Thursday, 9 October 2008


Okay,I try to make it a point not to rant like a maniac in my blog but I am seriously ANNOYED with the connection these days.
Pissed off would be a better word.

What is WRONG with Streamyx???
I have been experiencing seriously SLOW connection for the past few weeks.
Get this,I actually had to wait for 5 minutes for a page to load a page which previously took only a few seconds. My patience has been stretched.

I am not using a dial up.
It says STREAMYX BROADBAND when my parents subscribed to this.
I feel like its heading towards the standard of a normal dial-up.

When a customer pays RM77 a month,they expect better than this.

No sane person pays RM77 per month to sit in front of the computer screen and practice their cursing skills while waiting for the page to load at the speed of a seed growing into a tree.

Or am I just an insane customer??

It takes me AGES to upload photos so that's the reason why I haven't been updating.
Sorry people.

Am I the only person to have been experiencing this??
Please tell me because I am considering making an official complaint.

2 squeaked:

TNH said...

You should get used to streamyx service..when the connection really go matter how you curse also same..haha

Amran Shahir Ismail said...

I think we should complain all at one go. Why don't we rally the nuffnangers together and bombard streamyx with emails asking them to pull up their socks. We are after all paying them 77 ringgit a month. 1 million customers = 77 million a month. What do they do with all that money I wonder?

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