Monday, 5 November 2007


I was reading Samantha Wulff's blog the other day and I came across this blog entry where she shared this video that showed PETA(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) protesting against KFC's cruel treatment of the chickens;which are their main money maker. I've included the video in this post,so before you watch it,brace yourself for some GORY images of real cruelty towards animals...

I'm not vegetarian. I don't go yelling,"You animal killer!!!" when I see anyone eating meat. I have nothing against eating meat. However,I am strongly against cruelty towards animals.
Let me get this straight:-
It is one thing to eat meat and quite another to TORTURE animals.

This video makes me feel really sad;not only for the chickens which were shown being subjected to horrible treatment,but also for all animals that suffer in the hands of us:HUMANS.
Some countries have laws against cruelty towards animals but they are only limited to a few animals only such as cats and dogs;but not for ALL animals.

I've witnessed quite a number of animals being cruelly treated. I've seen stray dogs being rough-handled until they bleed by captors;stray cats being kicked just for brushing against the legs of people eating at hawker stalls. Most people treat animals like objects with no feelings. Looking back at those chickens in the video;I'd like to know a few things..

  1. WHY must those workers who catch the chicken THROW them against walls and crates??? Wouldn't they be better off using that energy to put more effort into increasing productivity??
  2. I know they have to be hanged on moving belts because there are so many of them. But WHY must they still be ALIVE and CONSCIOUS while moving upside down on the belt and then dipped into boiling water to remove their feathers?????
  3. WHY must those poor creatures be crammed together in a space inadequate for their sheer numbers?? Surely such a huge,global fast-food chain can afford decent chicken coops??
  4. Those chicken might have been born and breed to end up fried and served in a bucket;but don't they deserve to die with dignity??
Perhaps some people might think I'm stirring up a fuss and overreacting over one video. Think of it this way: If a person thinks nothing of stamping the life out of a chicken underneath their boots, what would happen if the person were to lost his temper with another PERSON??? Cruelty towards animals can be a festering point for domestic violence,abuse and even murder. Think about this SERIOUSLY.

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