Tuesday, 27 November 2007


My life has been reduced to a pile of books.
YES..you guessed right; EXAMS are approaching. So there's a frantic rush to finish all the procrastinated work ( I REALLY need to correct that bad habit).

OK..Up to this point you must be wondering what that doggie picture up there has to do with my post. My auntie invited my family to her house for dinner today. She has two dogs ( in case you're slow..the dog up there is REAL.Not a soft toy) and the one featured above is Teddy; the more docile of the two (thats how I managed to take pictures) while the other one, Dexter is so hyper-active..I can't get more than a blurred image of him madly rushing up and down after his toys.

So I was multi-tasking..left hand,throw toys for Dexter to fetch. Right hand,stroking Teddy. He was sulking because he missed out on a doggie-treat earlier and then I won't let him sit on my lap (his nails poke and they hurt). So he spent the whole time giving me the big,SAD eyes. Look at the pictures:

Teddy: Why NOT??!!!
Teddy: I'm hurt and I blame you..*doggie sobs and whine*

I love animals..but my mum has banned pets from our house. SAD...still,I'm not very keen on dogs as pets. ( Result of a trauma after being chased by dogs a few years ago ) I used to have hamsters but they're all sprouted wings in hamster heaven and I'm missing them like crazy. And I only get to see my grandma's fat cat, Patches once in a while. I wanna hug her right now..miss her so much..

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