wouldn't budge;even when I dragged my hairbrush as hard as I could. Fortunately,I have so much hair,noone noticed the jagged ends after I hacked the bunched mess with a scissors.
Back to the weather...
I have to drive to college now,so after dragging myself out of bed despite the nice cool air,I consolled least I won't have to worry about sunburn when I drive.

THEN, as soon as I got into the car,my surroundings got suspiciously brighter and brighter. I didn't even have to look up..the sun had come out to shine in full glory.

Now,I'd been told several times,"Joyce,the morning sun is good for your skin.It has Vitamin E and it will IMPROVE your complexion.You only have to avoid the afternoon sun because it has UV rays which will damage your skin,give you wrinkles...etc etc.." I know that there is scientific evidence backing up those facts. But it morning or afternoon;basking in the sun darkens your skin...and I'm definitely not suited to the "tanned" look. Thanks to the 'wonderful,Vitamin E morning light' my arm has two tones,the lighter tone clearly showing where my shirt sleeves were and the brown tone a solid proof of sunburnt. Not nice. Not nice at all.

Thanks to the coffee I drank earlier,I was over my morning blues. So I just pulled on the cardigan I keep in my car,turned up the air-conditioning,slipped a CD into the player and stepped on the gas. The sun played hide-and-seek the whole way. One minute it was behind the clouds and the next, it blinded me with its reflection off some maniac's over-polished car.

I arrived at college in dazed state,feeling as though someone had taken a 100 photos of me. I stumbled thankfully into class and immersed myself in some nasty tax laws. The occasional flashes had given me a headache and I had a hard time concentrating. It started raining around lunch-time. I was pretty pleased..I loved the rain. I love listening to the rain pattering down and imagining it covering the earth,washing away all dust and despair,leaving clean,fresh,cool air behind. Very nice...

It rained...and rained...until my classes were over;it was still raining. I had to do a mad sprint to the car,splashing my sneakers and my jeans. The rain was seriously heavy. It poured down onto my windscreen,making thumping noises like a hollow drum. I turned on the wiper and started for home.
Such a terrifying,mind numbing journey it was!!! I'm a relatively new driver and it was my first time driving in a heavy downpour.Other cars coming from the opposite direction splashed more water onto my car and there were moments when I couldn't see anything ahead of me. I cursed each time I saw a giant puddle ahead.
When I finally reached home,I took off my soaked sneakers and rushed straight to my room. I changed into my oldest t-shirt and my comfiest pants and collapsed on the bed. I could hear the rain still falling outside my window. I was in one of my favourite positions. Lying in bed wrapped in my blanket and listening to the rhythm of the rain outside. I thought back on how the weather had been the whole day;so unpredictable. Like human nature. To think I was shivering in my car because of the downpour minutes earlier and then lying calmly and listening to the same downpour.Same thing. Different perspective. Interesting. At least something went right that day.

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