Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Quickie and a Tag.

My aunt occasionally leaves my little cousin bro at my grandma's place (next door to me) for the weekend and recently,he has started coming over (to give the poor maid a break from her 24/7 babysitting) and is starting to get very comfortable with the surroundings and being left with us (he normally throws a fit and cries if the maid even goes one step away from him).

I like kids.I'm delighted that he's getting closer to me. He was spending most of his last visit chasing me with this tiny plastic duck:

and going,"Quack quack quack quack!!!" just because I demonstrated a duck sound.
Is it in the nature of boys to like vehicles and being destructive???My brother dug out some of his old toy cars for him and he was crashing them head-on against one another and exclaiming,"Aggiden..aggiden!!!" (it means 'accident' in his language)

My bro and mum watching him demonstrate a head-on collision

And he entertained me with this elaborate drama where the figurine (the ant from 'A Big's Life' movie) rides a bicycle,falls down (aggiden!!!),slides a few feet and drops off the edge of a cliff (the edge of the couch).
Am I watching a stunt-master in making???


Anyway,I have a tag from Miss Soon Ying...
I shall complete it for the sake of evading boredom.I also have a sneaking suspicion that I have done this tag before in Friendster YEARS ago....oh well,never mind...here I go.

The last person that tagged you is?
Soon Ying

Your relationship with her?
Great friends

Your 5 impression towards her?
4.'pat gua' (she isn't really...this was my first impression WAYYY back in Form 2)

The most memorable thing that she has ever done for u?
Fainted in class during form 3 due to breathing complication.I got a total shock and cried my eyes out. Okay...perhaps I should be talking about happier stuff...(sorry Soon Ying XP ) She's one of my closest friends and I value her trustworthiness and accepting me for who I am.

The most memorable words that she spoke to you?
(none that I vividly remmeber...with Soon Ying,action speaks louder than words)

If she becomes your enemy, you will....
(I've no idea...I don't want to imagine...)
If she becomes your enemy, the reason is....

The most desirable things to do for her is....
to celebrate her birthdays with her..

How do you think the people around you feel about you?
Stern and serious (I don't say this myself...this is feedback from the people around me)

The character for yourself is?
Straight forward.

On the contrary, the character that you hate yourself is?
I can be too straight-forward to the point of hurting people's feelings.
The most ideal person you want to be is?
I am content being myself...
For the people who care, say something about them...
I don't enjoy always being the one in charge.

10 people to tag....
I'm not tagging anyone.Have a nice day.


Random item...I suddenly discovered this bruise on my left knee. I have no idea how,when and where I got it. Its not really visible in the picture even though the spot was a deep purple-blue when I took this picture:

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