Friday, 30 May 2008

Tag from coussie...

This has nothing to do with the tag..
Just wanted to show off a product of 'boredom in class' which I did last month.

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Tagged by Wong Sze Haw
8 Things I'm Passionate About
- God
- Family
- Friends (those who've always been there for me)
- Music
- Art (sketching and graffiti-ing helps me relax)
- Books

- Animals (they're cute!!!)
- Kids (they're cute too!!!!)

8 Things I Said Too Often
- "Ooohh,like that la....!!!!"
*heavy on the sarcasm*
- "haiyo..."
- "Eiyer..."

- "Hmm???"
- "HAH??!!!"
- "Reeeally......???" *with lifted eyebrow*
- "Damnit!!!"

- "Sei lor....."

8 Books I Read Recently (if staring at them with a glazed expression counts as reading....)
- F4 Corporate and Business Law (MYS)
- F6 Taxation
- F5 Performance Management

- Honk If You're Malaysian by Lydia Teh
- My Teenager Drives Me Crazy (a present from my aunt to Mummy)
- Roots by Alex Hayley
- Dear John by Nicholas Spark

8 Songs I Could Listen Over and Over Again
- Elevator -Timbaland
The Greatest Love of All -Whitney Houston
- Take A Bow- Rihanna
- What About Now - Chris Daughtry
- I'll Be There - Michael Jackson

- Say Goodbye - Chris Brown
- Soulmate - Natasha Bedingfield
- Thanks for the Memoreies -Fallout Boy

8 Things I've Learnt in the Past Year
- Making friends is easy,keeping them isn't.
- Absence doesn't always make the heart fonder.

- God does hear my complaints,no matter how small or silly they may be.
- People don't change,they just be what they really are.
- Visiting the hair saloon isn't a waste of time (hahahaha....)
- Maggi goreng is really made from Maggi Mee.

- I don't ALWAYS have to be patient. (do those idiots a favour...)
- Morning flu isn't funny,nor is morning diarrhea.

8 People I Tag
- Xian
- Liane
- Joash
- Soon Ying
- Charis
- Elaine Ang
- Chrys
- Yoong

Random pictures ahead:-

This is basically what my daily routine has been like these days:
One minute frantically studying...Image Hosted by
Next;concentration wanders and snoozing on the desk...Image Hosted by

Exam stress SUCKS!!!!Image Hosted by
Somebody please save me....
Image Hosted by

Even my Bear-Bear is more hardworking then me....

Oh ya....I discovered that I still remember how to tie a French Braid:-

I know I'm being childish and random...
Exams does this to me...
Anyway,to all my friends who are going to be facing exams or are currently facing exams..
We'll survive this together!!!!

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